Customer Story

Prudential transforms its strategy and accelerates innovation with the CB Insights market intelligence platform.


Pramerica, the technology and business arm of Prudential Financial, provides solutions that serve to innovate and enhance its parent company’s products and services in over 14 markets.

Prior to using CB Insights, the innovation lab at Pramerica lacked visibility into the changing market landscape and struggled to stay up-to-date on emerging and disruptive technologies. Additionally, the team spent valuable time gathering research across many siloed sources, which slowed down the decision making process.

Working with the CB Insights platform has enabled Prudential to accelerate its research process and reach strategic insights at a much faster rate. With the help of CB Insights, Prudential is now able to:

  • Significantly increase productivity when researching and assessing the market 
  • Collaborate company-wide in a central place to quickly reach actionable insights
  • Advance strategy and innovation programs using real-time data and insights

“CB Insights is the day-in day-out tool we use at Prudential. It's there when we need it, it's always up-to-date, the content is always good, and the ability to share it is seamless within the application. We leverage CB Insights to guide our strategy and also the work that we do within the innovation lab.”

-Joe Dunleavy, former VP, Head of Innovation at Pramerica, Prudential