Customer Story

How GSK discovers, incubates, and scales new areas of growth using the CB Insights market intelligence platform.

As a global healthcare company, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) develops pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and consumer healthcare products. To stay on top of its changing market landscape, GSK's consumer healthcare business relies on its NEXT team to incubate and scale new areas of growth. 

Previously, the NEXT team wrestled with sifting through many sources of data to identify and interpret business trends and market signals. These data challenges, coupled with its large corporate structure, left the NEXT team struggling to keep everyone on the same page in order to make timely strategic decisions.

Now with CB Insights, GSK’s NEXT team is using data-driven insights to fuel discussions across the organization, identify opportunities for growth, and take strategic action. 

The CB Insights platform has enabled GSK to:

  • Cut through the noise and quickly take action on signals in the market
  • Easily collaborate on the data and insights that matter most 
  • Move into new areas of growth with confidence and credibility 

“CB Insights has allowed us to move at speed. It’s enabled us to get the right people around the room having the right conversation with the right facts. We are now able to progress into net new spaces with authority and credibility.” 

-Nick Tate, Vice President, Head of NEXT at GSK Consumer Healthcare