We help our customers get out of work early and look good in front of their bosses and clients. As a result, they give us a lot of love.

P.S. For the record, we love them too.

  • “With CB Insights we can quickly and reliably aggregate data across the investing landscape, from sector trends to financing activity. The intuitive user interface and robust set of features have made it a go-to resource for our team, and the customer support is second to none.”

    Kate Barrett,

    Director, NEA

  • "We have found the data, analytics and UI/UX to be incredibly relevant and useful. The CBI team takes our feedback seriously and they have continued to refine the product; it is great to see someone innovating in the venture capital data space."

    Will Porteous,

    General Partner and COO, RRE Ventures

    RRE Ventures
  • "CB Insights has become essential to us at Upfront Ventures. The information detail and accuracy combined with the ease of use makes it a core part of our deal tracking and diligence process."

    Greg Bettinelli,

    Partner, Upfront Ventures

  • "Think about the fundamental value chain of venture capital. Find investments, assess investments, build market leaders... CB Insights is positioned to be a market leader in helping companies find investments."

    Pat Grady,


    Sequoia Capital
  • "We leverage CB Insights to analyze sectors and trends of interest to our firm. The combination of comprehensive and relevant data, clean interfaces, and an accessible team make for a product and company we're excited to support."

    Aydin Senkut,

    Founder & Managing Director, Felicis Ventures

    Felicis Ventures
  • "It allows us to easily identify comparables, track portfolio competitors and analyze financing and exit activity into industries of interest. We highly recommend it."

    John DeLoche,

    Co-founder & Managing Director, Pilot Growth Equity

    Pilot Growth Equity
  • "CB Insights is a great platform that we’ve come to rely on for relevant and timely information about start-ups, funding and venture capital. And, the CB Insights team is number one in customer service."

    Khaled Nasr,

    Partner, Interwest

  • "CB Insights has been of tremendous value...CBI's data on investors and their syndicates shows us which angels, micro VCs and larger venture funds to focus on for our own network of relationships. CBI data has been critical to increasing our efficiency and improving our processes."

    Satya Patel,

    General Partner, Homebrew

  • "CBI saves us so much time in efficiently conducting initial diligence and often has data we can’t find elsewhere...CBI continues to add new features and data that delight our team at SJF Ventures."

    David Kirkpatrick,

    Managing Director, SJF Ventures

  • "CB Insights data has become an invaluable resource for us, providing additional visibility into the angel and venture capital activity in our markets. They have the best quality data in the market for anyone looking to get an inside look at private company financings."

    Ian Sigalow,

    Partner, Co-founder, Greycroft Partners

    Greycroft Partners