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Year in Review – 2014

In 2014, corporate venture capital investors participated in 656 deals totaling $12.31 billion.

VC funding hit its highest levels since 2000 and corporate VCs played a huge part. Corporate venture capital activity saw a spike in 2014 as deals by corporate venture arms jumped 25% YoY while funding rose 76% behind participation in some of 2014’s largest venture deals ranging from Cloudera to Tango to Slack. 

This in-depth report analyzes financing trends across U.S.-based rounds in which corporate venture capital firms participated as well as top corporate venture investors deals and geographies in 2014. Below is a high-level summary of some of the report’s highlights. For all of the findings, download the entire report. It’s free.


Corporate VC participation hit another multi-year high as 96 unique corporate VCs completed an investment in Q4’14, a 32% rise from the same quarter last year and a 60% jump from the same quarter two years ago.

Average deal size with corporate venture participation reached $23M+ in three of the four quarters in 2014. By comparison, no quarter in 2013 saw average CVC deal sizes top $17M. The chart below highlights the contrasting overall deal sizes vs. those involving corporate venture firms.

Google Ventures led all corporate VCs, investing in 60+% more companies than Intel Capital in 2014. Salesforce came in at #3 after a busy 2014, which included investments in Anaplan, Mulesoft, Docusign and others. 

A list of the top 20 most active corporate venture capital investors in 2014 by unique U.S. company deals is below. To see an appendix of 100+ active corporate VCs in 2014, download the full report.

Google Ventures

Intel Capital

Salesforce Ventures

Comcast Ventures

Qualcomm Ventures

Novartis Venture Funds

Samsung Ventures

Cisco Investments

Siemens Venture Capital

SR One

Bloomberg Beta

Fidelity Biosciences

Second Century Ventures

GE Ventures

Mitsui & Co. Global Investment

Microsoft Ventures


Verizon Ventures

Johnson & Johnson Development Corp.

Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments

Corporate venture capital investors participated in 18% of the 3,617 total venture capital deals in 2014. That’s up from 2013 when CVCs participated in just over 15% of all VC deals.

California took over The state took 50%+ of corporate venture capital deal share in each quarter of 2014, while Massachusetts and New York saw nearly an equal share of corporate venture deals.  

The 2014 U.S. Corporate Venture Capital Year in Review Report highlights corporate venture capital financing trends as well as top investors, geographies and deals in 2014.

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Number of corporate VCs doing deals hits multi-year high

Corporate venture deal sizes becoming significantly larger than VC overall 

Google Ventures was by far the most prolific corporate VC in 2014

Corporate VCs participate in nearly 1/5th of overall VC activity in 2014

California takes over half of all corporate venture deals