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innerActiv is 15 yrs old and is based in United States.

innerActiv offers employee monitoring and insider threat protection. innerActiv's four categories of monitoring proactively protect against data loss, compliance infractions, workplace liability, inefficient use of company resources, infrastructure concerns, and insider threat.

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Time Doctor is 12 yrs old and is based in United States.

Time Doctor is a time tracking and productivity monitoring software for remote teams. The software helps individuals and organizations to be more productive when working remotely.

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United States

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Liam McIvor Martin (Founder)

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Why innerActiv beats Time Doctor

    Why Time Doctor beats innerActiv


      • Anomalous discovery
      • Time to containment
      • Cost of remediation
      • Increased workforce efficiency with idle time (minutes and seconds) tracking: Within the Time Doctor product, we consider employee “idle time” to be computer time (time tracked while working on a computer) that has no keyboard or mouse activity. Idle time is broken down by minutes and seconds to provide more insights and data points to review employee performance. A minute is considered idle if a user is tracking time during this minute but there has been zero mouse or keyboard activity, the same goes for idle seconds. Clients use idle time to ensure that employees are remaining active during their hours worked but they also use this data for benchmarking specific tasks and job roles, to gain insights into workflows and duties. Once you have a baseline for specific tasks and job roles, you can measure and compare high performers and low performers to identify areas of improvement and training opportunities.
      • Productive and Unproductive hours worked: Time Doctor customers use our software to accurately track the total hours worked for each employee and break this down into productive and unproductive hours. They use this data for insights into the time management of their employees and to ensure that they are focusing on the right tasks and staying productive while working remotely. In addition, Time Doctor’s attendance management, scheduling and real-time tracking capabilities, provides customers with the ability to make sure that employees are actively working and maintaining the productivity needed for maximum workforce efficiency, which impacts overall company profitability.
      • Company cost reductions - Through deeper levels of visibility and analytics across key productivity indicators including workforce efficiency, hours spent per task or project and website and app usage, customers can uncover what resources aren’t being utilized and where there are opportunities for improvement. Tracking technology usage can identify unused software licenses saving significant costs. By tracking the total hours spent per task or project, companies can improve budgets and create accurate pricing structures to maximize profitability.


      • innerActiv Insider Risk Intelligence platform

        Fast, actionable insider risk intelligence platform that analyzes employee, endpoint and data activity to expose risk and protect organizations from within

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      • Time Doctor

        Time Doctor has the ability to effect change within organizations and we are the most employee friendly on the market. We deliver actionable insights as well as recommendations about how to work more productively, which starts with the interactive version and employees being in control.

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      Time Doctor is a Leader in Employee productivity monitoring

      Employee productivity monitoring

      The employee productivity monitoring market offers technology solutions that help organizations optimize their workforce, monitor employee productivity, and assess employee engagement and well-being. These solutions are particularly relevant in the current hybrid work environment, where distributed teams and technologies can make it challenging to track productivity and identify potential issues. By using these tools, businesses can gain insights into team health and performance, prevent burnout, and promote sustainable work habits. The market includes various vendors offering different value propositions, such as time tracking software, workforce analytics platforms, and solutions for managing insider threats. Overall, the employee productivity monitoring market provides businesses with the tools they need to drive accountability and productivity across their workforce.