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Overview Logo is 29 yrs old and is based in United States. is a company that focuses on providing technology solutions in the transportation sector. The company offers a platform where brokers can post loads and carriers can search for available loads, essentially facilitating freight matching and transportation management. It also provides tools for load planning, real-time rates, and negotiation, as well as credit reporting services within the industry. It was founded in 1995 and is based in New Plymouth, Idaho.

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Newtrul is 6 yrs old and is based in United States.

Newtrul focuses on freight automation in the logistics industry. The company offers an online platform that enables freight brokers to connect with carriers, automate their booking processes, and access real-time market data. Its services primarily cater to the logistics and transportation industry. It was founded in 2018 and is based in San Francisco, California.

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United States
United States

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Scott Moscrip (Founder)

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Shivam S. (Founder, Chief Technology Officer)

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Newtrul last raised $5.3M on 10/30/2022.


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Series A

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ICONIQ Capital and Bregal Sagemount

Bessemer Venture Partners, SignalFire

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Why beats Newtrul

    Why Newtrul beats


      • Mitigate compliance-related risk
      • Quick payment (factoring)
      • Improved Efficiency
      • Time to integrate
      • Total reach (how many suppliers can access our business)
      • Cost to procure a truck


      • Book it Now

        Book-it-now eliminates the need for lengthy negotiations, awkward phone calls, and time-consuming paperwork. How it works- A broker will post a load including several details like exact weight, dimensions, pick-up and delivery address, and a rate for the carrier to complete the load. Carriers will see the freight on the load board and can then accept the load, even after hours, and then they’re on their way!

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      • Marketplace

        newtrul's marketplace enables supply and demand to connect and transact leveraging an easy to use interface, similar to Expedia or Kayak. We do the heavy lifting by integrating 80+ demand sources in 1 place. Additionally, the marketplace can accessed through native platforms by connecting to newtrul's API's.

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      Customers works with 2 known companies.

      Newtrul works with 2 known companies.

      Known Partners

      BAT Logistics, Guria Express

      Live Logistics, LGI Logistics

      Why They Buy

      MercuryGate is pleased to support’s new product, Carrier Onboarding. The technology integrates seamlessly with Carma, MercuryGate’s carrier management system, making it very efficient for our customers to add and manage carriers...By automating processes that have been manual in the past, this new functionality is another value added feature that we bring to the transportation industry.

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