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CreatorDB is 5 yrs old and is based in Taiwan.

CreatorDB operates as a data-driven influencer marketing platform. It helps businesses discover the content creators for marketing campaigns through influencer search engines and custom solutions. It was founded in 2019 and is based in Taipei City, Taiwan.

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iKala is 13 yrs old and is based in Taiwan.

iKala is a company focused on AI-driven digital transformation, operating in the technology and marketing sectors. The company offers a range of services including cloud management, data analytics, and marketing technology solutions, all designed to enhance operational efficiency and customer engagement. iKala primarily serves enterprise customers across various sectors, with a particular emphasis on the ecommerce industry. It was founded in 2011 and is based in Taipei, Taiwan.

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Noah Hynam (Founder)

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Sega Cheng (Founder, Chief Executive Officer)

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iKala last raised $17M on 8/19/2020.


Incubator/Accelerator - II
Series B

Total Raised



500 Global Accelerator Taiwan and TTA

Wistron Digital Technology Holding Company, Hotung Investment Holdings

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Why CreatorDB beats iKala

    Why iKala beats CreatorDB


      • impressions on marketing content
      • revenue generation per marketing dollar spend
      • improvement of KPIs over course of campaign
      • Number of online sales
      • ROAS and engagement rate
      • Labor productivity increase


      • CreatorDB

        A SaaS-based influencer search engine that allows brands and potential partners to identify influencers across YouTube, Instagram, and Tik Tok using a variety of quantitative and qualitative measurements.

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      • Shoplus

        Shoplus is an AI social selling service targeting SEA and Taiwan social commerce merchants. Based on its cutting-edge AI technologies including NLP, DS CV, and a human-centered product design mindset, Shoplus provides a one-stop solution including AI-Live Sell, AI-Chatbot, AI-Messenger Plug-in, and order management system for both enterprises and SMEs to business level and individual social commerce merchants across multi-devices anywhere anytime. We help our customers to seize evolving consumer behaviors and turn their social media into a customer engagement and online selling hub.

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      CreatorDB works with 5 known companies.

      iKala works with 3 known companies.

      Known Partners

      Unilever Philippines, Loonnystore

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      Why They Buy

      CreatorDB did not submit their references in their Analyst Briefing

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      iKala did not submit their references in their Analyst Briefing

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