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Creative Therapy is 5 yrs old and is based in Belgium.

Creative Therapy is a company focused on providing therapeutic solutions in the healthcare industry. The company offers products that help improve balance, coordination, reflexes, muscle strength, and mobility, as well as tools for tracking patient progress during therapy. These services are primarily targeted towards the healthcare sector. It was founded in 2019 and is based in Ghent, Belgium.

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Motek is based in Germany

Motek specializes in organizing trade fairs focused on production and assembly automation across various industries. The company orchestrates events that showcase solutions and systems for production automation, material flow, handling technology, and industrial handling. Motek provides services for exhibitors and visitors, including event planning, exhibitor directories, and job exchange platforms. It is based in Frickenhausen, Germany.

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Sebastien Michiels (Founder)

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Creative Therapy last raised $800K on 7/17/2020.

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    • Amount of implementation opportunities with patients during therapy.
    • Ease of use and speed of use
    • Time saved while patients where exercising on Matti


    • Matti

      Interactive mat with pressure sensors and LEDs which can connect to an online platform. Matti supports physiotherapists to deliver motivational and personalised therapy exercises to their patients while tracking their progress. Matti is used for patients with Acuired Brain Injuries, Obesity, Muscoletal injuries, Cerebral Palsy, ...

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