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ContentWise is 17 yrs old and is based in Italy.

ContentWise is a software and automation solution company for video operators, digital media brands, and online retailers. The company offers OTT, UX, VOD, cable TV, machine learning, RecSys, semantic web, metadata, content management systems, publishing, and marketing solutions. It is based in Milano, Italy. Logo is 8 yrs old and is based in United States. is a computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) company. It provides an AI and image recognition platform for apparel retailers. It offers intelligent retail automation with its catalogue data management and omnichannel personalization products. The company was founded in 2016 and is based in Redwood City, California.

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United States

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Paolo Bozzola (Chief Executive Officer)

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Ashwini Asokan (Founder)

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Series C - III

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FedEx Innovation Lab, Peak XV Partners

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  • labor productivity
  • improved customer experience


  • Catalog Builder

    Catalog Builder optimizes the Digital Catalog creation process with visual-AI enrichment algorithms, decreasing the time to eCommerce and creating a consistent user experience.

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We’ve chosen ContentWise as the first partner to provide personalization solutions to our Tucano platform, as its track record highlights how effective sophisticated and data driven personalization technology is when creating an immersive TV experience for viewers...By joining forces with ContentWise, we help our Pay TV customers deliver an even greater user experience to their subscribers, while also accessing vital audience profiling data to create relevant and personal entertainment offerings.

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