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Connective Health is 2 yrs old and is based in United States.

Connective Health is a data interoperability company that operates within the healthcare sector. The company provides a service that compiles and summarizes patient data, offering real-time insights and predictive analytics to healthcare providers. This service primarily caters to the healthcare industry. It was founded in 2022 and is based in Woburn, Massachusetts.

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Particle Health is 6 yrs old and is based in United States.

Particle Health develops an application program interface (API) and integrations designed for healthcare companies. The company creates experiences for developers, builds scalable infrastructure for product teams, and collaborates with leaders to launch data-driven healthcare solutions. It was founded in 2018 and is based in New York, New York.


United States
United States

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Particle Health did not submit their demo in their Analyst Briefing

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Chris DiBlasi (Founder)

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Troy Bannister (Founder)

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Connective Health last raised $2.12M on 10/20/2022.
Particle Health last raised $25M on 7/12/2022.

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Story Ventures, Menlo Ventures

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Why Connective Health beats Particle Health

    Why Particle Health beats Connective Health


      • Increased ability to engage patients
      • New diagnoses made as a result of Connective Health
      • Gaps that Connective Health fills within the patient's clinical record
      • Since our customers have many different use-cases for our data, this is highly dependent. Some success outcomes include: - Better risk management and better patient outcomes (increased cost savings) - Time savings by pulling the most clinically relevant documents for review, rather than leveraging Clinical Documentation Specialists to manually sift through entire records (Improved customer experience, operating cost reduction) - Reduction in disease prevention based upon intervention of high-risk patients, identified through the use of Particle data (increase in population health, saving lives)


      • Care Summary

        Short clinical story of a patient delivered into the EHR before their appointment

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      • Particle Health API

        Particle Health’s modern API platform unifies records from over 270 million patients across the United States. We provide a single, secure access point for the data you need to fuel digital healthcare innovations rapidly and at scale. Plus, it’s a snap for developers to use.

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      Connective Health works with 1 known companies.

      Particle Health works with 3 known companies.

      Known Partners

      Handelsman Family Practice

      Why They Buy

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      In order to truly change how oncology care is facilitated and improve the cancer care experience, we must make patient data interoperability a priority which is why a partnership with Particle Health was so appealing to the Jasper Health team...We are excited to leverage our combined strengths in order to elevate how patient data is aggregated, shared, and analyzed to improve the oncology journey for both patients and providers.

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      Particle Health is a Leader in Patient data aggregation

      Patient data aggregation

      The patient data aggregation market addresses the need for sharing patient information at scale, in various formats and ways, while reducing the number of point-to-point integrations/interfaces. These platforms allow healthcare providers to access and analyze patient data from multiple sources, improving the accuracy and completeness of patient records. The market is driven by the increasing demand for interoperability and data sharing between different healthcare systems, as well as the need for a centralized system to manage patient data. The market offers solutions that automate the entire process of requesting, receiving and analyzing medical records while supporting patient access and enabling providers to better treat their patients.