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Cinapsis is 9 yrs old and is based in United Kingdom.

Cinapsis is a company focused on healthcare technology. It offers a fully-integrated platform for planned and urgent care advice and guidance, utilizing modern mobile and web-based technology. This platform allows healthcare professionals to communicate and work together remotely, providing real-time operational oversight and clinical management of patients. It was founded in 2015 and is based in London, England.

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NEC Software Solutions is 55 yrs old and is based in United Kingdom.

NEC Software Solutions, fka Northgate Public Services, is a software and outsourcing business with extensive experience in the public sector. Its clients include government agencies, local authorities, the police and emergency services, hospitals, transport providers and utilities. The company also works with housing providers in the UK and internationally.

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United Kingdom

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Owain Rhys Hughes (Founder, Chief Executive Officer)

David Meaden (Chief Executive Officer)

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Why NEC Software Solutions beats Cinapsis


    • Enabling hospital consultants to triage 40% of referrals to primary care
    • Meeting NHS targets of 12% of referrals first using advice and guidance
    • Reducing outpatient attendance by 30%


    • Care Navigator

      - Automatically validate referrals against pathway guidance - Prompts clinicians to the appropriate care provider for their patients. - Streamlines referral pathways - Ability to track & manage all referrals - Ability to upload clinical images and documents securely

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    NEC Software Solutions works with 3 known companies.

    Known Partners

    The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Ipswich & East Suffolk CCG

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    Why They Buy

    We partnered for a pilot with NPS to develop the IJR, the new online system across seven hospitals in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Ahmedabad. The system is a comprehensive application which is easy to use and allows cases to be registered securely. Our entire team is very pleased with the success of the pilot and are happy to continue the partnership with NPS. The launch of IJR is a landmark step in our journey to create a truly national registry that gives us important information about surgeries across India, and to develop our understanding of long term outcomes for our patients.

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