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ChargeBee Technologies is 12 yrs old and is based in United States.

ChargeBee offers a subscription management and recurring billing platform that delivers a ready plug-and-play billing solution on the cloud. Chargebee integrates with payment gateways around the world to let users automate recurring payment collection along with invoicing, taxes, accounting, email notifications, SaaS metrics and customer management.

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Vindicia is 20 yrs old and is based in United States.

Vindicia offers an integrated, on-demand billing an d fraud management solution for online merchants. Vindicia CashBox is a best-of-breed billing system for creating and managing recurring and real-time payments and helps merchants improve customer reten tion and maximize profit. Vindicia ChargeGuard provides automated fraud screening and chargeback m anagement services that enable merchants to recover lost revenue. A PCI Service Provider Level 1 company and SAS 70 Type 2 audited, Vindicia is a key payment management resource for some of the bes t-known brands on the Internet.

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Saravanan KP (Founder, Chief Technology Officer)

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Charles Breed (Senior Vice President)

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ChargeBee Technologies last raised $250M on 2/1/2022.



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Tiger Global Management, Insight Partners

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Amdocs, DCM Ventures

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    • Chargebee

      Chargebee is a recurring billing and subscription management tool that helps SaaS and SaaS-like businesses streamline Revenue Operations

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    We want to make payments effortless for everyone, so we’re thrilled to partner with Chargebee to provide the best in class subscription management and billing capabilities to empower businesses to grow...Together, our seamless integration will offer entrepreneurs the tools they need to easily start and scale up their subscription based businesses. We’re looking forward to working with Chargebee to drive growth for our customers.

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    ChargeBee Technologies is a Leader in Payment APIs & infrastructure

    Payment APIs & infrastructure

    The payment APIs & infrastructure market offers a variety of solutions to help businesses manage their payment processes, from order and inventory management to financial management. Payment APIs provide developers with pre-built tools and interfaces that allow them to integrate payment functionality into their applications or platforms. The market for payment APIs and infrastructure is driven by factors such as increasing demand for digital payment solutions, the need for improved efficiency and automation in payment processing operations, and the growing trend of open banking. Overall, the payment APIs & infrastructure market aims to provide businesses with efficient and effective payment processing solutions.

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