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Centiglobe is 7 yrs old and is based in Sweden.

Centiglobe offers a multi-currency transaction system enabling banks, businesses, and financial institutions to improve cross-border payment services.

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Circle is 11 yrs old and is based in United States.

Circle provides a financial technology solution allowing users to send and receive funds globally. It offers crypto treasury management solutions for businesses to manage digital assets. It serves asset managers, financial technology companies, and financial institutions. The company was founded in 2013 and is based in Boston, Massachusetts.

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United States

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Henrik Gradin (Founder)

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Jeremy D. Allaire (Founder, Chief Executive Officer)

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Centiglobe last raised $6.83M on 9/30/2021.


Unattributed VC
Corporate Minority

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Vivianne Holm, Confidus Venture Capital

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Coinbase, Marshall Wace Asset Management

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Centiglobe did not submit their product in their Analyst Briefing

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Why Circle beats Centiglobe


    • Customer needs
    • Cost reduction
    • Decrease risk
    • USDC Circulation


    • Centiglobe platform

      Decentrilized payment infrastructure

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    • Circle Account

      The Circle Account is a full stack solution that replaces a fractured system for business banking. Securely custody funds, send and receive payments globally and streamline treasury operations all connected through USD Coin (USDC) and integrated with a suite of APIs.

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    Centiglobe did not submit their products in their Analyst Briefing

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    Circle works with 2 known companies.

    Known Partners

    Centiglobe did not submit their partners in their Analyst Briefing

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    FTX, CMS

    Why They Buy

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    Circle will take care of the processing, storage, and USD to USDC conversion. Users will then receive their funds in their Crypto Wallet within three business days.

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    Centiglobe has not been mentioned in our research.

    Circle has been mentioned in our research 15 times.

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    Circle is a Leader in Crypto cross-border payments

    Crypto cross-border payments

    The crypto cross-border payments market offers a borderless solution for individuals and businesses to send and receive payments internationally using cryptocurrencies. Crypto cross-border payment solutions leverage blockchain technology to ensure transparency, security, and immutability of transactions. These transactions aim to be faster, more cost-effective, and have the ability to operate outside traditional banking systems — enabling greater financial inclusion in the global economy.