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CaringWire is 6 yrs old and is based in United States.

CaringWire offers a senior care management platform. It provides healthcare solutions, including behavioral health, virtual primary care, online pharmacy, family planning, estate planning, and family caregiving. The company was founded in 2018 and is based in Columbus, Ohio.


TCARE is 10 yrs old and is based in United States.

Tailored Caregiver Assessment & Referral (TCARE) operates as a cloud-based care management system for care professionals. The company offers standardized assessments, decision algorithms, care planning tools, and community resource database links. It was founded in 2014 and is based in Saint Louis, Missouri.

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United States
United States

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Michael P Sentz (Founder, Chief Executive Officer)

Ali Ahmadi (Founder, Chief Executive Officer)

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Medical Transportation Management, Aflac Ventures

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Why CaringWire beats TCARE

    Why TCARE beats CaringWire


      • Monthly Active
      • Monthly Transacting Users
      • Improved Customer Experience
      • Reduction in LTC or LTSS utilization.
      • Delay in LTC facility placement.
      • Government agencies - # of caregivers served, reduction in caregiver burnout measures, # of assessments and care plans delivered, etc


      • CaringWire

        CaringWire is a digital platform that makes healthcare more accessible and manageable for individuals and families. Our user-friendly platform offers access to personalized healthcare solutions that meet the unique needs of our users. Our aim is to help our members achieve positive outcomes and improve their overall health and wellness.

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      • TCARE Assist

        TCARE's flagship product, TCARE Assist, is the platform that is used by caregiver care managers (internally referred to as TCARE Specialists) to holistically support the informal caregiver. Included in this platform is an assessment that enables care plan creation, along with a closed-loop referral system and a user-friendly database to manage all informal caregivers. TCARE Assist is used internally by TCARE Specialists, in addition to being licensed to government agencies that already employ caregiver care managers.

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      CaringWire did not submit their products in their Analyst Briefing

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      TCARE works with 3 known companies.

      Known Partners

      CaringWire did not submit their partners in their Analyst Briefing

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      Anthem (now Elevance), UnitedHealthcare

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      Why They Buy

      CaringWire did not submit their references in their Analyst Briefing

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      But there’s also an altruistic motivation to partner, as more caregivers on the platform means more support to families and its associated ROI back to the enterprise organizations, by improving quality of lives. TCARE is thrilled to partner with Optimity because it allows TCARE’s caregiver care managers to provide another effective tool to support caregivers who are desperately looking for solutions.

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