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Analytics Intelligence is based in Nigeria

Analytics Intelligence develops an artificial intelligence platform that automatically analyzes web analytics data by identifying interesting patterns, trends and insights. The company's platform offers an intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator called the Virtual Analyst, which works as a web-based software and mobile application for both iOS and Android devices. The Virtual Analyst program uses a natural language user interface to answer questions about web analytics data, make recommendations and can produce narratives in many formats including summaries, visualizations, headlines and tweets.

Narrative Science is 14 yrs old and is based in United States.

Narrative Science is a software company. Its technology is powered by artificial intelligence which turns data into reports. It was founded in 2010 and is based in Chicago, Illinois. In November 2021, Narrative Science was acquired by Salesforce.


United States

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Why Analytics Intelligence beats Narrative Science

  • While Narrative Science has been focused for a long time on financial data, myDATA has a focus on digital marketing data

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  • Increase in digital marketing conversion rate
  • Customer growth
  • Operating cost reduction


  • myDATA

    myDATA is a conversational AI digital data assistant for none analytical business users. With our analytics focused natural language processing engine, users can interact with the platform in plain English via the myDATA interface, email, Slack, Whatsapp or voice. The platform connects to multiple analytics platforms and helps fill the market shortage of data analyst

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