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Gastrograph is 14 yrs old and is based in United States.

Gastrograph operates a discovery and inquiry platform for sensory insights. It uses artificial intelligence to understand human sensory perceptions. It helps companies to create products, optimize existing brands, and enter new markets by building more targeted flavor profiles for specific consumer demographics. The company was founded in 2010 and is based in New York, New York.

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Taste Index is 8 yrs old and is based in Netherlands.

Taste Index is a food technology company providing solutions for measuring taste choices. It enables customers to select unknown products based on their taste preferences and discovers patterns in buying behavior for creating personalized offers. The scientific model determines the flavors of foods and beverages. It was founded in 2016 and is based in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

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United States

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Jason Cohen (Founder, Chief Executive Officer)


Gastrograph last raised $7M on 1/20/2023.


Unattributed VC - II

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Sony Innovation Fund, Cornes Technologies

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Why Gastrograph beats Taste Index

    Why Taste Index beats Gastrograph


      • Overall product liking score
      • Product passing action standard
      • Inventory days: we were able to reduce inventory days by 50%+ and hence improve working capital.
      • Conversion ratios: we have been able to increase conversion ratios by 350% at ecommerce clients (use case available)
      • Customer Value: at our current key customers we increase customer value by 16-20% in a combination of conversion ratio, order frequency and average order value. We offer these customers an ROI of 7-10x


      • Product Marketing Insights

        Our application delivers six insightful ways to analyze your product’s flavors and performance, so you can have confidence that your decisions will move the needle for more wins in the market.

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      • TasteIndex@ConsumersMatching

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      Gastrograph works with 1 known companies.

      Taste Index works with 2 known companies.

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      Wijnhuis Zuid,

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      Taste Index did not submit their references in their Analyst Briefing

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      Gastrograph is a Leader in Taste intelligence

      Taste intelligence

      The taste intelligence market is focused on helping companies in the food and beverage industry understand consumer needs and preferences through the use of AI and sensory data. This market offers solutions for product development, quality control, and market research to help companies create successful products that meet changing consumer demands. The market includes vendors offering services such as objective odor data analysis, hyper-personalized recommendations, and virtual product formulation testing. By leveraging taste intelligence solutions, companies can reduce R&D costs, accelerate innovation, and increase the success rate of their products.