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Allphins is 6 yrs old and is based in France.

Allphins delivers an AI-native risk management solution built specifically for the energy insurance industry.

Sequel Business Solutions is based in United Kingdom

Sequel Business Solutions develops insurance and reinsurance software solutions.



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Laurent de la Porte (Founder, Chief Executive Officer)

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Mario Garcia (Chief Executive Officer)

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Lloyd's Lab

Verisk and HgCapital


Why Allphins beats Sequel Business Solutions

  • Allphins is AI-powered

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  • More premium for same capacity
  • Generate accurate exposure aggregate and scenarios without need to
  • Less manual task at the most critical time of the year


  • Allphins Energy

    Data analytics exposure management software for Energy risk

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Allphins works with 2 known companies.

Known Partners

Arch Re, Transatlantic Reinsurance

Why They Buy

Managing offshore energy exposures presents numerous challenges, given the diverse asset ownership structures, and the inconsistent naming of installations,'' said Laurent de la Porte, CEO of Allphins. "Allphins allows energy (re)insurers to unlock efficiencies using technologies such as our risk identification engine and aggregation scenario generation tool. We are very pleased to be working with TransRe, a company that clearly understands the many advantages of adopting new technologies in specialty (re)insurance.

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