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123Loadboard is based in Canada

123Loadboard provides solutions to help professional truckers to find truck loads, find available freight, and post their truck availability to move more truck freight. It is based in Montreal, Canada. Logo is 29 yrs old and is based in United States. is a provider of end-to-end technology solutions throughout the freight execution lifecycle in North America. The company provides a line of in-class industry solutions, including: transportation management, freight payment, telematics and fleet management, bonding and insurance, freight factoring, and much more.

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United States

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Greg Adourian (President)

Scott Moscrip (Founder)

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ICONIQ Capital and Bregal Sagemount


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  • Mitigate compliance-related risk
  • Quick payment (factoring)
  • Improved Efficiency


  • Book it Now

    Book-it-now eliminates the need for lengthy negotiations, awkward phone calls, and time-consuming paperwork. How it works- A broker will post a load including several details like exact weight, dimensions, pick-up and delivery address, and a rate for the carrier to complete the load. Carriers will see the freight on the load board and can then accept the load, even after hours, and then they’re on their way!

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BAT Logistics, Guria Express

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MercuryGate is pleased to support’s new product, Carrier Onboarding. The technology integrates seamlessly with Carma, MercuryGate’s carrier management system, making it very efficient for our customers to add and manage carriers...By automating processes that have been manual in the past, this new functionality is another value added feature that we bring to the transportation industry.

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