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Tuplejump is a unified data mining and analysis platform to leverage users data equity and build on it.

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Top 10 Best Assistance Technology Companies In India In 2023

May 6, 2023

Top 10 Best Assistance Technology Companies In India In 2023 Top 10 Best Assistance Technology Companies In India In 2023 Share INTRODUCTION In 2023, India is set to become a leader in the development of advanced assistance technologies. Several key companies are at the forefront of this industry , creating innovative solutions that improve people’s lives. Related Articles May 6, 2023 Companies like AIBrain, Flutura, and SayOne are leading the charge in developing artificial intelligence technologies that can assist people in their everyday lives. Additionally, many Indian companies are working on voice-based assistants, such as Microsoft Cortana, Amazon Alexa, and Apple’s Siri. Other companies are leveraging the power of machine learning to develop predictive technologies aimed at improving user experience. These include startups like, which helps users shop online using natural language processing and Ubear, which provides an automated customer service system. All of these companies are harnessing the capabilities of cutting-edge technology to create products and services that make life easier and more efficient. IMPORTANCE In 2023, assistance technology companies in India will be playing a pivotal role in the nation’s economic development. The growth of the digital economy and the increasing demand for help from businesses and consumers alike has catalyzed the growth of these companies. Assistance technology companies are helping to create innovative solutions to improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs and increase efficiency. They are providing services like customer service automation, customer self-service, virtual agents, customer support ticketing systems, chatbots, natural language processing, machine learning, predictive analytics , robotic process automation, and process optimisation. These technologies are being used to help organisations streamline their processes and reduce the cost of operations . Furthermore, the advanced analytics tools used by assistance technology companies can help organisations gain valuable insights into their customer’s behaviour and preferences. By getting a better understanding of customer needs, companies can offer more tailored solutions that provide greater value to customers. This also helps in building trust and loyalty between the organisation and its customers. Also, these companies are providing advanced security solutions to protect data from cyber-attacks. They are using technologies like encryption, authentication and access control to ensure secure online transactions. With the advancement of artificial intelligence, these companies are able to detect malicious activities and protect the data from unauthorized access. Overall, assistance technology companies are becoming an integral part of the Indian economy in 2023. With their innovative products and services, they are helping organisations and individuals make their lives easier and more efficient. Here are the top 10 best assistance technology companies in India in 2023 Haptik – Haptik is a conversational AI and chatbot platform based in India. It helps businesses create automated customer service experiences by seamlessly integrating with existing applications, including CRM , ticketing, payments, ecommerce, social media, and more. Haptik’s technology recognizes intent, understands context, and captures the entire conversation history so that customer conversations can be automated without having to manipulate or code manually. The platform also offers a suite of analytics tools to help businesses measure customer engagement, response rates, and overall customer satisfaction. With Haptik, businesses can deliver one-on-one customer experiences on any channel, including voice, SMS, web, mobile, and messaging platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. In addition, Haptik also offers a built-in AI assistant that can help automate customer inquiries at scale. Haptik’s flexible pricing plans allow businesses to choose from pay-as-you-go plans for small to medium-sized businesses and enterprise-level plans for large organizations. Haptik is trusted by leading brands such as Sony Pictures, Zomato, and Airtel. – is a leading artificial intelligence-based customer service platform that helps businesses engage with customers in an automated, conversational way. was founded in 2015 by Sachin Jaiswal and Keshav Prawasi, who were both working on their own projects to make customer service more efficient. The company has since grown exponentially and now serves thousands of businesses globally. offers an AI-powered customer service platform that enables businesses to provide personalized and seamless customer service experiences. The company’s platform uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) technology to understand customer requests and respond with the best possible solutions. It allows businesses to interact with customers in both text and voice format and can be integrated into existing customer service processes and software. also provides businesses with an analytics dashboard to track customer interactions, performance metrics, and other customer data, as well as a range of advanced features such as automated escalation, live chat support, and clever bots. With these tools, businesses can gain deeper insights into customer behaviour and improve customer satisfaction. In addition to its customer service platform, also offers a range of other products, including an automated assistant, a customer service platform for multiple channels, and a business intelligence tool. The company has received numerous accolades and awards over the years, including several prestigious international awards, and is backed by leading venture capital firms and angel investors. Flutura – Flutura is a data science and artificial intelligence (AI) company that focuses on industrial analytics. Founded in 2012, the company provides a suite of products that enable customers to transform their operations for the Industry 4.0 era. Their solutions leverage real-time machine data to deliver insights that help customers make better decisions faster. Flutura leverages AI and predictive analytics to power its decision-making platform, Cerebra. Cerebra enables customers to monitor their entire industrial environment in real-time, predict potential outcomes, and take preemptive action to prevent issues from occurring. To do this, Cerebra collects, stores and analyzes massive amounts of data from across an organization’s plant floor. It then uses AI algorithms to draw correlations between events and patterns that can be used to optimize operations and improve decision-making. In addition to Cerebra, Flutura also offers other analytics products, including their flagship solution, Cortex. Cortex is a cloud-based analytics platform that helps users manage, analyze and optimize their industrial assets. By combining machine learning and deep learning algorithms with historical and real-time data, Cortex helps customers optimize operations, improve production efficiency, and reduce operational costs. Flutura’s solutions have helped customers in various industries, such as energy, automotive, healthcare, oil & gas, and food & beverages. Its solutions are currently being used by Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and universities worldwide. With offices in San Francisco, Chicago, Bangalore and Dubai, Flutura has established itself as one of the leading providers of industrial AI and data science solutions. Tuplejump – Tuplejump is a technology company that specializes in big data solutions. Founded in 2011, their mission is to help businesses make better decisions based on data. They provide enterprise-grade software products and services to companies of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises. Their core solutions include analytics, data integration, machine learning, and real-time streaming and batch processing. Their team consists of experts in various fields, including data science, engineering, and product design. Their products are designed to be user-friendly and scalable, as well as reliable and secure. They also have extensive experience with open-source technologies such as Hadoop, Apache Spark, and Kafka. Their products enable customers to harness the power of big data to gain deeper insights into their business processes. By leveraging machine learning algorithms, they can automate tedious tasks and uncover hidden patterns in the data. These insights can then be used to optimize operations and improve customer experiences. The company is constantly pushing the boundaries of big data by developing new technologies. For example, they recently launched Apollo, a unified data platform that simplifies the process of managing and analyzing large datasets. They also offer services for deploying data pipelines, setting up analytics infrastructures, and creating custom solutions tailored to specific customer needs. Tuplejump has a strong commitment to customer service and provides 24/7 support. They also provide free training materials, tutorials, and other resources to help customers get up and running quickly. They believe in giving back to the community through open-source initiatives and regularly participate in hackathons and other events. iNautix – Inautix is a leading IT services company based in India. Founded in 2000, the company specializes in providing software solutions for enterprises ranging from large and established corporations to small startups. Inautix’s focus is on leveraging technology to deliver innovative, cost-effective, and efficient business solutions. The company offers a wide range of services, including enterprise application development, web design and e-commerce development, cloud computing, testing, product engineering and more. Inautix is known for its high-quality services and products, which can help organizations improve their online presence, increase revenues and expand their customer base. In addition, Inautix employs professionals with extensive experience in different areas, such as software engineering, data science, machine learning, AI and blockchain. As a result, the team is highly skilled and has the ability to develop complex systems and applications quickly and effectively. In addition, Inautix has strong partnerships with leading technology providers and works closely with them to ensure that customers are able to get the most out of the latest technologies. The company also offers a wide range of support services and provides training for customers who wish to develop their own applications using the latest technologies. Overall, Inautix is an experienced and reliable IT services provider that helps businesses achieve their goals by leveraging the latest technologies and providing innovative solutions. The company’s experienced team of experts provides comprehensive support, enabling customers to experience maximum productivity and efficiency. Senseforth – Senseforth is a leading artificial intelligence company that was founded in 2021. They specialize in natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) technology. Their products are used by businesses across the world to make their customer service more efficient, increase sales, or analyze large amounts of data. Senseforth’s technology utilizes NLP and ML to understand customer queries, detect sentiment, and respond appropriately. The company employs a team of experts in these areas so that they can provide cutting-edge solutions to their clients. Senseforth also partners with other tech companies to provide even more powerful AI capabilities. Their main focus is on serving their customers with the best AI possible. Senseforth has quickly become a leader in the industry because of its commitment to innovation and dedication to providing quality AI solutions. They are continuously working to develop new technologies that drive better customer experiences, more accurate analytics insights, and faster response times. With Senseforth, businesses can benefit from the most advanced AI on the market. Kibo Connect – Kibo Connect is an assistive technology company based in India that focuses on developing and providing communication solutions for people with speech and hearing impairments. The company was founded in 2012 by Mr Prateek Agarwal, who was inspired to start the company after observing the communication difficulties faced by his own grandfather, who had suffered a stroke and was unable to speak. Kibo Connect’s flagship product is the Kibo Speech Device, which is a portable, handheld device that converts text into speech in real time. The device uses a unique combination of speech synthesis and natural language processing to provide accurate and natural-sounding voice output. It also includes features such as a customizable vocabulary, predictive text, and the ability to store frequently used phrases for quick and easy access. In addition to the Kibo Speech Device, Kibo Connect also offers a range of other assistive communication solutions, including software applications for smartphones and tablets, as well as a web-based communication platform. The company’s solutions are designed to be user-friendly and customizable, allowing individuals with communication impairments to communicate effectively in a variety of settings, including at home, in school, and in the workplace. Kibo Connect’s mission is to empower individuals with communication impairments by providing them with innovative and affordable assistive technologies. The company has won several awards for its work, including the NASSCOM Social Innovation Award and the HULT Prize Regional Finals Award. Kibo Connect’s products and services have helped thousands of individuals with communication impairments to lead more independent and fulfilling lives. Thinkerbell Labs – Thinkerbell Labs is an Indian edtech company that specializes in developing innovative and accessible learning solutions for children with visual impairments. The company was founded in 2016 by alumni of the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, and is headquartered in New Delhi, India. The company’s flagship product is the Annie, which is a Braille learning device that uses audio and haptic feedback to help children with visual impairments learn Braille in a fun and engaging way. Annie includes a Braille display, audio output, and tactile buttons, which allow children to learn Braille by listening to audio instructions and feeling the Braille characters. The device also includes games and quizzes to make the learning process more interactive and enjoyable. In addition to the Annie, Thinkerbell Labs also offers a range of other Braille learning solutions, including software applications and educational materials. The company’s solutions are designed to be user-friendly and customizable, allowing teachers and parents to tailor the learning experience to the individual needs of each child. Thinkerbell Labs’ mission is to improve the accessibility of education for children with visual impairments and to empower them to reach their full potential. The company has won several awards for its work, including the NASSCOM Social Innovation Award and the Global Edtech Startup Award. Thinkerbell Labs’ products and services have helped thousands of children with visual impairments to learn Braille and develop essential literacy skills, enabling them to succeed in school and in life. Softweb Solutions – Softweb Solutions is a leading global technology, consulting and business solutions provider. Founded in 2004, they have an extensive history of delivering high-quality end-to-end solutions to clients across the globe. With offices in the US, Canada, Singapore, India, the UK, Australia, and Dubai, Softweb Solutions has a strong track record of exceeding customer expectations. Their services include enterprise mobility, application development, cloud computing, digital transformation, AI & Machine Learning, Internet of Things (IoT), web & e-commerce development, software testing, and IT infrastructure services. The company is well known for its comprehensive and comprehensive approach to developing innovative solutions that drive business growth. They also have experience working with a range of industries, such as manufacturing, healthcare, finance, retail, and hospitality. The team at Softweb Solutions is composed of highly qualified and experienced professionals with expertise in multiple areas, allowing them to offer their customers superior service and quality. Through their commitment to their customer’s success, Softweb Solutions strives to provide an unparalleled level of service and value. Clarifai India – Clarifai India is a software development and artificial intelligence (AI) research company based in Bangalore, India. They specialize in developing AI models for computer vision, natural language processing, and image recognition. Their focus is on helping businesses and developers build powerful machine learning-based products to better understand the world around them. They provide comprehensive solutions for businesses with AI projects of any size and complexity. Their platform enables businesses to quickly create and deploy custom AI models, reducing time to insights and ROI. Clarifai India works with various industries, such as financial services, automotive, retail, healthcare, security, and gaming. For example, their AI-powered computer vision technology allows customers to automatically detect and classify objects in images, videos, and live streams. They also offer specialized AI models tailored to specific use cases, such as medical imaging, facial recognition, and gesture recognition. Clarifai India’s team consists of world-class experts in machine learning and AI, and they are working on a wide range of AI applications. They provide high-quality customer service and have an extensive library of training data and resources. Their products are designed with scalability and performance in mind, making them ideal for large-scale projects. With their cutting-edge technology and expertise, Clarifai India is helping to drive innovation and progress in the world of AI. CONCLUSION In 2023, India’s assistance technology companies will continue to be a major player in the global market. With an increased focus on automation and AI, these companies are offering innovative solutions to businesses of all sizes. These companies have seen tremendous growth due to the increasing demand for their services. They offer a variety of products and services ranging from data analytics and processing, customer service, natural language processing and AI-driven decision-making. With its vast talent pool, India is well-positioned to provide highly qualified professionals to the fast-growing industry. Going forward, Indian assistance technology companies will continue to lead the way in providing cost-effective and reliable tech solutions.

tuplejump Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • When was tuplejump founded?

    tuplejump was founded in 2013.

  • Where is tuplejump's headquarters?

    tuplejump's headquarters is located at Hyderabad.

  • What is tuplejump's latest funding round?

    tuplejump's latest funding round is Acquired.

  • Who are the investors of tuplejump?

    Investors of tuplejump include Apple.



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