Topsy Labs

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Topsy Labs is developing a search engine for Twitter and links on Twitter.

Topsy Labs is developing a search engine for Twitter and links on Twitter.

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329 Bryant Street
Suite 2
San Francisco, 94107
California, United States

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Topsy Labs $29.9M Dec 16, 2015
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San Francisco, California, United States
IPO / Went publicTwitter is a free social messaging and micro-blogging utility for staying connected in real-time. Users send 140 character messages, referred to as Tweets, which are delivered to those who have subscribed to the author's tweets.Login to see details

Crimson Hexagon

Boston, Massachusetts, United States
MergedCrimson Hexagon provides software that delivers business intelligence analytics and insight from big data sources like social media for corporations.Login to see details
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Title Application Date Patent Date Status
(Patent / Application)
Systems and methods for sentiment detection, measurement, and normalization over social networks Oct 25, 2012 Nov 17, 2015 Patent
System and method for query temporality analysis Jun 15, 2011 Nov 18, 2014 Patent
Advertising based on influence Dec 01, 2009 Jul 01, 2014 Patent
Ranking and selecting entities based on calculated reputation or influence scores Dec 01, 2009 Apr 01, 2014 Patent
Estimating influence of subjects based on a subject graph Dec 01, 2009 Aug 14, 2012 Patent
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