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Series A - II | Alive

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$5.1M | 4 yrs ago

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Tappytoon offers a digital comics platform. It provides English-translated versions of popular Korean webtoons and manhwa to foreign audiences around the world. Tappytoon also produces new original comics with select partners and creators for print, transmedia, film/television/and productions, and distribution and licensing rights. The company was founded in 2013 and is based in Seoul, South Korea.

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6F, 211 Teheran-ro Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu

Seoul, 03925,

South Korea



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11 Best Website to Read Manhwa Legally (Updated 2024)

Feb 19, 2024

The Korean comic industry has seen tremendous growth, and there is a desperate need among readers or viewers to find the best place to read Manhwa, Manga, or Manhua. These forms of entertainment are widely consumed by readers across the globe and hold a special place in their hearts, as their stories and graphics are quite captivating. In contrast to traditional comic books, Manhwa offers a wider range of genres (magic, thriller, LGBTQ, etc. ), an alluring art style, and a cheaper option. Many fans are often confused and can’t decide where to read Manhwa, as there are a lot of websites that don’t cover exclusive or the best Manhwa titles. So let’s move forward and understand what Manhwa is and where to read Manhwas. What is Manhwa? 11 Best Website to Read Manhwa Legally (Updated 2024) 19 Manhwa is a Korean-originated comic or graphic novel, unlike manga, which is Japanese-originated. But people often get confused between them due to similar art styles, character sketches, and comic strips, but reading manhwa is different from reading a manga. Due to this, the popularity of Manga also complimented the popularity of Manhwas. In Japan, Manga was quite popular and gained the attention of young readers during the 20th century, while Manhwa saw its buildup during the Japanese occupation of Korea. Later on, at the end of the 1960s, Manga or Manhwa saw its leap downfall due to strict censorship laws, which led to the decline of readers and creators as well. However, the popularity of Manhwa was restored in the 21st century with the availability of various online reading platforms, which we will be discussing shortly. We have scraped the entire web to present you with the 11 best and most genuine Manhwa website list. So without further ado, here are the best places to read Manhwa. Also Read: 15 Popular High School Books to Brush Up Your Knowledge Top 11 Websites to Read Manhwa We have added the pre-eminent Manhwa website list below, which showcases the best titles. These websites offer an exclusive experience where you’ll not just read Manhwa but also feel the character with amazing high-quality scans. 11 Best Website to Read Manhwa Legally (Updated 2024) 20 Despite being a newly launched platform, Toomics has gained immense popularity in a short period and has become the best site to read Manhwa legally. It offers a wide range of features that make the entire reading experience user-friendly, such as the handy feature that allows users to view the schedule of new releases. Users can opt for a monthly subscription that allows them to get unlimited access, or they can buy coins to unlock the content chapter-wise. Toomics also provides limited free chapters on every Manhua, so readers can decide which title they want to go for. It has positive customer reviews, and many people have acknowledged their user-friendly interface, which enhances their reading experience. The artwork looks more clear rather than pixelated, which is the case on various other platforms, so this is the must-have and top platform to check out. 11 Best Website to Read Manhwa Legally (Updated 2024) 21 Netcomics is another top-tier Manhwa or Manga reading platform that is suitable for fast readers. Unlike other platforms where you are required to buy, you can rent the titles here, which would be a much cheaper option for the readers. Mostly, you will find popular Korean titles and less mediocre ones, so this would be the best platform for those who are new to Manhwa. Additionally, due to its cheaper pricing option, many readers would make this platform their preferred choice, but its user interface might be confusing or strenuous for some. 11 Best Website to Read Manhwa Legally (Updated 2024) 22 If you can’t pay to read or are a bit tight with your pocket, then this platform would be the best Manhwa site for you. Tapas offers you a wide range of genres to explore without paying a single penny; all you have to do is watch the videos or invite your friends, through which you can earn ‘Ink’ to unlock the chapters. Tapas Ink System is a synonym for traditional points that you can earn while watching ads or completing tasks. They offer a 7-day log-in bonus to new users, in which if you are a new user and you continuously log in to the application for 7 days, then you will be rewarded with bonus ink. The plus point about this platform is its helpful customer service and support; they will surely resolve your issues, but there is still some room for improvements in terms of design and bug fixes. 11 Best Website to Read Manhwa Legally (Updated 2024) 23 Tappytoon was the first ever popular Manhwa site because it is considered the home of Solo Leveling, the best Manhwa to date. Tappytoon offers a variety of titles in their library, with a separate category for adult Manhwa, and like every other platform, the first few chapters are free to read. What makes this platform unique is the feature called ‘Free Ticket’, in which users can read locked chapters completely free for 48 hours. There is another feature called ‘Time Till Free’, where users can read any Manhwa free for 24 hours. These series are marked with a clock icon, so it would be easy to notice those free titles. You can also set up notification alerts on their app. 11 Best Website to Read Manhwa Legally (Updated 2024) 24 Lezhin Comics is a great place for mature or romantic Manhwa, with a variety of selections to be made. They also have a ‘Wait Until Free’ feature, in which you can read one chapter free for 24 hours. Each day, you’ll get to read one new chapter. But if you miss your chance to read on any given day, it will be locked again. The app always notifies you of ongoing sales, so you can purchase your favorite Manhwa at the cheapest price. However, many users have complained regarding the app layout, which is pretty confusing for first-timers. Apart from that, this platform would be perfect to be on the top-tier list of the best Manhwa sites. 11 Best Website to Read Manhwa Legally (Updated 2024) 25 Manta Comics is a newly launched platform that is rapidly growing due to the availability of high-end titles. This platform doesn’t display any ads to enhance the reader’s experience and offers some of Manta’s best original stories. The app offers a single subscription option that gives unlimited access to the entire library, which means no pay-per-episode or pay-per-chapter. The layout is also quite appealing to users, and the platform also provides the option of dark mode, so you won’t strain your eyes while reading. 11 Best Website to Read Manhwa Legally (Updated 2024) 26 This is a unique way to read Manhwa because it doesn’t require any platform but a device known as a Kindle. Kindle is a tablet-like device made and sold by Amazon for readers. While some readers might find it difficult to read on the Kindle, it couldn’t be easier and more friendly. You are simply required to purchase your Manhwa from the Amazon bookstore or buy Kindle Unlimited on Amazon. Being the largest bookstore, you can easily find your favorite titles, and with just a few clicks, you’ll be able to read them. Also Read: How to Buy Kindle Books on Amazon? : For iPhone, Android, Kindle Devices, and Gifting 11 Best Website to Read Manhwa Legally (Updated 2024) 27 INKR Comics was one of those Manhwa websites that used to list comics illegally. But now it offers legit service. Developers really worked hard to build their reputation and slowly gained popularity globally with their positive app ratings. A few years ago INKR comics were nowhere near the top Manhwa websites but they are improving day by day. Their collection of Manhwa’s is a bit mixed up, but still holds the best titles in their collection. 11 Best Website to Read Manhwa Legally (Updated 2024) 28 MangaDex is a free platform that is also legal at the same time. They do pay royalties to the creators through donations and funding they receive from various readers. If you want to start reading Manhwa but are unsure whether you will enjoy it and do not want to spend more money, this is the site for you. MangaDex has more than 10,000 free Manhwa to read without paying a single penny. Available on: Browser 11 Best Website to Read Manhwa Legally (Updated 2024) 29 This is another free Manhwa website. It has thousands of top titles and new releases every month and separate sections for hot trending Manga. Although the website looks very professional, there might be quality issues with the translated comics, and the website is full of pop-up ads, which might ruin the reading experience. MangaKakalot also offers a free anime streaming service where you can watch anime for free. The scans are fairly high quality, and fans can find almost any title, including niche or less popular ones. 11 Best Website to Read Manhwa Legally (Updated 2024) 30 Last but not least, another best Manhwa website where readers can enjoy a wide range of content is Webtoon. This one is most renowned among all the other platforms mentioned above due to its customer service and user experience. You can either wait to read the entire series for free or purchase it with coins. Webtoon is also optimized for phones, so it becomes easy to binge the entire series in just one night. Webtoon was the first platform that allowed various creators or individuals to upload their own Manhwa stories. Later, this concept heavily inspired various other platforms, and this feature became mainstream. Finally, we have wrapped up the best places so you don’t get confused about where to read Manhwa. But if you are new to this culture and not sure where to start, don’t worry; we’ll help you out. Moving forward, let’s talk about some of the best Manhwa that you should read. Best Manhwa to Read for Beginners We have picked a handful of the best Manhwa to date that are loved by fans globally. There are more than thousands of Manhwa that have intriguing stories, but these are some that you can start with. 11 Best Website to Read Manhwa Legally (Updated 2024) 31 Easily the top Manhwa in the world, The Hellbound was written by Korean film director Yeon Sang-ho, who directed popular films like Train to Busan. The story revolves around people receiving terrifying notices informing them that they are condemned to hell and how much time they have left. After the time is up, the monstrous creature appears and drags your body to hell. To learn about the story, you can visit Webtoon or buy the book from Amazon Bookstore and read it on your Kindle. 11 Best Website to Read Manhwa Legally (Updated 2024) 32 The fan-favorite series is about monster hunt quests. The protagonist, Sung Jin-Woo meets his fate after being overpowered by a monster. When he wakes up in the hospital, he discovers his newly gifted powers, which give him an edge over monsters, and he quickly levels up in rank. This Manhwa is easily available on Tappytoon, which is considered to be the home of the Solo Leveling series. 11 Best Website to Read Manhwa Legally (Updated 2024) 33 The Boxer is a sports genre in Manhwa that is available on various platforms. The story is about Yu, who can perceive time as slow due to his childhood trauma, which gives him incredible reflexes. Yu and his underdog tale is all about finding the meaning of his life through boxing, which makes it quite appealing to Manhwa readers and makes it the best in the sports genre. 11 Best Website to Read Manhwa Legally (Updated 2024) 34 Season on Blossom is the top romance in Manhwa and is loved by many readers. It displays the complexity of love, friendship, and relationships. The story starts with a love triangle, and each chapter leads to new complex situations and close-to-reality events. The tale of feelings getting all mixed up and how we as people tend to change over time is narrated beautifully in the entire title, which makes it the best romance that you should read. 11 Best Website to Read Manhwa Legally (Updated 2024) 35 DICE was the first Manhwa to be translated into English on online platforms. It was first launched in 2013, and the story is about a teenage guy named Dongtae who gets introduced into the world of dicers through a new kid named Taebin. The magical dice hold the power to transform a person’s ability, skills, strength, beauty, and intelligence. It is easily available on Webtoon and MangaKakalot. These are the few Manhwa that you can read to begin your journey, become a hardcore Manhwa fan, and immerse yourself in a beautiful world filled with various incredible stories. Final Words Finally, we have wrapped up and prepared a comprehensive list of where to read Manhwas. All the Manhwa websites mentioned above are authentic and legal and pay royalties to their creators. Although the series of the list does not represent the actual rank of these platforms, the entire list and platforms are placed randomly. Other than these websites, you can also choose to purchase the physical Manhwa books from your nearest bookstore. I hope this article helped you find the best site to read Manhwa. Read Next: How to Get Paid to Read Books? – Audiobook Narrator and Paid Book Review Jobs FAQs Ans: Some of the most read and widely appreciated Manhwa are Solo Leveling, Noblesse, Cheese in the Trap, Leviathan, and The Boxer. Ans: Solo Leveling is considered to be the top and most read Manhwa. This is one of the best due to its powerful storyline and brilliant character development. Ans: The major difference between these comics is that Manga is Japanese-originated, Manhwa is Korean-originated, and Manhua is Chinese-originated. Although, in terms of art style and comic strips, there is not much of a difference. Ans: The longest Manhwa till now is Tower of God, with over 591+ chapters and counting.

Tappytoon Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • When was Tappytoon founded?

    Tappytoon was founded in 2013.

  • Where is Tappytoon's headquarters?

    Tappytoon's headquarters is located at 6F, 211 Teheran-ro, Seoul.

  • What is Tappytoon's latest funding round?

    Tappytoon's latest funding round is Series A - II.

  • How much did Tappytoon raise?

    Tappytoon raised a total of $5.1M.

  • Who are the investors of Tappytoon?

    Investors of Tappytoon include KB Investment, SOSV, BonAngels Venture Partners, MOX and Digital Entertainment Ventures.

  • Who are Tappytoon's competitors?

    Competitors of Tappytoon include Creator's Collective and 4 more.


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