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Surikat develops x-ray protection shields for children

Surikat develops x-ray protection shields for children

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Surikat Group $0.5M Apr 19, 2019
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ClearCount Medical Solutions

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Alive / ActiveClearCount Medical Solutions is a medical device company focused on patient safety solutions. ClearCount has assembled an extendable RFID-based platform that aims to provide a solution to drive efficiency while preventing medical errors. ClearCount's SmartSponge System is the only FDA-cleared RFID enabled system for counting and detecting surgical sponges. The SmartSponge System is a reconciliation and detection solution that aims to improve patient and O.R. safety, enhances operational efficien...Show allLogin to see details


Ontario, California, United States
Alive / ActiveLifepoint is a medical technology company developing rapid and cost effective, non-invasive, on-site diagnostic products. The Company has developed and will continue to develop patented, proprietary technologies utilizing saliva as a test specimen to provide blood equivalent diagnostic results without the need for blood or urine.Login to see details
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