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Struckd is a gaming platform for user-created content where people come together to create, share, and play games. On August 12, 2021, Struckd was acquired by an unnamed US technology company. The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

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10 Best Android Games Like Roblox To Play In 2023

Jun 22, 2023

Roblox Corporation By  Nathan P. Gibson /June 22, 2023 10:12 am EST Although games were once exclusive to consoles and PCs, there is an ever-growing market for mobile games on smartphones and tablets, and Android devices are at the forefront of this. The Google Play Store is home to a huge number of games of every genre, from fast-paced action games to thoughtful strategy titles . One of the most popular games today is "Roblox," which combines game-building tools with a platform that allows developers to share their creations with players worldwide. Available on multiple gaming systems, "Roblox" now has millions of active players and has become one of the most successful titles in the world. Users can create and share games of every type with its east-to-use built-in assets, while players can access a near-limitless supply of user-generated content. But "Roblox" is not completely unique. Other open-world sandbox games offer a similar sense of freedom, while other game creation tools allow amateur developers to design and publish their own projects and show off their creativity. The following Android games are all solid alternatives for fans of "Roblox." Minecraft Mojang An obvious contender for anyone who enjoys "Roblox" and wants to try out a game that has many of the same elements is " Minecraft ." Created by Mojang and now owned by Microsoft, "Minecraft" is a survival game that features simple block-style visuals that will immediately feel familiar to "Roblox" users. Although this game was never originally intended to be a game creation tool like "Roblox," imaginative users have been able to build a wide variety of puzzles, mini-games, and even ports of simple titles like "Tetris" within "Minecraft" thanks to the extensive creative tools. In many ways, "Minecraft" and "Roblox" are incredibly similar, especially on a surface level. Both are sandbox games that allow players to share virtual worlds and games. Each of these titles also allows for single-player experiences, but work best as multiplayer games in which communities can be formed. Like "Roblox," "Minecraft" can be a collaborative and educational experience , with many users working together towards the same goal as they learn how various systems work. Yet, it can also work just as effectively as a competitive PvP environment. For anyone who enjoys the spark of creativity and imagination that "Roblox" offers, "Minecraft" may well scratch the same itch with its focus on exploration and experimentation. Cubic Castles Cosmic Cow Like most of the other "Roblox" alternatives out there, " Cubic Castles " is another sandbox game. Created by Cosmic Cow Games, "Cubic Castles" has been available for a number of years and is focused on empowering players to create their own unique realms. Played from a top-down perspective, players will work to complete quests on behalf of NPCs and explore the world to gather resources and craft new items. "Cubic Castles" offers a wealth of possibilities. Users can mine rare materials, grow their own crops and raise animals on a farm, or go on classic adventures to increase their level. Doing this will provide everything needed to shape a world to your particular liking, customizing every aspect of it. This level of customization is something that will appeal to fans of "Roblox," as players can manipulate everything from the music playing in the realm to its overall design. The game also offers numerous multiplayer opportunities. Whether it's visiting other realms with other players, engaging in PvP battles, or even racing vehicles through user-built courses, "Cubic Castles" is an Android game built around social interaction. It supports frequent community events that involve contests and challenges, as well as an in-game economy much like "Roblox," meaning players can trade and sell items with each other. Terraria 505 Games Srl In the same way that "Minecraft" bears some striking similarities to "Roblox," " Terraria " is very much in the same boat. In fact, "Terraria” could very much be described as a 2D take on the "Minecraft" concept. Set in a procedurally generated world, the 2011 game sees players digging down to gather resources that allow them to build, craft, and explore the world around them even further. Available on almost every imaginable platform, the game has been on Android since 2013 and regularly updated with new content. All those extra updates ensure that players new and old shouldn't find themselves getting bored any time soon. The biggest difference between the two games is that "Terraria" features a 2D side-scrolling design, while "Roblox" is primarily 3D (although two-dimensional experiences can be crafted using those aforementioned in-game tools). The two titles also have very different visual styles, with "Terraria" going for retro-style pixel graphics of "Terraria," but both games put players in charge of creating their own fun. There's also no set goal, so users can choose how and when they want to approach the various biomes and monsters in "Terraria." Both games even support single-player and multiplayer, with "Terraria" giving players the opportunity to team up with friends to cooperatively explore and fight threats together as a group. Growtopia Ubisoft " Growtopia " is a mobile game available on Android and iOS that was developed by Robinson Technologies and published by Hamumu before being acquired by Ubisoft. It is arguably more similar to a game like "Terraria" than "Roblox," but certainly has some familiar features that will appeal to some of the sandbox game's many fans. Like many other sandbox titles, "Growtopia" provides the basic building blocks for users to craft their very own worlds, either cooperatively with friends or alone as a solo effort. As the name might suggest, "Growtopia" concentrates mainly on players growing the materials they need to build everything in their world. Seeds can be planted in the soil to sprout new resources, but they can also be combined with other seeds to generate unique crafting materials. These can then be used to construct all kinds of things, from large structures to mini-games and puzzles. With its social features, worlds can be easily shared with other players as multiple users compete to overcome challenges. Both "Growtopia" and "Roblox" are clearly targeted more towards children than adults, which is made obvious through the visual style of the two games and their simplistic, user-friendly approach. The focus on an in-game economy for players to trade with each other is also reminiscent of other popular sandbox games. "Growtopia" is worth checking out, since the amount of content is constantly changing as new user-generated worlds and games are made available. PK XD Afterverse Games Out of all the games available on Android, " PK XD " is perhaps the one that most closely resembles "Roblox." The two titles are very similar in terms of basic premise, presentation, and even gameplay. Released by Afterverse Games, "PK XD" is an open-world sandbox game that gives players the opportunity to create their own virtual character and home in a colorful world filled with other players. There's a strong emphasis on customization as players are encouraged to personalize their homes with an extensive array of decorations. Gamers can even adopt a variety of pets to make things cozier. Players can also explore dozens of different environments, ranging from beaches to urban landscapes, all of which contain unique activities and mini-games. These activities, which can be designed and published by users themselves using in-game tools, offer a diverse set of gameplay experiences and test gamers in different ways. However, many of the mini-games are not quite as sophisticated as what is available on "Roblox," largely as a result of the fact that "PX XD" has fewer players and simpler tools. Those who are mainly looking to develop their own unique games may well be better off playing "Roblox," but for players (and parents) who want to avoid that game's controversial marketplace and focus on a more streamlined in-game economy may well find that "PK XD" is a friendlier sandbox game overall. KoGaMa Multiverse ApS Most games that are a good alternative for "Roblox" fans are either open-world sandbox releases or game creation tools that let users design and share their own projects. " KoGaMa " falls into the second group, functioning as a creative outlet for those who want to try to come up with their own game ideas or try out countless highly-rated user-generated experiences. One advantage of "KoGaMa" is that it requires no knowledge of programming. The in-game editor can be used in a block-based mode that is intuitive and very easy to use. It also allows for extensive avatar customization options, ensuring that players can truly personalize their in-game character to their specifications and style. Where "KoGaMa" differs from many other game creation tools on Android is that users can only actually work on development when using the desktop version of the game. This is because it requires a mouse and keyboard, rather than touch controls. However, progress carries over between different platforms and is synced to an account, rather than the game itself. While that may be seen as a drawback for some, this does have the added benefit of allowing for a more comprehensive suite of tools that players can use to design and build their own games. Multiple developers can work together in real time to collaborate on projects, allowing for quick and efficient communication, as well as a degree of experimentation that other game creators sometimes don't support. Playing through the user-generated games themselves is still a fun time on Android. Fancade Martin Magni The sheer versatility of "Roblox" has made it a huge success, allowing for a breadth of content that is unmatched on any other platform. For some people, though, "Roblox" could seem a little bit overwhelming. After all, it requires the use of scripting using a modified version of the Lua programming language. Although "Roblox" is a great educational tool for people who have little experience of programming, it may still be off-putting to users who have never done any coding before. " Fancade " is a good alternative for exactly those types of aspiring game creators. First released in 2020, it is another game creation tool that takes a more accessible approach. While it does allow for scripting, players can also create games using simple drag-and-drop placement and then giving objects specific properties or behaviors. "Fancade" also features a large number of templates to give players a starting point, as well as pre-made assets. All of this provides even the most novice of developers a chance to make some basic games in a short amount of time. Of course, not everyone is interested in creating games. Luckily, "Fancade" also boasts many built-in mini-games and puzzles to cater to those gamers, offering a great selection of single-player content. The in-game tools can even be used to edit pre-existing content and collaborate with others on joint projects. Block City Wars Kadexo Limited Created by Kadexo, " Block City Wars " is another open world sandbox game that gives players the freedom to go out into a vast virtual land and do whatever they want. It has the same block-style visuals that fans of "Roblox" and "Minecraft" will no doubt be familiar with, as well as a robust multiplayer component. Players can jump into action-packed matches with dozens of others or simply explore the urban virtual world on their own. Most sandbox games are built around exploration and survival, but that is not the case with "Block City Wars." This game is much more action-oriented, with intense shootouts and car chases being common occurrences. The game includes a huge number of vehicles and weapons for players to use during the various mode, which include a zombie infection mode and more traditional deathmatches. It is this focus on combat that makes "Block City Wars" stand out from the more chill titles on this list. This makes it an ideal choice for those who enjoy games like "Roblox," but wish it was a bit more intense. Of course, those who want to use their imagination or try out user-generated content might not find "Block City Wars" as appealing as some other games listed here. The Android title does offer a level of personalization (players can customize their appearance), but it is not a creative outlet in the same way as "Roblox." Survivalcraft Candy Rufus Games At first glance, " Survivalcraft " might seem like nothing more than a clone of "Minecraft." After all, the visuals bear a striking resemblance to the Mojang title and even the name suggests some sort of link to the block-based survival game. Developer Marcin Igor Kalicinski has even admitted that he took inspiration from "Minecraft" for his own game. Still, it wouldn't be fair to say that it is a complete copy, despite the many similarities. Where "Survivalcraft" differs is in its gameplay focus. While it does support creative builds like the game that inspired it, this app's emphasis is much more on the survival side of things. Players are thrust into a world with no tools or resources and must immediately begin to explore in order to find the items they need to stay alive. The world of "Survivalcraft" also boasts a wide variety of animals and creatures, which behave in a more realistic manner than those in "Minecraft." "Survivalcraft" is obviously a very different game to "Roblox," even though they are both sandbox games. "Roblox" offers a huge range of different games for users to play, so "Survivalcraft" may seem more narrow in comparison. Even so, both titles are fairly open-ended and there are no real restrictions on what you can do in either one. Like "Roblox," "Survivalcraft" also packs in a strong multiplayer component, allowing players to collaborate with others or compete against each other in a bid to survive. Struckd Struckd The game creation tools and social aspects of Roblox" have essentially made it a sort of marketplace for mini-games and experiences, where players can earn virtual currency by completing tasks or selling items. " Struckd " is much the same in that regard, acting as a compelling entry-level game creation platform. Like "Roblox," those using "Struckd" are able to design their projects using built-in tools that don't require any specialist knowledge or experience in coding. An easy-to-use interface and large collection of pre-made assets mean that users of all skill levels can use these tools, making it a perfect choice for younger players. These range from items and objects that can be placed within the world to whole characters and entire environments. As a multiplayer game, "Struckd" makes it possible to collaborate on projects and share them with other users in just a few clicks, much like "Roblox." "Struckd" may be more appropriate for younger gamers or those with less experience. Its tools are not quite as sophisticated as those offered in "Roblox," as this game puts the emphasis on accessibility. It also has a smaller community, which may make things feel less overwhelming for anyone who wants to dip their toe into game creation for the first time. Recommended

Struckd Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • When was Struckd founded?

    Struckd was founded in 2016.

  • Where is Struckd's headquarters?

    Struckd's headquarters is located at Hardturmstrasse 161, Zurich.

  • What is Struckd's latest funding round?

    Struckd's latest funding round is Acquired.

  • Who are the investors of Struckd?

    Investors of Struckd include SWISS STARTUP GROUP.



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