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SLIM Search aims to offer scalable, fast, real time genomic analysis.

SLIM Search aims to offer scalable, fast, real time genomic analysis.

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SLIM Search $0M Nov 30, 2018
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Guava Technologies

Hayward, California, United States
AcquiredGuava Technologies aims to provide Personal Cell Analysis (PCA) products that have broad applications in life science cell biology research & development . Unlike the matured market for gene-based products, the cell analysis market is still in the early stage of growth. Similar to the Apple Personal Computer which expanded the market by making computing accessible to professional end users outside of the mainframe environment, Guava's affordable designed cell analysis system aims to provide hand...Show allLogin to see details


Burlingame, California, United States
Alive / ActivePrimera BioSystems, formerly known as Sention, is developing gene expression analysis assays and instruments for use in research and diagnostic laboratories. The underlying STAR technology (Scalable Trancriptional Analysis Routine) aims to enable combining multiplexing (<20 genes) and real time PCR in a single assay.Login to see details
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