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Sittercity is an online solution for connecting families with local caregivers, including babysitters, nannies, special needs sitters, care companions, and pet sitters. It provides profiles reviewed by industry professionals complete with photos, parent reviews, up-to-date availability, references and caregiving experience, as well as tools to help families throughout the screening and hiring process, including two levels of background checks, motor vehicle records checks, and an online safety guide. On August 6, 2020, Sittercity was acquired by Bright Horizons Family Solutions, terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

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51 Best Startup and Business Ideas to Start in 2023

Sep 11, 2023

Nickie Louise Posted On September 11, 2023 Every day, new startups are launched somewhere around the world. At the same time, 90% of startups failed partly because of bad product-market fit or because of executing bad ideas. Yet, in today’s era of artificial intelligence, competition is more intense than ever founders leverage advanced AI technology to gain an edge over their peers. Every entrepreneur is vying for attention in a crowded market of ideas. Consequently, the first essential step in establishing your own company is identifying an innovative concept. However, the challenge isn’t that entrepreneurs and startup founders are short on ideas. The real issue lies in finding startup ideas that truly work. That’s why it’s critical to draw inspiration from successful founders who have been in the trenches. In this article, we explore the inspiring ideas shared by serial entrepreneur and CB Insights founder, Anand Sanwal. Over a span of three years, Anand, an angel investor and graduate of Harvard Business School, generously shared more than 50 practical concepts across various industries. These ideas include everything from creating a “Glassdoor for Tech” to developing a children’s version of the Tough Mudder obstacle course race. Whether your passion lies in food, fashion, technology, or another field altogether, you’re bound to discover an idea that ignites your enthusiasm. With that, here’s a quick round-up of Anand’s 51 best startup ideas. 51 Profitable Business Ideas to Start in 2023 Glassdoor for Tech A platform where tech employees can rate and review their employers, similar to Glassdoor. Imagine a platform tailored exclusively for tech professionals, where they can openly share their experiences working for various employers. Much like Glassdoor, this platform will offer a dedicated space for tech employees to rate and review their current or past workplaces. From company culture and work-life balance to salary satisfaction and career growth opportunities, it serves as a valuable resource for those in the tech industry seeking insights into potential employers. By providing a platform that prioritizes transparency and empowers tech workers to make informed career decisions, this idea aims to foster a more accountable and employee-centric tech job market. The story behind the idea came from Anand back in 2020 when he asked his followers the following question in a tweet : “Is there a Glassdoor for tech cos to evaluate and see ratings of advisors/service providers like lawyers, bankers, accountants?” Stock Option Insurance An insurance product that would pay out to employees if their stock options become worthless. In the dynamic landscape of stock options, there’s always a level of uncertainty. But what if you could protect yourself from the downside risk? This innovative insurance product offers a safety net to employees, ensuring they won’t suffer financial setbacks if their stock options don’t perform as expected. It’s a smart and reliable way to secure your financial future and enjoy the potential rewards of stock options without the fear of them becoming worthless. Just like the previous idea, this idea started with a pain point. Two years ago, when Anand first asked this question, there were no SaaS tools to address this pain point. “Has anyone ever sold stock option insurance? If company tanks, you still get some $$ per amt of coverage purchases. And if co has awesome exit, insurance co takes bit of that (my basic understanding of insurance is shining through so tell me if this is a stupid idea and why),” Anand asked in a tweet. Help Startups Get the Right Media Attention A service that helps startups get the right media coverage would identify the right journalists and publications for each startup, and then help them craft and pitch newsworthy stories. The service would also track the media coverage of competitors and provide feedback to the startups on how to improve their chances of getting more coverage in the future. This idea started when Anand asked the question below in a tweet. “What service do startup founders use to determine which media outlets, bloggers to pitch as well as track their competitors’ media attention?” Financial Models Market A marketplace where financial analysts can buy and sell financial models would be a platform where financial analysts and other professionals can list their financial models for sale. Other financial analysts can then browse and purchase any models they think could be implemented in their projects or businesses. The models could be sold for a fixed price or on a subscription basis. Such a marketplace would also provide a forum for financial analysts to discuss and share financial models, and to get help with using the models. This was the tweet that brought up this idea. “Is there a marketplace where banking, equity research, PE, VC, etc analysts can share or sell their financial models for companies, markets, etc?” PPMs Data Extraction A tool that extracts data from private placement memorandums (PPMs) would be a software application that could automatically scan and extract data from PPMs. This data could then be used for a variety of purposes, such as: Investment analysis: Investors could use the data to analyze the financial performance of companies and make investment decisions. Due diligence: Financial advisors and lawyers could use the data to conduct due diligence on companies and identify potential risks. Regulatory compliance: Regulators could use the data to monitor compliance with securities laws. Market research: Market researchers could use the data to track trends in the private capital markets. By automating the process of extracting data from PPMs, this tool could save time and money and improve the accuracy of data analysis for investors, financial advisors, lawyers, regulators, and market researchers. Like most ideas we will look at this one also started with Anand posing a question to his followers on a tweet. “Is there a product/service that extracts data (co or market level) from PPMs (private placement memorandums) or pitch decks? Bloomberg for Virtual Assets A platform that tracks the prices of virtual assets would provide users with a way to see the current market value of different virtual items, such as skins in Fortnite or frost dragons in Roblox. This information could be useful for gamers who are looking to buy or sell virtual items, or for investors who are interested in the virtual asset market. Such a platform could also have the following features to improve user experience: Historical and real-time price data Comparison tools Here is Anand’s tweet on this idea. “Anyone building the Bloomberg for digital or virtual asset prices, i.e, skins in Fortnite, frost dragons in Roblox, etc?” SaaS Pricing Data Tracking A service that tracks the pricing of SaaS products would collect data on the pricing of SaaS products from a variety of sources, such as the SaaS providers’ websites, industry publications, and social media. The service would then analyze this data to identify trends in SaaS pricing, such as the average price of SaaS products, the most popular pricing models, and the factors that affect SaaS pricing. The service would also provide tools that allow users to compare the pricing of different SaaS products and find the best deal for their needs Anand’s tweet for this idea also explained its viability. “Is anyone creating & tracking data on SaaS pricing? Extract data from public SaaS pricing pages. Prob works at prosumer, SMB saas level where pricing is available. Harder for enterprise level SaaS. But clear value for competitive intel, mkt research” Royalty-Based Freelancer Financing A financing product that provides freelancers with funding based on the future revenue they generate from their work. This type of financing is designed to help freelancers get the funding they need to grow their businesses or improve their cash flow without having to take on debt The way it could work is that the platform will assess the freelancer’s historical revenue and projected future revenue. Based on this assessment, it will offer the freelancer a line of credit or a lump sum of money. The freelancer will then repay the financing company over time, typically with a percentage of their future revenue. Anand came up with the idea in a January 2021 tweet. “Royalty- or revenue-based financing for freelance writers, analysts or researchers building subscription products/brands (Substack or otherwise)” Startup Employees Marketplace A marketplace where startup employees can sell their vested equity to other investors would provide a platform for employees to liquidate their equity holdings and for investors to gain exposure to early-stage companies. The marketplace would allow employees to list their shares for sale, and help to unlock the value of employee equity. Employees can use a portion of their equity to get capital for other things as they wait for the startup exit. The marketplace could also facilitate the transaction process, ensuring that all parties are protected. The tweet idea came after Anand’s observation of how long employees have to wait for startup exits. “A marketplace that connects startup employees who want to sell vested equity to buyers of secondary market shares. Startup exits take longer so folks can use to buy homes, pay down loans, etc. IMO, big thing here is a service that reduces information asymmetry for employees” BOD Startup Search Platform A platform that helps startups find board members with operating experience would connect startups with experienced professionals who have a track record of success in the startup ecosystem. The platform can allow startups to search for board members based on their industry expertise, functional experience, and desired level of commitment. It would also provide startups with resources to help them evaluate and select the right board members for their company. Here is what part of the tweet said. “A board of directors search platform that helps startups find external board members who have operating experience (not investors)” Stripe Atlas for India A service that helps Indian startups comply with regulatory requirements would provide startups with the information and resources they need to understand and meet the legal and regulatory requirements that apply to their businesses. The service could also offer assistance with filing paperwork, navigating the regulatory landscape, and resolving compliance issues. This idea came from Anand’s personal experience tweet. “A Stripe Atlas for India regulatory compliance. When running my dad’s chemical company in India, the opacity of the city, state & federal regulatory & tax requirements was insanely complex & opaque. Indian gov’t websites esp in small town are just terrible” Outsourced Ad/Sponsor Sales A service that helps creators and businesses find advertisers and sponsors would connect them with brands that are a good fit for their audience and goals. The service would also provide tools and resources to help creators and businesses negotiate and manage sponsorship deals. Creators can then concentrate on their core business without having to worry about such kind of stuff. Here is the tweet. “Outsourced ad/sponsor sales for Substack writers, smaller newsletters, creators, etc. Essentially it takes the business stuff off a writer’s plate. Start niche (writers covering tech) and offer smaller/mid-size cos aka advertisers a portfolio of properties” Copy Testing Marketplace A platform that allows businesses to get feedback on their marketing copy would provide a way for copywriters and marketers to get insights from a variety of people, including potential customers, marketing experts, and other professionals. The platform would allow copywriters to get feedback on a copy’s clarity, persuasiveness, and overall effectiveness. Copywriters could also get tips on how to improve their marketing copy. Anand’s tweet came from an observation that there is no way for marketers to get feedback on their marketing message. “A service that shows your marketing copy to relevant prospective customers / personas and gets their feedback.” Data Service for Creators A platform that provides creators with data on how much they are paid for their work would be a valuable tool for helping them understand their earnings and negotiate better deals. The platform would collect data from a variety of sources, such as social media platforms, streaming services, and advertising networks. This data would then be anonymized and aggregated so that creators could see how much other creators in their field are making. The platform can also provide tools to help creators negotiate their contracts and understand their rights. Here is part of Anand’s tweet: “For creators on Youtube, TikTok, etc, a data service that shows how much they’re paid for ads, sponsorships, collabs, etc by party” HARO for M&A A platform that connects sell-side M&A bankers with potential buyers would be a marketplace where bankers can list businesses for sale. The platform can allow buyers to search for M&A bankers based on their experience, industry expertise, and fees. It would also allow M&A bankers to search for businesses that are a good fit for their clients. The platform would benefit both M&A bankers and buyers. Anand tries to simplify how this startup idea can work on his tweet. “An email newsletter connecting sell-side M&A bankers and corp dev teams / financial sponsors.” Mortgage for Startup Employees A mortgage product that allows startup employees to use their equity as collateral. With this unique mortgage, startup employees can use their equity as pledged assets and lower their initial down payment or secure a more favorable interest rate. It would work like a special financial perk that recognizes the value of startup equity and helps make homeownership more accessible and affordable for the employees before the startup exits. “A mortgage that lets startup employees use their equity as a pledged asset so they can reduce down payment or get better interest rate.” part of Anand’s tweet says. Career Services-as-a-Service for Universities A service that provides universities with career counseling and job placement services would help students develop their career goals, identify job opportunities, and prepare for the job market. The service would also help universities connect students with employers and internships. In his tweet, Anand proposes a service that will provide better university career service. “Most U career svcs are a joke and students suffer. Help w/ resume prep, interviewing skills, job search, etc. Whitelabel CSaaS for each U. They pay per student using the service U gets marketing benefit + better results for students.” YouTube Royalty Agreements An agreement that would allow YouTube creators to sell their future advertising revenue to investors. The creator would sell a portion of their future advertising revenue to an investor in exchange for a lump sum of money. The investor would then receive a percentage of the creator’s advertising revenue each month until the agreed-upon amount has been repaid. This type of agreement could be a valuable option for YouTube creators who need cash upfront to grow their channels or fund other content creation projects and are confident that their channels will continue to generate advertising revenue in the future. In the tweet, Anand says that someone is probably already doing it but still thinks it is a viable idea. “YouTube advertising royalty income agreements (akin to music royalty agreements). Pay creators on YouTube upfront for their stream of future advertising revenue. Creators get upfront cash to create more products, content.” Product-validation-as-a-service A service that helps entrepreneurs validate their business ideas would provide them with the tools and resources they need to test their ideas and get feedback from potential customers. This could include things like market research, customer interviews, and prototype testing. The service would also provide entrepreneurs with guidance and support throughout the product validation process. Anand’s tweet lists the steps to take to implement this idea. “1. Tell PVaaS persona(s) you want to meet to validate your startup idea Pay PVaaS based on seniority, qty, etc PVaaS identifies and sets up meetings with right ppl You quickly validate merit of your startup idea” SitterCity for airports A service that provides childcare services to travelers at airports would offer a safe and secure place for children to stay while their parents attend check-in. The service would be staffed by qualified caregivers who would provide activities and entertainment for the children. The service can also provide changing tables, diapers, and other supplies for babies and toddlers. This type of service would allow parents to relax or get stuff done at the airport without worrying about their children. The service would be perfect for parents connecting through an airport and having to leave their children for a short period of time. According to Anand’s tweet, this idea was born from a post covid observation. “- Help parent(s) with young kids get through security with all the extra kid isht they gotta lug around – Watch kids when you need to get food, goto bathroom, etc so you don’t lose your seats at the gate.” Automatic Meeting Notes A tool that automatically transcribes Zoom calls and generates meeting notes would be a valuable tool for teams that want to save time and improve their meeting productivity. A tool would listen to the meeting recording and create a transcript of the conversation, including who spoke when they spoke, and what they said. Alternatively it could auto send Zoom call transcripts to humans who then summarize the key points. This tool could also identify key takeaways from the meeting and generate meeting notes that summarize the discussion. This would free up team members from having to take manual notes during meetings, so they could focus on participating in the discussion. The tool could also be used to review past meetings and identify areas for improvement.” Check out Anand’s tweet for more info on this idea. “Take Zoom call transcripts and auto-send to humans who summarize key points and to do’s/follow ups. Lots of tech around scheduling & facilitation of meetings but most of actual discussion and knowledge/info in meetings is lost” Group B2B Software Buying A service that helps businesses buy software in bulk as a group would aggregate the demand from multiple businesses and negotiate volume discounts with software vendors. This would allow businesses to save money on software purchases while also getting the best possible software for their needs. The service would work by first collecting information about the software needs of each business. This information can include the type of software needed, the number of licenses required, and the desired features. The service would then negotiate volume discounts with software vendors on behalf of the businesses. “Aggregate demand from companies looking for software, ie CRM, BI, marketing automation, cloud storage, etc. Goto supply side and negotiate reduced rate and preferential terms for bringing aggregate demand” says Anand’s tweet. Tweet Threads to Article A media company that turns popular tweet threads into articles would identify popular tweet threads, automatically format them into articles, and then publish them on a website or blog. The media company can then easily monetize the articles and earn revenue from ads and affiliate sales. In his tweet, Anand thinks it is a great idea as there are always many good tweets on different topics. “A media co that takes great tweet threads on a topic and turns them into articles. Easy hack to build an audience. Might even be able to charge a subscription or make some ad $$. There’s some great tweetstorms about biz, athletics, investing, startups that are easy pickins” Social Network Income Sharing Agreements An agreement that would allow you to share a portion of social media creators’ revenue. Provide financial assistance to up-and-coming talents as they start their careers, and in return, receive a percentage of the revenue they generate in the future. Your financial assistance can help talented creators who may struggle to get started due to a lack of funding. By investing in them now, you can help ensure that they don’t get lost in the system and potentially make a fortune once they blow up. Anand’s tweet on this idea is quite self-explanatory. “Income sharing agreements for YouTube, TikTok, Substack, Twitch, etc creators Find up & coming talent on creator platforms Lump sum upfront payment in exchange for X% of future revenue” ESG Rating for Private Companies A service that rates the ESG performance of private companies would assess the environmental, social, and governance practices of these companies. The ratings would be based on a variety of factors, such as the company’s environmental impact, labor practices, and corporate governance. The ratings could be used by investors, lenders, and other stakeholders to make informed decisions about these companies. Services provided could include: Collection and analysis of ESG data Development and application of existing ESG rating methodologies Helping companies improve ESG performance Anand suggested this ESG rating for LPs idea in a 2021 tweet. “Given growth in ESG as an investment category, why not the private markets? Get LPs in funds asking GPs about ESG of portfolio. Infuence buyers of technology to buy from cos with high ESG scores” Airbnb Experiences for Company Events A platform that connects businesses with providers of team-building and other events would be a marketplace where businesses can find and book team-building activities, corporate events, and other experiences for their employees. The platform would list a variety of providers, from small businesses to large corporations, and would allow businesses to filter their search by location, budget, and other criteria. The platform would also provide reviews and ratings from other businesses so that businesses can make informed decisions about which provider to choose. Such a platform would be a valuable resource for businesses that are looking to plan team-building activities or other events for their employees. By providing a centralized location to find and book providers, the platform would save businesses time and effort. Additionally, the reviews and ratings would help businesses choose the right provider for their needs. According to Anand’s tweet finding such a service today can be quite hectic. “Airbnb Experiences for team-building / co events Marketplace connects HR, EAs, execs w/ providers and filter by: – virtual vs in-person Huge PITA today” Subscription-Based Writer Reward Platform A platform that rewards writers based on the number of times their content is read. This system would incentivize writers to create high-quality content that is interesting and engaging to readers. It would also help to ensure that writers are compensated fairly for their work. Another tweet for a startup idea focusing on freelancers. “Moviepass for newsletter/Substack subscriptions Also serves as a discovery mechanism for readers” B2B Sales Deck Review Service A service that provides feedback on B2B sales decks would help businesses improve their chances of closing deals. The service would review the deck and provide feedback on the messaging, design, and overall effectiveness. This feedback could help businesses identify and fix any weaknesses in their deck, making it more persuasive and likely to lead to closed deals. “Get deck in front of prospective buyers and ask them to record video fback on the deck’s messaging, design, etc.” Anand suggests in a tweet. ReCaptcha-as-a-service for Data Extraction A service that uses human intelligence to extract data from websites. Imagine a service where you can get digital goods for free, just by extracting data from websites. The service would match you with tasks that require human intelligence for data extraction, such as identifying and classifying products, or extracting product descriptions. Once you complete a task, you will be rewarded with credits that you can use for your purchases. This type of service could be a win-win for everyone involved. Users would get the digital goods they want without having to pay, and the service would get paid by the firms that need the data. The websites that host the data would also benefit, as they would receive traffic from users who are looking to complete tasks. In his tweet, Anand admits that even his company would pay for this service. “ReCaptcha-as-a-service for data extraction 2/ Instead of paying, they perform a data extraction task 3/ win:win – User gets what they want. Site gets paid by firm who wants data” Buffer for Slack and Text Messages A tool that allows users to schedule messages to be sent on Slack or text. This could be helpful for a variety of tasks, such as sending reminders, sending out announcements, or even just scheduling a message to yourself to check on something later. Businesses could also use it to schedule messages to customers, such as appointment reminders or shipping notifications. While this is not a unique idea, in his tweet, Anand says the available solutions are still not that great. “A simple way to schedule these messages to be delivered in the future” Podcast Transcripts Search Engine A search engine for podcast transcripts would allow users to find the information they are looking for in podcast episodes without having to listen to the entire episode. This could be helpful for students, researchers, or anyone else who wants to quickly find information on a specific topic. Such a search engine can index the transcripts of podcast episodes. This will allow users to search for keywords or phrases. The search results would then show the episodes that contain the search terms. This 2021 tweet was probably inspired by how inadequate current podcast search engines can be. “A search engine for podcast transcripts” D2C Spice Company A direct-to-consumer spice company could rival major corporations by offering high-quality spices at a competitive price. The company could also focus on providing a unique and personalized experience for its customers, such as offering custom blends or cooking classes. Additionally, the company could use social media and other marketing channels to reach a wider audience and build a strong brand. “D2C spice company that disrupts McCormick McCormick (ticker: MKC) is worth $24B and dominates grocery store shelves”, Anand’s tweet said. Copywriting Course A copywriting course for internal business emails can teach people how to write clear, concise, and persuasive emails that get better results. The course can cover topics such as email structure, tone, and style, as well as how to use copywriting techniques to engage and persuade readers. The course would be beneficial for anyone who writes internal business emails, including employees, managers, and executives. It would help them to improve their writing skills and communicate more effectively with their colleagues. According to Anand’s tweet better internal emails can get you promoted. “A copywriting course teaching ppl how to write better internal biz emails Not sales emails or website copy Just better internal emails” Marketplace for Unicorn Startup Equity A platform that allows employees, founders, and investors in private unicorns to sell their equity. The platform would be a marketplace where shareholders of private unicorns can list their shares for sale. Investors could then browse the listings and bid on the shares that they are interested in. The platform would facilitate the transaction and ensure that all parties are protected. This type of platform could be a valuable resource for shareholders of private unicorns. It would allow them to sell their shares without having to go through a traditional investment bank. It would also give them access to a wider pool of buyers, which could help them to get a better price for their shares. The platform would also be beneficial for investors. It would give them a way to invest in private unicorns without having to go through the traditional venture capital process. “Employees, founders & investors in private unicorns share details on how much equity they want to sell. Funds, family offices, etc bid to buy their shares. Creates liquidity for folks which is esp valuable given longer time to exit” Anand’s tweet said. Chrome Plugin A Chrome plugin that converts Indian financial figures into numbers that are understandable to people outside of India. This would be a valuable tool for anyone who does business with India or who is interested in Indian finance. The plugin would work by replacing Indian financial symbols with their equivalent international symbols. For example, it would replace “₹” with “$” and “lakh” with “0000”. The plugin would also be able to convert Indian currency denominations into other currencies, such as US dollars or euros. This plugin would be beneficial for a number of reasons. It would make it easier for people outside of India to understand Indian financial figures. It would also help to prevent errors in financial calculations. Additionally, the plugin could be used to educate people about Indian financial system. The idea came in a 2021 tweet after Anand realized how complicated indian financial figure can be for outsiders. “A chrome plugin that takes financial figures in Indian publications & turns them into numbers that ppl outside of India understand” Startup Employees’ Salary/Equity Negotiations Service A service that helps startup employees negotiate their salaries and equity can be a valuable resource for those who are new to the startup world and are not familiar with the negotiation process. The service can provide employees with access to data/benchmarks such as salary data, negotiation strategies, and templates. It can also connect employees with experienced negotiators who could help them to get the best possible deal. Anand’s tweet even demonstrates how you can make money from search a service. “Salary & equity negotiation-as-a-service for startup employees” HappyCam A wearable camera that records video and audio only when the wearer is laughing. This could be a great way to capture all of your happy moments and share them with friends and family. The camera could be worn on the chest, wrist, or even head, and it would use facial recognition technology to detect when you are laughing. Once it detects laughter, the camera would start recording and stop when you stop laughing. This type of camera could be a valuable tool for capturing memories. It could also be used to create funny videos or to track your mood over time. Here is the tweet. It captures the conversation and who you are with at these great moments Someone do this” Learning & Development as a Service A service that provides businesses with training and development programs.Businesses are increasingly investing in learning and development programs to help their employees stay up-to-date on the latest skills and knowledge. However, many businesses struggle to find the right programs that are both effective and affordable. This startup idea would provide businesses with a service that helps them to find and implement the best learning and development programs for their needs. The service would offer a variety of programs, from traditional classroom training to online courses and workshops. It would also provide personalized advice and support to help businesses get the most out of their training programs. Anand’s tweet proposed this start idea to fix the broken world of Learning and Development. “Live coaches, classes & online resources to teach key skills at cos” Hyper-Vertical Expert Network A network of experts in specific industries or verticals who can be consulted by businesses or individuals on a variety of topics. Imagine a platform where you can connect with experts in any industry or vertical to get advice and guidance on your business or personal challenges. Whether you’re looking for help with marketing, sales, finance, or anything else, you can find an expert who can help you get the results you want. This type of platform could be a valuable resource for businesses and individuals alike. Businesses could use it to get advice on how to grow their business, improve their products or services, or enter new markets. Individuals could use it to get advice on personal finance, career development, or anything else that they need help with. Anand’s tweet outlined how this startup idea could be implemented. “Find spaces where: – overwhelming amount of unstructured info – info is complicated / requires domain expertise – B2B so you can charge real $$” UserTesting for Enterprise SaaS A service that provides user testing for enterprise SaaS products. This would involve recruiting users of the product to test it and provide feedback on its usability, functionality, and design. Enterprise SaaS products are complex and expensive, so it’s important to make sure that they are user-friendly and meet the needs of their users. A service that provides user testing for enterprise SaaS products can help businesses to do this by recruiting users of the product to test it and provide feedback on its usability, functionality, and design. This type of service can be a valuable resource for businesses of all sizes. By getting feedback from real users, businesses can identify and fix usability problems before they impact their customers. This can help to improve the user experience, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce churn. “Get credible feedback from relevant enterprise users of your product review onboarding, ui/ux, branding, etc” Anand proposed in his tweet. Create a T20 Cricket League in the USA A professional cricket league in the United States that would follow the T20 format would be a great way to introduce the sport to a new audience. It can involve recruiting players, scheduling games, and marketing the league to fans. Starting a professional cricket league would be a challenging but rewarding endeavor. With careful planning and execution, it could be a success and help to grow the sport of cricket in the United States. In his tweet, Anand thinks cricket would be more fun to watch than baseball. “A T20 cricket league in the USA Recruit minor league baseball players + foreign players (perhaps those near retirement)” Tripadvisor for Kids Summer Camps A website or app that helps parents find and compare kids summer camps. This would include filtering camps by location, activities, and price. The website or app could also provide reviews from other parents, which would help parents to make an informed decision. There is a growing demand for summer camps, and parents are looking for an easy way to find the best camp for their child. This website or app could fill that need and help parents to find the perfect camp for their child. “A Yelp / Tripadvisor for kids summer camps” was the highlight of Anand’s tweet. Premium Diapers A startup that creates a premium diaper brand that uses high-performance materials and technology to provide superior comfort and performance for babies. The premium diapers could be priced higher than traditional diapers, but parents are willing to spend more on premium products for their children. Such a startup would face challenges like competition and price, but it has the potential to be successful due to the large market for premium baby products. Anand’s tweet describes this idea as creating the Nike of diapers. “Create super high-performance, premium diapers For ex, use sodium polyacrylate to make ’em super absorbent (used in astronaut diapers) Other tech to increase comfort, make clean up easier Why? Cuz parents spend stupid $ on their kids” Employee Hiring/Attrition Reporting Service A service that helps businesses track and analyze their hiring and attrition rates would be a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes. It would provide insights into the effectiveness of their recruiting and retention strategies, and help them to identify areas where they can improve. There is a growing demand for data-driven insights into the effectiveness of recruiting and retention strategies. This service could help businesses improve their bottom line by reducing employee turnover and increasing productivity. This idea is from a 2022 tweet by Anand. “When someone doesn’t accept an offer, service would get at the real reasons why When someone leaves, service would dig into the real why And then synthesize into insights over-time Today’s processes are very ad-hoc” ‘Buyable’ Google Doc Travel Itineraries A marketplace where users can buy and sell Google Docs that contain travel itineraries would make it easy for people to find and book trips that fit their interests and budget. The marketplace would allow users to search for itineraries by destination, length of stay, and price. They could also filter itineraries by activities, such as hiking, sightseeing, or food tasting. Once they find an itinerary that they like, they can contact the seller to purchase it. The marketplace would be a valuable resource for people who are planning a trip but don’t have the time or expertise to plan it themselves. It would also be a great way for people to share their travel experiences and make money. Anand shared the tweet to help his followers simplify vacation planning. “1. Friends often share their travel planning Google docs. “Here’s my Iceland doc” Since they’re friends, I trust their taste/judgment LM just buy the whole itinerary with a ‘buy now’ button” Hosted Buyer Meetings on a Plane A service that connects B2B decision-makers with vendors on flights. This would allow them to have one-on-one meetings and discuss their needs and requirements. The startup could partner with airlines and provide a space for buyers and vendors to meet and have conversations. Buyers could earn a free vacation while vendors get qualified conversations with potential customers. Such a startup would also make flight time more productive by giving buyers and vendors something to do other than watch movies or sleep. Anand’s tweet provides a perfect way to use your idle flight time. “B2B decision-makers get a free vacation if they have X # of conversations with vendors while on the flight * Buyer gets free vacation & meets relevant vendors * Vendors get qualified convos” Bathtub Air Mattress An air mattress that fits into a bathtub. This would provide a place for guests to sleep when there is not enough space in the bedroom. The air mattress would be easy to set up and take down. It would come with a pump that would inflate the mattress in minutes. The mattress would also have a built-in drain valve that would make it easy to deflate and store. Such an air mattress could be a great solution for people who have small homes or apartments. It would also be a good option for people who host guests frequently. “When you have guests over and not enough space, the kids can sleep in the air mattress in the tub” Says Anand’s tweet. Tough Mudder 4 kids A kids’ version of the Tough Mudder obstacle course race. This would provide a challenging and fun experience for kids who are looking for an adrenaline rush. The course would be shorter and less difficult than the adult version, but it would still include obstacles that would test kids’ strength, endurance, and teamwork. It can include obstacles such as mud pits, monkey bars, and cargo nets. There would also be water stations along the course to keep kids hydrated. The kids’ Tough Mudder would be a great way for kids to get exercise, have fun, and build confidence. It would also be a great way for kids to learn teamwork and cooperation. Anand’s tweet proposes this as a super high margin idea. “Really any sort of manufactured adversity for semi-affluent/affluent kids. Parents talk abt wanting to give them perspective, resilience, reduce entitlement.” Finance/Accounting Duolingo Styly App An app that teaches the principles of finance or accounting in a gamified way, similar to the Duolingo language learning app. Finance/Accounting Duolingo Styly App An app that teaches the principles of finance or accounting in a gamified way, similar to the Duolingo language learning app. The app would use gamification techniques, such as points, badges, and levels, to keep users motivated. It could also use interactive exercises and quizzes to help users learn the material. The app would be a valuable resource for students, professionals, and anyone who wants to learn more about finance or accounting. It would be a way more effective way to learn than traditional textbooks or lectures. “Teach principles of accounting or finance via a gamified Duolingo-style app”. says Anand’s tweet. Innovative Soap Dispenser A soap dispenser that turns bar soap into liquid soap. This would reduce plastic waste and make it easier for people to use bar soap. The soap dispenser would have a built-in grinder that would grind the bar soap into a fine powder. The powder would then be mixed with water to create liquid soap. The liquid soap could then be dispensed from the dispenser like any other liquid soap. This would be a great way to reduce plastic waste. Bar soap comes in a cardboard wrapper, which is much more sustainable than plastic bottles. The soap dispenser would also make it easier for people to use bar soap. Some people find it difficult to lather bar soap, but the soap dispenser would make it easy to create a lather. This startup idea has the potential to be successful as there is a growing demand for sustainable products. With careful planning and execution, this startup could be a success. A time-saving idea that many people would buy into according to Anand’s tweet. “A soap dispenser that turns bar soap into liquid soap. Reduces plastic use and would be cheaper for consumers. Doing it now requires a stove and chopping the soap up and other nonsense.” Ego Media A website or app that gives awards to professionals in various fields. This would provide recognition for their accomplishments and help them to build their reputations. The website or app would have a panel of judges who would select the winners based on their contributions to their field. The awards could be given in a variety of categories, such as technology, innovation, entrepreneurship, and arts. The site would also provide a platform for professionals to share their stories and connect with others in their field. This would help to build a community of professionals who are committed to excellence. In this more recent 2023 tweet, Anand also provides a summary of how the startup coil works. “Site(s) that give awards to professionals * Top CROs Choosing the Right Startup Idea Anand’s 51 startup ideas are just a starting point. There are many other potential startup ideas out there, and the best one for you will depend on your skills, interests, and the market you are targeting. No matter what startup idea you choose, it is important to do your research and make sure that there is a real demand for your product or service. You should also develop a detailed business plan and be prepared to work hard to make your startup a success. If you are passionate about your idea and willing to put in the effort, then anything is possible. So don’t be afraid to start brainstorming and bring your entrepreneurial dream to life! Here are some additional tips for choosing and developing a successful startup idea: Choose an idea that you are passionate about. If you are not passionate about your idea, it will be difficult to stay motivated and make it a success. Do your research. Make sure that there is a real demand for your product or service. Talk to potential customers, industry experts, and other entrepreneurs to get their feedback. Develop a detailed business plan. Your business plan should outline your goals, strategies, and financial projections. This will help you to stay on track as you develop and launch your startup. Be prepared to work hard. Starting a business is a lot of work. Be prepared to put in long hours and make sacrifices. Don’t give up. There will be challenges along the way. Don’t give up on your dream.

Sittercity Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • When was Sittercity founded?

    Sittercity was founded in 2001.

  • Where is Sittercity's headquarters?

    Sittercity's headquarters is located at 20 West Kinzie Street, Chicago.

  • What is Sittercity's latest funding round?

    Sittercity's latest funding round is Acquired.

  • How much did Sittercity raise?

    Sittercity raised a total of $48.28M.

  • Who are the investors of Sittercity?

    Investors of Sittercity include Bright Horizons, Paycheck Protection Program, Square 1 Bank, I2A, Apex Venture Partners and 8 more.

  • Who are Sittercity's competitors?

    Competitors of Sittercity include Otter and 6 more.


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