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Sencera is a solar energy generator.

Sencera is a solar energy generator.

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3101 Stafford Drive
Charlotte, 28208
North Carolina, United States

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Sencera $15.6M Mar 24, 2009
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Burbank, California, United States
Alive / ActiveeSolar designs and develops Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) projects that start at 46MW and are scalable to any size. The company's power plant technology utilizes small, flat mirrors which track the sun with high precision and reflect the sun's heat to a tower-mounted receiver, which boils water to create steam. This steam powers a traditional turbine and generator to produce electricity.Login to see details

Menova Energy

Ontario, Canada
Alive / ActiveThe Power-Spar is a high efficiency solar concentrator that can be configured for electricity, heat, cooling and/or lighting solutions. The Power-Spar system consists of a parabolic trough reflector which concentrates the sun's energy onto a modular absorber. The absorber converts the sun's energy to electricity (via high efficiency multi-sun photovoltaic cells), or to heat (via a patented absorption surface) or transports the light to the buildings' interior (via optical cabling). The system i...Show allLogin to see details
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Title Application Date Patent Date Status
(Patent / Application)
Crystalline film devices, apparatuses for and methods of fabrication Jan 17, 2013 Apr 14, 2015 Patent
Flexure apparatuses, linear rotary converters, and systems Jun 25, 2015 Application