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Pipe offers non-dilutive financing to SaaS companies. Through an instant cash advance against the full annual value of software subscriptions, Pipe aims to turn MRR (monthly recurring revenue) into ARR (annual recurring revenue).

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    Pipe is a trading platform for a new asset class, recurring revenue. Companies can trade their recurring revenue streams for upfront capital with institutional investors directly on the platform.


    Pipe is not an absolute alternative to equity or debt. There's an important time & a place for equity - early stage pre-product market fit. Once you have a rinse & repeatable growth engine, the best… 

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Advanced Drainage : Annual Report (Form 10-K)

May 19, 2022

04:17p 05/19/2022 | 05:35pm EDT Message : For the fiscal year ended March 31, 2022 OR For the transition period from to COMMISSION FILE NO. : 001-36557 Delaware incorporation or organization) (Address of principal executive offices and zip code) (614) 658-0050 (Registrant's telephone number, including area code) Securities registered pursuant to Section 12(b) of the Act: Common Stock, $0.01 par value per share Title of Each Class Common Stock, $0.01 par value per share WMS Securities registered pursuant to Section 12(g) of the Act: None Indicate by check mark if the registrant is a well-known seasoned issuer, as defined in Rule 405 of the Securities Act. Yes☒No ☐ Indicate by check mark if the registrant is not required to file reports pursuant to Section 13 or Section 15(d) of the Act. Yes ☐No☒ Indicate by check mark whether the registrant (1) has filed all reports required to be filed by Section 13 or 15(d) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 during the preceding 12 months (or for such shorter period that the registrant was required to file such reports), and (2) has been subject to such filing requirements for the past 90 days. Yes☒No ☐ Indicate by check mark whether the Registrant has submitted electronically every Interactive Data File required to be submitted pursuant to Rule 405 of Regulation S-T (§232.405 of this chapter) during the preceding 12 months (or for such shorter period that the Registrant was required to submit such files). Yes☒No ☐ Indicate by check mark whether the registrant is a large accelerated filer, an accelerated filer, a non-accelerated filer, a smaller reporting, or an emerging growth company. See the definitions of "large accelerated filer," "accelerated filer," "smaller reporting company," and "emerging growth company" in Rule 12b-2 of the Exchange Act. (Check one) Large Accelerated Filer ☐ If an emerging growth company, indicate by check mark if the registrant has elected not to use the extended transition period for complying with any new or revised financial accounting standards provided pursuant to Section 13(a) of the Exchange Act. ☐ Indicate by check mark whether the registrant has filed a report on and attestation to its management's assessment of the effectiveness of its internal control over financial reporting under Section 404(b) of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (15 U.S.C. 7262(b)) by the registered public accounting firm that prepared or issued its audit report. Yes ☒No ☐ Indicate by check mark whether the registrant is a shell company (as defined in Rule 12b-2 of the Exchange Act). Yes ☐No ☒ The aggregate market value of the shares of common stock held by non-affiliates of the registrant (treating all executive officers and directors of the registrant, for this purpose, as affiliates of the registrant) was $6,032 million as of September 30, 2021, the last business day of the registrant's most recently completed second fiscal quarter, based on the reported closing price of the shares of common stock as reported on the New York Stock Exchange on September 30, 2021. As of May 10, 2022, the registrant had 84,353,682 shares of common stock outstanding. The shares of common stock trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol "WMS." In addition, as of May 10, 2022, 244,685 shares of unvested restricted common stock were outstanding and a total of 84,598,367 shares of common stock were outstanding, inclusive of outstanding shares of unvested restricted common stock. DOCUMENTS INCORPORATED BY REFERENCE Part III of this report incorporates by reference specific portions of the Registrant's Notice of Annual Meeting and Proxy Statement relating to the Annual Meeting of Stockholders to be held on July 21, 2022. F-1 COMPANY OVERVIEW Unless the context otherwise indicates or requires, as used in this Annual Report on Form 10-K, the terms "we," "our," "us," "ADS" and the "Company" refer to Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. and its directly- and indirectly-owned subsidiaries as a combined entity, except where it is clear that the terms mean only Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. exclusive of its subsidiaries. The term "Infiltrator" refers to Infiltrator Water Technologies Ultimate Holdings, Inc., our wholly owned subsidiary. ADS is the leading manufacturer of innovative water management solutions in the stormwater and onsite septic wastewater industries, providing superior drainage solutions for use in the construction and agriculture marketplaces. Our innovative products are used across a broad range of end markets and applications, including non-residential, infrastructure and agriculture applications. We have established a leading position in many of these end markets by leveraging our national sales and distribution platform, industry-acclaimed engineering support, overall product breadth and scale plus manufacturing excellence. We believe the ADS brand has long been associated with quality products and market-leading performance. Our trademarked green stripe, which is prominently displayed on many of our products, serves as clear identification of our commitment to the customers and markets we serve, and fortifies our brand recognition and presence. Our approach to water management is based on four basic areas - Capture, Conveyance, Storage, and Treatment - to manage the lifecycle of a raindrop from the moment water hits the ground until it is released back into the ecosystem. Our product portfolio is built around each step of this lifecycle. Our solutions safely and efficiently manage stormwater with environmentally friendly products. We believe we are the only water management solutions company that manages stormwater from when the rain first hits the ground until the moment it is returned to lakes and streams. •Capture: As the first step in preserving the planet's most precious resource, water, our products collect and direct stormwater runoff on project sites and roads to an underground conveyance system. •Conveyance: To prevent flooding at job sites, which could lead to significant structural and environmental problems, our pipe, fittings and other products safely move stormwater away from developed sites to be reintroduced back into the water cycle. •Storage: To mitigate erosion and flooding, our retention and detention systems manage infiltration and recharge stormwater prior to the treatment process. •Treatment: Our water quality products remove trash, debris and pollutants from the stormwater runoff and septic systems, ensuring only clean water is discharged back into our communities. We estimate that the storm water industry, annually, is an approximately $6 billion industry. We estimate that the onsite septic market is a roughly $1 billion industry and that approximately 30% of new North American single-family homes utilize septic systems. On a combined basis, we estimate that we had an addressable market opportunity of approximately $7 billion. 3 Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. As illustrated in the charts below, we provide a broad range of high performance thermoplastic corrugated pipe and related water management products to a highly diversified set of end markets and geographies. Fiscal 2022 Revenue SEGMENT INFORMATION For a discussion of segment and geographic information, see "Note 18. Business Segment Information" to our audited consolidated financial statements included in "Item 8. Financial Statements and Supplementary Data" of this Form 10-K. OUR PRODUCTS We design, manufacture and market a complete line of high performance thermoplastic corrugated pipe and related water management products for use in a wide range of end markets. Our product line includes: single, double and triple wall corrugated polypropylene and polyethylene pipe (or "Pipe"), plastic leachfield chambers and systems, septic tanks and accessories (or "Infiltrator"), and a variety of additional water management products ("Allied Products & Other") including: storm retention/detention and septic chambers (or "Chambers"); polyvinyl chloride drainage structures (or "Structures"); fittings (or "Fittings"); and water quality filters and separators (or "Water Quality"). We also sell various complementary products distributed through resale agreements, including geotextile products, drainage grates and other products (or "Other Resale"). The table below summarizes the percentage of Net Sales for Pipe, Infiltrator and Allied Products & Other. 2022 Pipe Dual Wall Corrugated Pipe - Our N-12 pipe is a dual wall high-density polyethylene ("HDPE") pipe with a corrugated exterior for strength and a smooth interior wall for hydraulics and flow capacity. Our N-12 pipe competes in the storm sewer and drainage markets that are also served by concrete pipe. Our N-12 pipe is available in a wide range of diameters and sections of length. N-12 provides joint integrity, with integral bell and spigot joints for fast push-together installations and is sold either with watertight or soil-tight coupling and fitting systems. Our corrugated polyethylene pipe offers many benefits including ease of installation, job-site handling and resistance to corrosion and abrasion. Corrugated pipe can easily be cut or coupled together, providing precise laying lengths while minimizing installation waste and difficulty. HP Storm Pipe and SaniTite HP Pipe - Our HP Storm pipe utilizes polypropylene ("PP") resin, which provides (i) increased pipe stiffness relative to HDPE; (ii) higher Environmental Stress Crack Resistance ("ESCR"); and (iii) improved thermal properties, which improves joint performance. These improved physical characteristics result in a reduced need for select backfill, which creates installation savings for customers and expands the range of possible product applications. Our SaniTite HP pipe utilizes the same polypropylene resins as our HP Storm pipe but includes a smooth third exterior wall in 30" to 60" pipe. The highly engineered polypropylene resin along with the triple wall design enables SaniTite HP to surpass the stiffness requirement for sanitary sewer applications. SaniTite HP offers cost and performance advantages relative to reinforced concrete pipe (such as improved hydraulics and better joint integrity) and polyvinyl chloride ("PVC") pipe (such as impact resistance). Single Wall Corrugated Pipe - Our single wall corrugated HDPE pipe is ideal for drainage projects where flexibility, light weight and low cost are important. Single wall HDPE pipe products have been used for decades in agricultural drainage, highway edge drains, septic systems and other construction applications. In the agricultural market, improved technology has highlighted the favorable impact of drainage on crop yields. For homeowners, it is an economical and easily installed solution for downspout run-off, foundation drains, driveway culverts and general lawn drainage. Single wall pipe is also used for golf courses, parks and athletic fields to keep surfaces dry by channeling away excess underground moisture. Standard single wall products are available in a wide range of diameters and sold in varying lengths. Pipe can be either perforated or non-perforated depending on the particular drainage application. Triple Wall Corrugated Pipe and Smoothwall HDPE Pipe - Our ADS-3000 Triple Wall pipe, small diameter triple wall corrugated pipe, consists of a corrugated polyethylene core molded between a smooth white outer wall and a smooth black inner wall. This combination of the three wall design adds strength and stiffness, while reducing weight as compared to PVC 2729. Triple Wall is produced and sold through our distribution network. We also manufacture smoothwall HDPE pipe that are sold into the residential drainage and onsite septic systems markets. Infiltrator Infiltrator is the leading designer and manufacturer of highly engineered plastic chambers, synthetic aggregate leachfields, combined treatment and dispersal systems, plastic tanks, active treatment systems, and related accessories that are used in septic systems and decentralized commercial wastewater treatment systems. The onsite wastewater (septic) market is heavily reliant on rural homes and communities that do not have access to centralized sewer and will require an onsite wastewater or septic solution. Onsite wastewater technologies are scalable and can easily meet the needs of churches, schools, light commercial and small community construction projects. Leachfield Products- Our Quick4 and Arc line of septic leachfield chambers are injection molded using recycled polyolefin materials. There are Quick4 chamber models available to meet a wide variety of regulatory and market needs. There are Arc chamber models available to meet a majority of regulatory and market needs. The Quick4 and Arc chambers are engineered for strength and performance, easy to install, and offer the user greater design flexibility, including a smaller footprint, as compared with traditional stone and pipe products. The product advantages are cost savings on labor, materials and time savings on the job. EZflow - EZflow synthetic aggregate bundles replace stone and pipe leachfields for effluent and drainage applications. The EZflow proprietary products are a modular design that incorporates recycled polystyrene aggregate bundles and corrugated polyethylene pipe that act as a replacement to the traditional materials stone and pipe. 5 Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. Tank Products - Our IM-Series line of septic tanks are injection-molded polypropylene plastic tanks manufactured from recycled materials. IM-Series septic tanks are available in various capacities for wastewater storage. Our IM-Tank is the only two-piece construction, injection molded tank design in North America. In comparison to traditional concrete tanks, our IM-Series septic tanks are easier to transport to the jobsite and require less time and energy to install. Our IM-Series line of potable tanks are injection-molded polypropylene plastic tanks manufactured from virgin materials suitable for water reuse and drinking water storage. IM-Series potable tanks are available in various capacities for water storage. IM-Series potable tanks are commonly used in water cistern applications, such as rainwater harvesting systems. Delta Treatment Systems - Our Delta Treatment Systems' ("Delta") wastewater treatment systems provide a higher level of wastewater purification through mechanical aeration wastewater for residential and commercial systems with daily flows up to 100,000 gallons per day. Presby Treatment Dispersal Systems - Our Presby Environmental Enviro-Septic and Advanced Enviro-Septic systems are proprietary combined treatment and dispersal systems made with a twelve-inch diameter corrugated extrusion product that is encapsulated in fibrous materials and geotextiles. These systems when installed in a bed of sand provide combined treatment and dispersal in the same small footprint and at a reduced cost with minimal long-term maintenance. . Advanced Treatment Leachfield - Our Advanced Treatment Leachfield ("ATL") product is an alternative combined treatment and dispersal system that provides advanced wastewater treatment. The ATL is a profile of polystyrene aggregates and geotextiles installed in a bed of sand. Allied Products & Other We produce a range of Allied Products that are complementary to our Pipe products. Our Allied Products offer adjacent technologies to our core Pipe offering, presenting a complete drainage solution for our clients and customers. This combination of Pipe and Allied Products is a key strategy in our sales growth, profitability and market share penetration. The practice of selling a drainage system is attractive to both distributors and end users, by providing a broad package of products that can be sold on individual projects and strengthens our competitive advantage in the marketplace. We aggressively seek and evaluate new products, technologies and regulatory changes that impact our customers' needs for Allied Products. The underground construction industry has historically been project (not product) driven, creating the impetus for owners, engineers and contractors to seek manufacturers that deliver solution-based product portfolios. Many of the components of underground construction are related and require linear compatibility of function, regulatory approval and technology. Storm Chambers - Our StormTech chambers are used for stormwater retention, detention and "first flush" underground water storage on non-residential site development and public projects. These highly engineered chambers are injection molded from HDPE and PP resins into a proprietary design which provides strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion. The chambers allow for the efficient storage of stormwater volume, reducing the underground construction footprint and costs to the contractors, developers, and property owners. The chambers are open bottom, which allows for high density stacking in both storage and shipment. This freight-efficient feature drives favorable cost-competitiveness in serving long-distance export markets. These chamber systems typically incorporate our other product lines such as corrugated pipe, fabricated fittings, water quality units and geotextiles. Structures - Our Nyloplast PVC drainage structures are used in non-residential, residential and municipal site development, road and highway construction, as well as landscaping, recreational, industrial and mechanical applications. The product family includes inline drains, drain basins, curb inlets and water control structures which move surface-collected stormwater vertically down to pipe conveyance systems. These custom structures are fabricated from sections of PVC pipe using a thermo-forming process to achieve exact site-specific hydraulic design requirements. Our Nyloplast products are a preferred alternative to heavier and larger concrete structures, by offering greater design flexibility and improved ease of installation which reduces overall project costs and timelines. The structures incorporate rubber gaskets to ensure watertight connections, preventing soil infiltration which plagues competitive products. Fittings - We produce fittings and couplings utilizing blow molding, injection molding and custom fabrication on our pipe products. Our innovative coupling and fitting products are highly complementary to our broader product suite, and include both soil-tight and water-tight capabilities across the full pipe diameter spectrum. Our fittings are sold in all end markets where we sell our current pipe products. 6 Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. Other Products - Our ARC and BioDiffuser products are chambers that are used in septic systems for residential and small volume non-residential wastewater treatment and disposal. The innovative design of our ARC chamber is generally approved for a footprint reduction, further reducing the cost of the septic system. Injection-molded from HDPE, these products are strong, durable, and chemical-resistant. These interconnecting chambers are favored by septic contractors because they are lightweight, easy to install and offer articulating features which increase site-specific design flexibility. The ARC chamber products are manufactured by Infiltrator. Our Water Quality (formerly BaySaver) product line targets the removal of sediment, debris, oils and suspended solids throughout a stormwater rain event by separating and/or filtering unwanted pollutants. We purchase and distribute construction fabrics and other geosynthetic products for soil stabilization, reinforcement, filtration, separation, erosion control, and sub-surface drainage. Constructed of woven and non-woven PP, geotextile products provide permanent, cost-efficient site-development solutions. Construction fabrics and geotextiles have applications in all of our end markets. Our Inserta Tee product line consists of a PVC hub, rubber sleeve and stainless steel band. Inserta Tee is compression fit into the cored wall of a mainline pipe and can be used with all pipe material types and profiles. This product offers an easy tap-in to existing sanitary and storm sewers by limiting the excavation needed for installation compared to competitive products. RAW MATERIALS AND SUPPLIERS Virgin HDPE and PP resins are derivatives of ethylene and propylene, respectively. Ethylene and propylene are derived from natural gas liquids or crude oil derivatives primarily in the U.S. We currently purchase in excess of 1.3 billion pounds of virgin and recycled resin annually from approximately 500 suppliers. As a high-volume buyer of resin, we achieve economies of scale to negotiate favorable terms and pricing. Our purchasing strategies differ based on the material (virgin resin versus recycled material) ordered for delivery to our production locations. The price movements of the different materials also vary, resulting in the need to use strategies to reduce volatility and successfully pass on cost increases to our customer through timely selling price increases when needed. We have relationships with most of the North American producers of virgin high-density polyethylene and impact copolymer polypropylene producers that manufacture the grades we need to produce our products. The North American capacity for ethylene derivatives has been expanded primarily as a result of supplies of natural gas liquids being produced through sustained oil and gas exploration and production. We are focused on a program of continuous sustainability improvement, with approximately 600 million pounds of post-consumer recycled high-density polyethylene ("HDPE") currently used to make our products. This industry-leading program keeps millions of used bottles out of the landfill and puts them to work again for more than a hundred years as part of our infrastructure. We leverage our raw material blending and processing technologies to produce an HDPE pipe that incorporates recycled resin. These products, which meet an ASTM International standard and an American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials standard, replaces a majority of the virgin resin that is used with optimized recycled materials. ADS Recycling procures and processes recycled raw materials that can be used in products we produce and sell. On December 3, 2021, we completed the acquisition of Jet Polymer Recycling, Inc. ("Jet"). The acquisition of Jet expands the Company's plastic recycling capabilities to support future growth. Jet is the largest supplier of recycled polypropylene plastic for Infiltrator. We maintain relationships with several of the largest environmental companies which provide us with post-consumer HDPE recycled materials. We also maintain relationships with several key post-industrial HDPE suppliers which provide us with materials that cannot otherwise be utilized in their respective production processes. We are one of the largest domestic recyclers of HDPE. We believe that we are well positioned for future growth as we add additional recycled material processing facilities, add capacity to existing facilities, and expand our supplier base for virgin resin. We anticipate continued growth in the availability of ethylene and propylene which are used to manufacture HDPE and PP, respectively. 7 OUR MANUFACTURING AND DISTRIBUTION PLATFORM We have a leading domestic and international manufacturing and distribution infrastructure, serving customers throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and other countries worldwide through 70 manufacturing plants and 38 distribution centers, including eight manufacturing plants and nine distribution centers owned or leased by our joint ventures. We manufacture our corrugated pipe products using a continuous extrusion process, where molten polyethylene or polypropylene is pushed through a die into a moving series of corrugated U-shaped molds. We utilize customized and proprietary production equipment, which we believe is faster and more cost efficient than other pipe making equipment generally available in the market. Domestically, we can produce more than one billion pounds of pipe annually. Additional capacity is in place to support seasonal production needs and expected growth. Our production equipment is built to accept transportable molds and die tooling over a certain range of sizes so each plant is not required to house the full range of tooling at any given time. This transportability provides us with the flexibility to optimize our capacity through centrally coordinated production planning, which helps to adapt to shifting sales demand patterns while reducing the capital needed for tooling. With our large manufacturing footprint in place, we can support rapid seasonal growth in demand, focusing on customer service while minimizing transportation costs. Our manufacturing plants have no material process-related by-products released into the atmosphere, waterways, or solid waste discharge. During pipe production start-ups and size changeovers, non-compliant scrap and any damaged finished goods pipe are recycled through a grinder for internal re-use. The standard fittings products (tees, wyes, elbows, etc.) that we produce and sell to connect our pipe on jobsites are blow molded or injection molded at three domestic plants. In addition, customized fabricated fittings (e.g., more complex dual wall pipe reducers, bends or structures) are produced in 20 of our North American plants. A wide variety of production processes and expertise allow us to provide cost-effective finished goods at competitive prices delivered in a timely fashion to our customers. We produce storm and septic chambers, tanks and accessories using injection molding machines ranging in size. Our molds and machines have been designed to maximize interchangeability to optimize flexibility, maximize efficiency and minimize downtime. International Presence - We own manufacturing facilities in Canada to produce our products for sale in the Canadian markets. We serve international markets primarily in Mexico, Central America and South America through joint venture operations with local partners. Our joint venture strategy has provided us with local and regional access to key markets such as Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and Peru. Our international joint ventures produce pipe and related products to be sold in their respective regional markets. We also have wholly-owned subsidiaries that distribute our pipe and related products in Europe and the Middle East. Combining local partners' customer relationships, brand recognition and local management talent, with our world-class manufacturing and process expertise, broad product portfolio and innovation creates a powerful solution driven platform and opportunities for continued profitable international expansion. Quality Assurance Control - We have two internal quality assurance control laboratory facilities equipped and staffed to evaluate and confirm incoming raw material and finished goods quality in addition to the quality testing that is done at our manufacturing facilities. We conduct annual safety, product and process quality audits at each of our facilities, using centralized internal resources in combination with external third-party services. In the quality area, various national and international agencies such as National Transportation Product Evaluation Program ("NTPEP"), International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials ("IAPMO"), Bureau de normalisation du Québec ("BNQ"), Intertek for Canadian Standards Association ("CSA"), Entidad Mexicana de Acreditacion A.C. ("EMA") and NSF International and several state Departments of Transportation ("DOT") and municipal agencies conduct both scheduled and unscheduled audits/inspections of our plants to verify product quality and compliance to applicable standards. 8 Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. Fleet - We also operate an in-house fleet of approximately 700 tractors. Our effective shipping radius is approximately 300 miles from one of our manufacturing plants or distribution centers. The combination of a dedicated fleet and team of company drivers allows greater flexibility and responsiveness in meeting dynamic customer jobsite delivery expectations. We strive to achieve less than three-day lead-time on deliveries and have the added benefit of redeploying fleet and driver assets to respond to short-term regional spikes in sales activity. For deliveries that are outside an economic delivery radius of our truck fleet, common carrier deliveries are tendered to a third-party control tower to ensure that lowest delivered freight costs are achieved while maintaining high levels of customer service. In addition, we are committed to continuously upgrading our tractors with state-of-the-art safety features, fuel economy, and digital technology to attract the driver of the future, reduce our total emissions and keep our drivers safe on and off the road. Our North American truck fleet incorporates approximately 1,300 trailers that are specially designed to haul our lightweight pipe and Allied products. These designs maximize payload versus conventional over the road trailers and facilitate the loading and unloading of our products at the various customer delivery locations. The new trailer design assists in managing the fuel efficiency of our fleet by decreasing total trailer weight and aerodynamic design. The scope of fleet operations also includes backhaul throughout our network to lower our total delivered cost and increase our asset utilization. Facility Network - Our scale and extensive network of Pipe and Allied Products facilities provide a critical cost advantage versus our competitors, as we are able to more efficiently transport products to our customers and end users and to promote faster product shipments due to our proximity to the delivery location. The optimized design of our Infiltrator chambers and tanks provide the ability to nest products, enabling us to manufacture products from one location and efficiently ship throughout North America. SALES AND MARKETING We believe we have one of the largest and most experienced sales and engineering forces in the industry. Offering the broadest product line in the industry enables our sales force to source the greatest number of new opportunities and more effectively cross-sell products than any of our competitors. We consistently maintain thousands of touch points with customers, civil engineers and municipal authorities, continuously educating them on new product innovations and their advantages relative to traditional products. We believe we are the industry leader in these efforts, and we view this work as an important part of our marketing strategy, particularly in promoting N-12 and SaniTite HP for storm and sanitary sewer systems, as regulatory approvals are essential to the specification and acceptance of these product lines. Our sales and marketing strategy is divided into four components - comprehensive market coverage, diverse product offerings, readily-available local inventory and specification efforts. Our goal is to provide the distributor/owner with the most complete, readily available product line in our industry. We strive to use our manufacturing footprint, product portfolio and market expertise to efficiently service our customers. Our sales and engineering objective is to influence, track and quote all selling opportunities as early in the project life cycle as possible. We strive to be meaningfully involved in all phases of the project cycle, including design, bidding, award and installation. Conceptual project visibility allows sales and engineering professionals the ability to influence design specifications and increase the probability of inclusion of our products in bid documents. The inclusion of our products in bid documents improves the probability of completing the sale. On-demand installation support allows us to maintain customer relationships and ensure positive installation experience. In addition to direct channel customers, we also maintain and develop relationships with federal agencies, municipal agencies, national standard regulators, private consulting engineers and architects. Our consistent interaction with these market participants enables us to continue our market penetration. This ongoing dialogue has positioned us as an industry resource for design guidance and product development and as a respected expert in water management solutions. CUSTOMERS We have a large, active customer base of approximately 17,000 customers, with two customers representing 10% or more of fiscal 2022 net sales. Ferguson Enterprises ("Ferguson") accounted for 13.0% and Core and Main accounted for 11.3% of fiscal 2022 net sales. Our customer base is diversified across the range of end markets that we serve. A majority of our sales are made through distributors, including many of the largest national and independent waterworks distributors, with whom we have long-standing distribution relationships and who sell primarily to the storm sewer and sanitary sewer markets. We also utilize a network of hundreds of small to medium-sized independent distributors across the United States. We have strong relationships with major national retailers that carry drainage products. We offer the most 9 Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. complete line of HDPE products in the industry and are the only national manufacturer that can service the "Big-Box" retailers from coast-to-coast. We also sell to buying groups and co-ops in the United States that serve the plumbing, hardware, irrigation and landscaping markets. Selling to buying groups and co-ops provides us a further presence on a national, regional and local basis for the distribution of our products. Our preferred vendor status with these groups allows us to reach thousands of locations in an effective manner. Members of these groups and co-ops generally are independent businesses with strong relationships and brand recognition with smaller contractors and homeowners in their local markets. The combination of our large sales force, long-standing retail and contractor customer relationships and extensive network of manufacturing and distribution facilities complements and strengthens our broad customer and market coverage. Our customer service organization is supplemented by the employees of our manufacturing plants, distribution centers and drivers of our tractor-trailers. In conjunction with our field sales and engineering team, this highly trained and competent staff allows us to maintain more customer touch points and interaction than any of our competitors. SEASONALITY Historically, sales of our products have been higher in the first and second quarters of each fiscal year due to favorable weather and longer daylight conditions accelerating construction activity during these periods. Seasonal variations in operating results may also be impacted by inclement weather conditions, such as cold or wet weather, which can delay projects. In the non-residential, residential and infrastructure markets in the northern United States and Canada, construction activity typically begins to increase in late March and is slower in December, January and February. In the southern and western United States, Mexico, Central America and South America, the construction markets are less seasonal. The agricultural drainage market is concentrated in the early spring just prior to planting and in the fall just after crops are harvested prior to freezing of the ground in winter. PRACTICES RELATED TO WORKING CAPITAL ITEMS Information about the Company's working capital practices is incorporated herein by reference to "Item 7. Management's Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations - Results of Operations - Working Capital and Cash Flows" of this Form 10-K. COMPETITION We operate in a highly fragmented industry and hold leading positions in multiple market sectors. Competition, including our competitors and specific competitive factors, varies for each market sector. Our products are generally lighter, more durable, more cost effective and easier to install than comparable alternatives made with traditional materials. Following our entrance into the non-residential construction market with the introduction of N-12 corrugated HDPE pipe in the late 1980s, our pipe has been displacing traditional materials, such as reinforced concrete, corrugated steel and PVC, across an ever-expanding range of end markets, including non-residential, residential, agriculture and infrastructure applications. In the United States, our nationwide footprint combined with our strong local presence and broad product offering make us the leader in an otherwise highly fragmented sector comprised of many smaller competitors. We believe the principal competitive factors for our market sectors include local selling coverage, product availability, breadth and cost of products, technical knowledge and expertise, customer and supplier relationships, reliability and accuracy of service, effective use of technology, delivery capabilities and timeliness, pricing of products, and the provision of credit. We believe that our competitive strengths and strategy allow us to compete effectively in our market sectors. The stormwater drainage industry, in particular, is highly fragmented with many smaller specialty and regional competitors providing a variety of product technologies and solutions. We compete against concrete pipe, corrugated steel pipe and PVC pipe producers on a national, regional and local basis. In addition, there are many HDPE pipe producers in the United States. We believe we are the only corrugated HDPE pipe producer with a national footprint, and our competitors operate primarily on a regional and local level. 10 INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY We rely upon a combination of patents, trademarks, trade names, licensing arrangements, trade secrets, know-how and proprietary technology in order to secure and protect our intellectual property rights, both in the United States and in foreign countries. We seek to protect our new technologies with patents and trademarks and defend against patent infringement allegations. We hold a significant amount of intellectual property rights pertaining to product patents, process patents and trademarks. We continually seek to expand and improve our existing product offerings through product development and acquisitions. Although our intellectual property is important to our business operations and in the aggregate constitutes a valuable asset, we do not believe that any single patent, trademark or trade secret is critical to the success of our business as a whole. We cannot be certain that our patent applications will be issued or that any issued patents will provide us with any competitive advantages or will not be challenged by third parties. In addition to the foregoing protections, we generally control access to and use of our proprietary and other confidential information through the use of internal and external controls, including contractual protections with employees, distributors and others. See "Item 1A. Risk Factors - Risks Relating to Our Business - If we are unable to protect our intellectual property rights, or we infringe on the intellectual property rights of others, our ability to compete could be negatively impacted." SUSTAINABILITY "Our Reason is Water" and our vision is to advance the quality of life through sustainable solutions to water management challenges. We are dedicated to providing clean water management solutions to communities and delivering unparalleled service to our customers. We are focused on bringing highly engineered products to market that are both sustainable and resilient. These products assist our customers in meeting sustainability targets such as LEED or ENVISION certification while also allowing them to make needed repairs to aging infrastructure, plan for and mitigate future impacts from climate change and rapidly recover from catastrophic events when necessary. In fiscal 2022, we announced our 10 Year Sustainability goals. The goals are a set of targets focused on the "REASON" in "Our reason is water" and demonstrate our commitment to leadership in environment, social and governance. The goals include: a commitment to increase our use of recycled plastic, commit to operation clean sweep for plastic pellet management, implement a supplier sustainability program, reduce our total recordable injury rate, implement closed-loop water usage at all our manufacturing locations, continue our efforts in diversity, equity and inclusion and maintain transparency in our sustainability reporting efforts. Our 10 Year Sustainability goals are available on our website. The goals are not included as part of, or incorporated by reference, into this Annual Report on Form 10-K. HUMAN CAPITAL RESOURCES At the core of the Company's 55-year history are the people, many of whom have been with the Company for several decades. We are dedicated to fostering an inclusive culture, empowering employees and communities by embracing the dynamics of different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. We are committed to creating an environment where employees feel valued, respected, and fully engaged to contribute to our future success. The ability to recruit, retain, develop and protect our global workforce are key to our success. In addition to providing competitive compensation and benefits, this includes the following categories: Health and Safety; Values; Diversity, Equity & Inclusion; and Training. Employees - As of March 31, 2022, in our domestic and international operations, the Company and its consolidated subsidiaries had both hourly personnel and salaried employees. As of March 31, 2022, approximately 240 hourly personnel in our Mexican joint venture were covered by collective bargaining agreements. 11 5,000 Health and Safety- Employee safety is our highest priority and a key component of our company culture. Our operations follow a comprehensive, proactive safety and health management system that includes a collaborative process to find and fix workplace hazards prior to injury occurrence. Our U.S. facilities follow all Occupational Safety and Health Act ("OSHA") safety and health standards, as required by law; and our Canadian facilities follow the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Association ("CFCSA") Certificate of Recognition ("COR") program, as required by law. Our priority in response to the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be the health and safety of our employees. Deemed an essential business, we maintain appropriate health protocols across all our facilities so we could remain open to deliver critical water management solutions to our customers and the communities they serve. To further minimize risk, we used a thorough case management process to work through and mitigate any potential cases. Values- Our success as a company is built on the Honesty, Professionalism, and Core Values of our employees, directors, and agents. These three tenets serve as the guiding principles of our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (the "Ethics Code"). •Honesty: We believe in always being honest in dealing with our customers, suppliers, and others and complying with all laws and regulations applicable to our business at all levels. •Professionalism: We believe in providing our products and services in a prompt and professional manner, gaining the loyalty and trust of our customers and suppliers. •Core Values: We believe in certain "core values" centered upon ensuring quality throughout our product and organization for long-term growth and profitability. The Ethics Code provides a framework by which we maintain the highest ethical standards in the conduct of our business and is an integral part of implementing our vision of ethically and sustainably maximizing value. All members of our organization are expected to adhere to each of the policies of the Ethics Code, while also employing good ethical judgment. The Ethics Code provides guidelines in relation to conflicts of interest, fair dealing, confidential information and intellectual property, fair employment practices, environmental health and safety, and improper payments to third parties, among many other areas of ethical business conduct. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion- As a global company, we are dedicated to fostering an inclusive culture, empowering employees and communities by embracing the dynamics of different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. We are committed to creating an environment where employees feel valued, respected, and fully engaged to contribute to our future success. We base hiring and promotional decisions on job qualifications, such as work records, performance history and length of service, to ensure equal opportunity to all. We also ensure equal opportunity across all relevant aspects of employment such as recruiting, job assignment, compensation, benefits, transfers, promotional opportunities, Company sponsored training, and recreation programs, among others. Training- Our operational and management training programs are core to our commitment and enablement of a safe and productive manufacturing environment. Through our ADS Academy, we deliver targeted role-specific training to our operations team members through a blended curriculum of online and hands-on training experiences covering safety, quality, product knowledge and manufacturing process. Our learning management system, which hosts approximately 450 custom modules, serves as the foundation of our operational training programs and provides us with appropriate scale, 12 Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. efficiency, and governance to support our growth. We have a strong commitment to the training of our manufacturing supervisors and managers in technical, management, and leadership subjects through intense role-based assimilation plans, e-learning and classroom-based development experiences. REGULATION Our operations are affected by various statutes, regulations and laws in the markets in which we operate, which historically have not had a material effect on our business. We are subject to various laws applicable to businesses generally, including laws affecting land usage, zoning, the environment, health and safety, transportation, labor and employment practices, competition, immigration and other matters. Additionally, building codes may affect the products our customers are allowed to use, and, consequently, changes in building codes may affect the salability of our products. The transportation and disposal of many of our products are also subject to federal regulations. We are subject to safety requirements governing interstate operations prescribed by the U.S. Department of Transportation ("U.S. DOT"). Vehicle dimensions and driver hours of service also remain subject to both federal and state regulation. We have been able to consistently capitalize on changes in both local and federal regulatory statutes relating to storm and sanitary sewer construction, repair and replacement. Most noteworthy is the Federal Clean Water Act of 1972 and the subsequent EPA Phase I, II and sustainable infrastructure regulations relating to storm sewer construction, storm water quantity, storm water quality, and combined sewer separation. Our diversity of products offering a solution-based selling approach coupled with detailed market knowledge makes us an integral industry resource in both regulatory changes and compliance. An important element of our growth strategy has been our focus on industry education efforts to drive regulatory approvals for our core HDPE products at national, state and local levels. We employ field-based engineers who work closely with government agencies to obtain regulatory approvals for our products, and also with civil engineering firms to specify our products on non-residential construction and road-building projects. Additional state and local regulatory approvals will continue to present new growth opportunities in new and existing geographic markets for us. The trend of substituting traditional materials for HDPE and PP is expected to continue as more states and municipalities recognize the benefits of our HDPE N-12 pipe and our polypropylene HP pipe by approving it for use in a broader range of applications. Our Infiltrator products are used primarily in onsite septic and decentralized wastewater treatment systems. The products used in these systems cannot be sold without a regulatory approval. We have a dedicated regulatory team with a track record of gaining favorable regulatory approvals and advancing policy and legislation. Over the past 10 years the team has successfully embarked in over 100 regulatory initiatives increasing the addressability and size of markets across the U.S. and Canada. ENVIRONMENTAL, HEALTH AND SAFETY MATTERS We are subject to a broad range of foreign, federal, state and local environmental, health and safety laws and regulations, including those pertaining to air emissions, water discharges, the handling, disposal and transport of solid and hazardous materials and wastes, the investigation and remediation of contamination and otherwise relating to health and safety and the protection of the environment and natural resources. To a limited extent, our current and past operations, and those of many of the companies we have acquired, involve materials that are, or could be classified as, toxic or hazardous. There is inherent risk of contamination and environmental damage in our operations and the products we handle, transport and distribute. See "Item 1A. Risk Factors - Risks Relating to Our Business - We could incur significant costs in complying with environmental, health and safety laws or permits or as a result of satisfying any liability or obligation imposed under such laws or permits." CORPORATE AND AVAILABLE INFORMATION We were founded in 1966 and are a Delaware corporation. Our principal executive offices are located at 4640 Trueman Boulevard, Hilliard, Ohio 43026, and our telephone number at that address is (614) 658-0050. Our corporate website is Our Annual Report on Form 10-K, Quarterly Reports on Form 10-Q, Current Reports on Form 8-K, and amendments to reports filed pursuant to Sections 13(a) and 15(d) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended, ("Exchange Act") are filed with the SEC. We are subject to the informational requirements of the Exchange Act and file or furnish reports, proxy statements, and other information with the SEC. Such reports and other information filed by the Company with the SEC are available free of charge on our website at www.adspipe.comwhen such reports are available on the SEC's website. 13 Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. We use our www.adspipe.comwebsite as a means of disclosing material non-public information and for complying with our disclosure obligations under Regulation FD. Accordingly, investors should monitor such portions of www.adspipe.comin addition to following press releases, SEC filings and public conference calls and webcasts. The contents of the websites referred to above are not incorporated into this filing. Further, our references to these websites are intended to be inactive textual references only. Item 1A. Risk Factors Please carefully consider the risks described below, together with all other information included or incorporated by reference in this Annual Report on Form 10-K. If any of the following risks actually occur, our business, financial condition, results of operations and cash flows could be materially adversely affected. In these circumstances, the market price of our common stock could decline significantly. Risks Relating to Our Business Fluctuations in the price and availability of resins, our principal raw materials, and our inability to obtain adequate supplies of resins from suppliers and pass on resin price increases to customers could adversely affect our business, financial condition, results of operations and cash flows. The principal raw materials that we use in our products are virgin and recycled resins. Our ability to operate profitably depends, to a large extent, on the markets for these resins. In particular, as resins are derived either directly or indirectly from crude oil derivatives and natural gas liquids, resin prices fluctuate substantially as a result of changes in crude oil and natural gas prices, changes in existing processing capabilities and the capacity of resin suppliers. Polypropylene resin suppliers are limited, high-density polyethylene suppliers are geographically concentrated and supply of recycled resin is also limited. Supply interruptions could arise from disruptions to existing petrochemical capacity and recycled resin sources caused by labor disputes and shortages, weather conditions or natural disasters affecting supplies or shipments, transportation disruptions or other factors beyond our control. An extended disruption in the timely availability of raw materials from our key suppliers would result in a decrease in our revenues and profitability. Additionally, our customers' production schedules could be impacted by these shortages, which could result in reduced sales of our products. Inflation in these raw material costs could also result in significant cost increases, further affecting our business. Our ability to maintain profitability heavily depends on our ability to pass through to our customers any increase in raw material costs, which are a large portion of our overall product costs. If increases in the cost of raw materials, including resins, cannot be passed on to our customers, or the duration of time associated with a pass through becomes extended, our business, financial condition, results of operations and cash flows will be adversely affected. Conversely, in the event that there is deflation, we may experience pressure from our customers to reduce prices. There can be no assurance that we would be able to reduce our cost base to offset any such price concessions which could adversely impact our results of operations and cash flows. The COVID-19 pandemic or other pandemics in the future, could have a significant negative impact on our operations, liquidity, financial condition and financial results. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has negatively impacted the global economy, in addition to disrupting global supply chains and workforce participation. Quarantines and "stay in place" orders, the timing and length of containment and eradication solutions, travel restrictions, absenteeism by infected workers, labor shortages or other disruptions to our supply chain or our customers could adversely impact our sales and operating results. While manufacturing and manufacturing-related industries are considered an "essential service" in most jurisdictions in which we operate, site closures or project delays have occurred and increased social distancing and health-related precautions are required on many work sites, which may cause additional project delays and additional costs to be incurred. To the extent that our customers and suppliers are adversely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, this could reduce the availability, or result in delays, of materials or supplies, or delays in customer payments, which in turn could materially interrupt our business operations and/or impact our liquidity. Any disruption or volatility in general business and economic conditions in the markets in which we operate could have a material adverse effect on the demand for our products and services. The markets in which we operate are sensitive to general business and economic conditions in the U.S. and worldwide, including availability of credit, interest rates, fluctuation in capital and business and consumer confidence. Furthermore, the U.S. and global economy as well as the markets in which we operate face the adverse impact of the COVID-19 global 14 Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. pandemic, as referenced above. The difficult conditions in these markets and the overall economy affect our business in a number of ways. For example: •The volatility of the U.S. economy can have an adverse effect on our sales that are dependent on the non-residential construction market if participants in this industry may postpone spending. •Our business depends upon general activity levels in the agriculture market. The nature of the agriculture market is such that a downturn in demand can occur suddenly, resulting in excess inventories, un-utilized production capacity and reduced prices for pipe products. These downturns may be prolonged, and our revenue and profitability would be harmed. •Our business depends on the residential construction market. While new housing starts demonstrated a compounded annual growth rate of 6.4% from 2016 to 2021, current levels remain below the long-term average of 1.4 million starts since the U.S. Census Bureau began reporting the data demand for our products and services in this market, which in turn would result in a significant adverse effect on our financial condition and results of operations. •Demand for our products and services depend to a significant degree on spending on infrastructure. Infrastructure spending is affected by a variety of factors beyond our control, including interest rates, availability and commitment of public funds for municipal spending and highway spending and general economic conditions. Weakness in the markets in which we operate could have a material adverse effect on our business, financial condition, results of operations and cash flows. We may have to close under-performing facilities as warranted by general economic conditions and/or weakness in the markets in which we operate. In addition to a reduction in demand for our products, these factors may also reduce the price we are able to charge for our products and restrict our ability to pass raw material cost increases to our customers. This, combined with an increase in excess capacity, will negatively impact our profitability, cash flows and our financial condition, generally. Demand for our products and services could decrease if we are unable to compete effectively, and our success depends largely on our ability to convert current demand for competitive products into demand for our products. We compete with both manufacturers of high performance thermoplastic corrugated pipe and manufacturers of alternative products, such as concrete, steel and PVC pipe products, on the basis of a number of considerations, including product characteristics such as durability, design, ease of installation, price on a price-to-value basis and service. We expect that new competitors may develop over time. No assurance can be given that we will be able to respond effectively to such competitive pressures. Increased competition by existing and future competitors could result in reductions in sales, prices, volumes and gross margins that would materially adversely affect our business, financial condition, results of operations and cash flows. Furthermore, our success will depend, in part, on our ability to maintain our market share and gain market share from competitors. Certain of our competitors have financial and other resources that are greater than ours and may be better able to withstand price competition, especially with respect to traditional products. In addition, consolidation by industry participants could result in competitors with increased market share, larger customer bases, greater diversified product offerings and greater technological and marketing expertise, which would allow them to compete more effectively against us. Moreover, our competitors may develop products that are superior to our products or may adapt more quickly to new technologies or evolving customer requirements. In many markets in which we operate there are no significant entry barriers that would prevent new competitors from entering the market, especially on the local level, or existing competitors from expanding in the market. We may be affected by global climate change or by legal, regulatory or market responses to such potential change. Many of our products are made from a material whose manufacturing process involves the emission of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas ("GHG") that scientists have attributed as a cause of climate change. Our products require transportation from our facilities to the site where they are used, which consumes energy. Concern over climate change, including the impact of global warming, has led to federal, state, and international efforts to limit GHG emissions. Although it is uncertain at this time precisely what actions various governmental bodies will take early to address the effects of climate change and to achieve goals in response to the potential effects of climate change, including in what timeframe those actions would be implemented, new laws or future regulations could directly and indirectly affect our customers and suppliers (through an increase in the cost of production or their ability to produce satisfactory products) and our business (through the impact on our inventory availability, cost of sales, operations or demands for the products we sell). Until the timing, scope and extent of any future regulation becomes known, we cannot predict its effect on our cost structure or our 15 Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. operating results, but it is likely our costs will increase in relation to any climate change legislation and regulations concerning GHG, which could have an adverse effect on our future financial position, results of operations or cash flows. In January 2022, we communicated our initial 10-year goals regarding sustainability. To reduce our Environmental Impact, we have committed to pursuing science-based targets consistent with limiting global temperature increase to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. We are working to define absolute targets for reduction of scope 1 (direct) & 2 (indirect) greenhouse gas emissions ("GHG") that align with limiting future temperature rise to 1.5°C above baseline. These goals reflect our current plans and there is no guarantee that they will be achieved. Our ability to achieve any goal is subject to factors and conditions, many of which are outside of our control, including technology,or the availability of recycled resin. Notwithstanding our commitment to advancing sustainable business practices, climate change may also have adverse physical or financial impacts on our business to the extent that it causes more severe or more frequent major storm events, flooding, drought-induced wildfires, or other shifts in weather patterns. Increases in the intensity and frequency of acute weather events have been linked to climate change, and this risk may increase to the extent global warming continues or is unabated. These types of extreme weather events may include disruptions to operations or production, disruptions to supply chains or damage to our physical plants, which could lead to reduced financial performance of our business. In addition, regardless of whether governmental bodies enact legislation to address climate change and reduce GHG emissions or we achieve our 10-year goals, the public perception of carbon-intensive industries may change adversely over time and additional focus on environmental, social and governance issues by the public and/or investors may harm our business as it could damage our reputation, require us to expend resources in reducing our net carbon emissions, or reduce demand for our products, which could adversely impact our results of operations and cash flows. Our results of operations could be adversely affected by the effects of weather. Most of our business units experience seasonal variation as a result of the dependence of our customers on suitable weather to engage in construction projects. Generally, during the winter months, construction activity declines due to inclement weather, frozen ground and shorter daylight hours. In addition, to the extent that hurricanes, severe storms, floods, other natural disasters or similar events occur in the geographic regions in which we operate, our results of operations may be adversely affected. We anticipate that fluctuations of our operations results from period to period due to seasonality will continue in the future The loss of any of our significant customers could adversely affect our business. Our ten largest customers generated approximately 40% of our net sales in fiscal 2022. Because we do not have long-term arrangements with many of our customers, such customers may cease purchasing our products without notice or upon short notice to us. In addition, consolidation among customers could also result in a loss of some of our present customers to our competitors. The loss of one or more of our significant customers, a significant customer's decision to purchase our products in significantly lower quantities than they have in the past, or deterioration in our relationship with any of them could have a material adverse effect on our business, financial condition, results of operations and cash flows. Because our

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