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About Oni

Oni is a Portuguese communications solutions provider focused exclusively on the B2B market. On November 10th, 2020, Oni was acquired by Gigas.

Headquarters Location

Edifício Oni Av. Fontes Pereira de Melo 27 Lisboa

Lisbon, 1069-447,


+351 221 154 300

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Persona 5 Royal: Kaneshiro Palace Walkthrough

Mar 22, 2023

Published 9 minutes ago The Bank of Gluttony is an appropriate target for a band of thieves, and there are plenty of treasures hiding in the corners. Quick Links Junya Kaneshiro is an unpleasant man who thinks that all of Shibuya is his rightful source of income and that adolescents are nothing more than quick sources of easy money. It's no wonder, then, that the Phantom Thieves of Hearts in Persona 5 Royal choose him to be their third major target. First, however, they'll have to sneak through Kaneshiro's Bank of Gluttony and open the path into the central vault. They'll also have to deal with Makoto Nijima, who blackmails the Thieves at first but eventually ends up joining their ranks as the sixth party member of Persona 5 Royal . The first infiltration of the Palace isn't worth describing since it's a straight path and a series of easy fights that ends with Makoto awakening to her Persona, and so this guide will start with the second infiltration. Note that unlike with Madarame's museum , players can reach the Treasure in a single day. The Front Hall The first thing players need to do in the Bank of Gluttony is figure out how to get in. While Makoto's exit was impressive , it's left the front door of the bank broken and impassible. Fortunately, there's a secret passage under a piggy bank statue to the right of the door and Joker can open it by interacting with the plaque. The secret tunnel emerges inside the bank behind a large staircase. A shutter blocks the path at the top of the staircase, so players must head into the lobby instead. Doing so will introduce Guard Dog Shadows, which are faster and more tenacious than regular Guard Shadows, and the special Showtime combo attacks. For now, only Morgana and Ann have a Showtime attack. Only one character has to be in the party for the Showtime attack to trigger, but the odds of getting a Showtime are higher when both characters are taking turns. Something else about Guard Dog Shadows is that they always feature a Shadow with a canine aspect to them. In the Bank, the Guard Dogs are Orthrus, and other Shadows found in the Front Hall include High Pixie, Orobas, and Nekomata. The Treasure Demon of the Bank is the Queen's Necklace, which is weak to Psy attacks. After dealing with the Showtime tutorial, players should head back into the teller area that led to the Reception Room. The rear hallway is locked and will never open again, but behind the teller desks is a chest that holds a Portable Battery. On the far side of the lobby is a set of banker offices and a large elevator that goes down. There are no controls on the elevator, but players will be using it to go downstairs shortly. For now, players should enter the glass-walled office on the left and open the door inside to reach a storage room. The room has a chest with Brainwash Vial S x3 inside, and Joker can climb up the cabinets on the far wall to stand on top of the dividing wall. From here players can use a grapple point to reach the upper floor. There's also a nearby staircase that leads to the same area, so while this grapple point is fun, it's not entirely necessary. At the far end of the upper floor, players can use a switch that opens a shutter and connects to the staircase by the secret passage out. There's also a security room, but the door is locked. Fortunately, to the left of the door is a set of cabinets players can climb up and a vent that leads into the room. This leads to a special miniboss fight against 4 Orobas. Once they're down, players will get the first map and can pick up a Bank Keycard that will open almost every lock in the Palace, starting with the door to the security room. There's another locked door on the upper floor that will let the party into a service room above the elevator. Simply drop through the hole in the grating to ride the elevator down and enter the next area. Banker Passageway The Phantom Thieves are now past the customer-facing areas of the Bank, and so security has stepped up a few notches. First, players must exit the elevator shaft through a vent, and this leads to a set of rafters over a reception area. There's nothing to find on the rafters, so jump down straight away. The new Shadows in this area include Black Ooze, Oni, and Take-Minakata as the Palace's Savage Shadow. Take-Minakata is level 26, which is the highest in the Palace . Oni is also worth a mention because this shadow has no weaknesses, and the game will encourage players to use status ailments on Oni to get Technicals and deal extra damage. Players can also use Technicals to knock down Shadows if their Technical rank is at least 3. Aside from that, players can use Lucky Punch to capture Oni since Critical hits will still knock down Shadows that resist Physical damage. The reception area has only one exit, and the first safe room of the Palace is just to the right. Head down the left hallway to encounter security cameras for the first time. Security cameras in the bank come in two varieties: green cameras will always stay on while blue cameras will switch between on and off every few seconds. In either case, running into a camera's view will force Joker back and raise the Security Level by 10 percent . Third Eye will highlight the camera cones of vision and make them easier to avoid. Players can also stay safe by jumping between hiding spots since Joker will never jump through an active camera's vision. In this case, players should carefully walk around the green circles and kick the control box at the far end of the hallway. This will shut down all the cameras, so head back and grab the previously unreachable loot items. Past the hallway is a room with an Oni Shadow and the tutorial about status ailments. Open the door on the left to enter a hallway full of cameras and Guards. There's a hallway to the right that leads to a couple rooms, and one of them has the control box that turns all the cameras off. Head to the far end of the large hallway to find a third room, and the control box in here will shut down cameras that were blocking access to a staircase. This staircase is through the third door in the Oni room. But before heading back, continue around the winding hallway to a fourth room with a chest and a Black Rock. The Vault Keys Head up the stairs and down a long passageway to reach a room full of staircases. The Phantom Thieves will overhear two guards talking about the keys they carry, but there are cameras and electric barriers keeping them from getting closer. The first control box Joker needs to kick is on the far side of the stairs room. There's also a locked chest here with a Gang Star weapon for Ryuji inside. Players can then descend the stairs to find a giant vault door that will need two keys to open. For now, turn right at the vault door to enter what appears to be a dead end. However, there's a grapple point at the far end that leads to the next floor up. A Savage Shadow is patrolling the area, but players can find the Red Gluttony Seed here along with a set of ledges that leads to a chest containing Psy Magatama x3. Players can then open a shortcut back to the stairs room. Now head down to the vault door and turn left. This hall leads to a shutter players can open for a shortcut back to the safe room, but there are cameras along the route. Be sure to check the room along the way to find the control box that will shut down these cameras. This hallway also connects to a set of three rooms. The middle room is locked from the inside, but players can get inside by climbing up to a vent in the northern room. Doing so will let the party access a chest holding a Snuff Soul. The southern room has the second control box that will shut down the cameras around the security room, and south of the connecting hallway is a staircase that leads back to the Front Hall area. Be sure to head up and unlock the door to create another shortcut. Once the party approaches the security room, they'll come up with a plan to divide the two powerful Guard Shadows and beat them one by one. First, the party will head up to the Front Hall security room (be sure to take advantage of the free teleports) and call up one Guard. This Shadow is a Fuu-Ki, which is weak to Electricity but drains Wind. Next, the party will head back to the lower security room and fight a Sui-Ki miniboss. This one is weak to Nuke damage but can drain Ice. With both the Right Key and Left Key in hand (and the second map from the lower security room), players can now open the vault door and head into the depths of the Bank of Gluttony. Laundering Office New shadows in this area include Leanan Sidhe and Yaksini. Players can also find the Queen's Necklace in mixed groups with these Shadows. Head straight across the upper walkway to enter a hallway with three exits. The door on the right will never open and the door to the stairs is locked, so head through the left door to enter an office area. There are several blue intermittent cameras in this area, and there's no control box to shut them off, so be mindful of where they are and avoid ambushing shadows in spots where Joker might get noticed. On the far side of the office is a room with a vent, and the vent leads to a ledge. Jump down from this ledge, then turn around and jump down again. This leads to a set of ledges that end with a grapple swing point, and by using it Joker will end up next to the Green Gluttony Seed . There's another grapple point on the Seed ledge, so use it to start climbing up ledges on the far side of the chamber. These lead to a third grapple point that goes up to a catwalk, and from here Joker can drop to a chest with a Black Kogatana inside. Players will have to retrace their steps back to the original ledge, and from here players should go forward and use a vent to enter a new hallway. This one is also full of blue cameras, so step lightly and use Third Eye frequently. From this hallway players can unlock the door to the staircase up, and they can cross another office area to reach an elevator that goes down. Lower Laundering Office Players should spot a chest right across from the elevator, and there's a Relax Gel inside. The next room has another large staircase, and there are two ways down to the lower level. One of them has fewer and weaker Guard Shadows, but the one with the Savage Shadow has two chests. The locked one has a Knuckle Duster for Makoto while the unlocked one contains a Revival Bead. Before approaching the library on the lower floor, be sure to check the other end of the chamber for a new safe room. Now with a freshly saved game, approach the elevator for a cutscene and a new miniboss fight. This is against a Sui-Ki, a Fuu-Ki, and a new Shadow called Kin-Ki. Kin-Ki has no weaknesses and is strong against Physical , making it another good target for status ailments. After the fight, players will get a journal with part of a code: R=C=0, I=1, and H=2. To find out what this is for, the only thing to do is head down. The Underground Vault The first thing players should do after entering the main Underground Vault area is turn left and open up the safe room. With that done, head over to the PIN Entry Panel and read the hint: RICH. These match the letters in the journal from earlier, but unlike in Madarame's Museum players must input the code manually. In this case, the correct PIN is 0102. This will open the way to a lower vault area, and unlike the main level these lower vaults are full of Shadows. New Shadows include Rakshasa and Sui-Ki as a regular enemy. At the base of the staircase, turn right and either defeat or sneak past the Savage Shadow to reach a control box that will turn all the nearby cameras off. Players can then enter the room next to them to get a Bead from a chest and use a set of controls that open the way forward. The party will also hear an announcement about the Golden Pig statues , so interact with the room after hearing it to get Torn Page 1: P=I. Past the now-opened shutter is a PIN Entry Panel with the word REAP. There's still an E and A missing, so take the stairs down into a lower area. Go into the left hallway from the northern entrance and the safety deposit boxes will open up to create a ledge Joker can jump on, and above them is a chest with a Model Gun. At the base of the spiraling stairs is another Golden Pig that holds Torn Page 2: E=9, A=3. Climb the stairs to open a shortcut back to the PIN Entry Panel and use the new information to type in the right number: 0931. After that, head back upstairs to find a new vault waiting. Vault 2 Vault 2F starts with a large area full of shelves and electric barriers. There's a shelf on the north wall low enough to jump up, and from there Joker can continue to climb up to a ledge with a control box that will shut down the barriers. There's also a golden door here that will open for the right price, but players can safely ignore it if they don't want to spend money on a shortcut. Before heading all the way back down, drop off the shelves to the north and use a grapple point to reach a locked chest with a Golden Vest inside. Then open the chest by the door out for an Alert Capsule. Past the door is a short hallway full of cameras, and at the end of the hall is the control box that shuts them off. Up the stairs is a winding hallway with more cameras and Guards, and the box for this section is at the top of the next staircase. The upper level has two Golden Pig statues, but one of them is behind two green cameras with no space to move. To reach it, players must move carefully past the other set of cameras to reach an area with the control box, the PIN Entry Panel, a Golden Pig with Torn Page 3: U=A, and the other side of the golden door. On this side, Joker can break the panel for the door and open the shortcut for free. Players can also head back to the second Golden Pig to pick up Torn Page 4: G=P. This provides just enough letters to solve the new PIN hint, HUGE. So type in 2319 and head back to the main level. Vault 3 To fully open the way to Vault 3, players must first deal with a couple of directional Control Panels, and to reach the panels players must beat Kumbhanda, who is weak to Bless attacks but nulls Fire and repels Electricity. With that done, choose Left on the first panel and then Left again on the second panel. This will open a side path to the last Will Seed in the Palace, but first players must beat Cerberus. This miniboss's weakness is Ice, and players should avoid using Gun, Fire, or Nuke attacks. With Cerberus down, players can access the Blue Gluttony Seed and get the Crystal of Gluttony. This item gives the holder Marakukaja, the all-party defense buff. Jose can upgrade it to the Ring of Gluttony, which also gives its wearer a free Tetrakarn and Makarakarn at the start of each battle. After collecting the last Will Seed, head back to the controls and switch them both to Right to open the way to Vault 3. The first area of the vault is also open, but it's full of cameras, guards, and barriers. Head to the southeast corner to break the first control box, then go to the northwest corner to grapple up to the top of the shelves. From here players can reach a second control box on the upper-middle wall, a locked chest in the center that holds a Bead Chain, and a third control box on the middle-right wall. At this point, all the cameras and barriers should be off, and players can now reach the Golden Pig that contains Torn Page 5: O+H=10. Since H is 2, this means O=8. Just outside this room is another golden vault door that can bypass the rest of Vault 3. Players who ignore it will have to deal with two sets of intermittent blue cameras (and two control boxes), but there's a grapple point by the second box that leads up to a treasure chest with Incense LU x3. Another set of green cameras comes next, and the control box is in a room straight ahead next to the PIN Entry Panel. There's also a vent in this room that leads up to an otherwise unreachable shelf that holds two loot objects. There's one more locked door past the cameras, but thankfully players can climb up the safety deposit boxes again to get past it. The room holds the last Golden Pig and Torn Page 6: L=U+G, D=G. Since G is 1 and U is 3, that means L=4 and D=1. Players can also break a control box to shut down several electric barriers, which opens a path to the gold vault shortcut and to a grapple point that goes up to a Snuff Soul. The only thing left now is to input the PIN for GOLD: 1841. This will open the last barrier to the main vault, and once the Phantom Thieves ride the elevator down the route to the Treasure will be secured. The only thing left to do is to head back to the entrance and learn a bit about Fusion Alarms . Persona 5 Royal is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Oni Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • When was Oni founded?

    Oni was founded in 1998.

  • Where is Oni's headquarters?

    Oni's headquarters is located at Edifício Oni Av. Fontes Pereira de Melo, Lisbon.

  • What is Oni's latest funding round?

    Oni's latest funding round is Acquired.

  • Who are the investors of Oni?

    Investors of Oni include Gigas, MasMovil and Apax France.

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