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Neoss is developing dental implant technology.

Neoss is developing dental implant technology.

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Windsor House
Cornwall Road
United Kingdom

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Neoss $0M Nov 30, 2018
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Southern Implants

Jupiter, Florida, United States
Alive / ActiveSouthern Implants was established in 2006 to commercialize in North America, South America and Asia, dental implant technologies that have been sold in Europe and other parts of the world for over two decades. Southern Implants, with headquarters in Irvine, California, provides implant surgeons and restorative dentists with a broad range of implants and restorative components that work seamlessly with existing systems while offering unique, innovative features that simplify even the most complex...Show allLogin to see details

Reduction Technologies

Corte Madera, California, United States
Alive / ActiveReduction Technologies Inc. is developing a minimally-invasive spinal implant for the non-fusion treatment of scoliosis.Login to see details
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Title Application Date Patent Date Status
(Patent / Application)
Spacer element Apr 17, 2009 Dec 20, 2016 Patent
Implant Oct 04, 2002 Dec 11, 2012 Patent
Surgical membrane Sep 30, 2015 Application
Surgical instruments Jul 28, 2015 Application