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MyHealthcare platform brings together the hospital, its doctors, nurses, allied services, health records, pharmacy and home care services to offer seamless care to patients. It is based in Gurugram, Haryana.

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How are Indian Startups fighting Covid-19?

Jun 4, 2021

Alserv - Startups fighting covid 19 Alserv - a tech start-up focused on non- real-estate -based assisted living services for the elderly has now launched “Alserv Care” for COVID-19 positive elderly individuals. This entails delivery of meals, grocery and medicine, facilitating services of nurses and caretakers, providing oxygen support and other medical equipment to the elderly (upon request). Enabling quality care at home, Alserv provides these services starting at ₹300/month. The elderly can choose home cooked meals to be delivered at their residences from the variety of choices available. Alserv is delivering home-cooked meals through verified service providers who maintain the highest quality and hygiene standards. For elderly who are living alone, Alserv is facilitating the services of nurses and caretakers who can stay at home with the elderly and take care of their needs. Speaking about the launch of Alserv Care, Jagadish Ramamoorthy, Co-founder & Director, Alserv, said - “Currently in our country, the hospitals do not have the sufficient number of beds to take care of COVID positive individuals. Also, we believe for the elderly, home care is critical in ensuring complete recovery from COVID. We are already receiving positive feedback regarding Alserv Care from our customers.” To avail this new service from Alserv, users can download the Alserv app from PlayStore/AppStore or reach out to the helpline: +91-044-4666 4888. StanPlus - Startups fighting covid 19 The pandemic has increased the emphasis on the ‘human connect’ aspect of the HR function. Startups always run in a super dynamic and fast paced environment, and this element is even more prominent now for those operating in the healthcare sector. At StanPlus, we handhold our employees if they or anyone in their families are affected by Covid. Quarantine facilities and emergency services are provided at no cost. We ensure that our people on ground have sufficient supply of PPE kits and sanitizers always. Considering the industry StanPlus operates in, we realize the pressure and secondary trauma our people go through. Therefore we have taken away the concept of sick leaves . The employees have the liberty to take leaves whenever they feel overwhelmed. We are tackling these uncertain times as a family. THIP Media Rite KnowledgeLabs - Startups support during Covid 19 Mumbai-based startup Rite KnowledgeLabs has sanctioned an additional two days as vaccination leaves to all their employees, helping them to cope with the side effects of vaccinations, if any. The startup has provided a 'no questions' asked vaccination allowance to its employees, including their family members. The prolonging of the pandemic with a severe second wave has brought with it unique challenges. At Rite KnowledgeLabs, we have always been proactive in our approach in enforcing the government regulatory directives from the onset of the pandemic and empowering employees to adapt to the 'New normal' way of working with a complete #wfh model . It has led to a series of infrastructural changes/support and social adjustments in the way we function. Zaggle Zaggle - Startups fighting covid 19 Zaggle learnt about the challenges faced by Founders to access credit and especially in this pandemic where starts ups are shutting down or in a financial need, to meet their business expenses. This led the Foundation to ZikZuk a Financial Technology company that solves financial pain points of SMEs and Startups . It is a SME Neo Open Banking Platform with FoundersCard as its 1st Product. We want to create a platform for businesses to easily access financial services from different financial service providers. To avoid the hassle of different accounts, having cheque signed by authorities, going through RTGS, we thought this process should be automated through a platform to quickly flake in and move the funds to ensure that the cheque gets cleared without having to go through the process manually. FoundersCard is a Corporate Credit Card targeted at Business Owners and Founders. It solves the credit problems, and provides an excellent customer experience by leveraging technology and providing easy access to capital. FoundersCard is a Single payment instrument which can be used to Optimize Working capital and Digitally manage all the expenses of a SME/Startup. The card will be available in different form factors such as virtual card, physical card, e-card, on mobile etc. that will be issued to Founders. The credit card will be available in the form of domestic pre-paid, forex pre-paid and corporate credit and various other benefits that really matter to the Founders of start-up companies. Other than that we have helped in distributing ample of Mask, PPE kits to Indian Police, Daily necessities in village around Hyderabad. My Healthcare support during covid 19 Founded in 2017 by Aneesh Nair, Divya Laroyia and Shyatto Rana, MyHealthcare is a digital healthcare platform launched to improve access to healthcare services by connecting hospitals, doctors, and patients online. It works in partnership with hospitals such as Fortis, BLK, and Nanavati for online doctor consultations . Shyatto, CEO & Co-founder of MyHealthcare, said, “Our partner hospital and clinic doctors have used our digital EMR and virtual consult platform to connect with patients. This convenience has seen a great acceptance from patients, especially during the last few months. To support patients and hospitals amid the second wave of covid which resulted in the acute shortage of hospital beds and other resources, we launched our speciality healthcare service called MyHealthcare@Home. It is for patients who are under home isolation. Connected with a hospital team that keeps track of the patient's health and wellness, the command center of the platform allows the medical staff to track vitals, read patient notes, view medical history, prescribe medicines, alert hospitals among other services, all in real time. The system offers the already overloaded medical professionals a convenience that saves time and equips them with data to provide quick assistance. Moreover, in an effort to further offer primary specialty care, MyHealthcare is providing air and ground medevac for emergencies. This service entails safely transporting a patient from their location to another city hospital, post the confirmation of admission.” Cashfree helping to fight Covid 19 In the last few weeks, we have witnessed the entire country come together, pool in resources and fight the battle against COVID-19. At Cashfree, we wanted to use our technical know-how and existing infrastructure to create a product that will help those who are helping others. Through the release of ‘Payment Links for Donation’, we intend to make the process of collecting donations easier for those who do not have the technical infrastructure. The pandemic is impacting everyone around the world and every aspect of our daily lives: our social interactions, our family lives, our communities, and, of course, how all of us work. It’s times like these that remind us that each of us has something to contribute and the importance of coming together as a community. We want our employees to know that we are prioritizing the health and safety of them as well as  their families first and foremost. To help them weather the second wave of the coronavirus safely, we have announced initiatives to help the, cope with this struggle. This is why we have directed our efforts to not only help our employees, but also their family members so that they can recover well. Furlenco - Startups fight Covid 19 The Covid-19 pandemic has been emotionally challenging for many people, changing the day-to-day life of everyone involved in unprecedented ways. As the second wave of the pandemic continues throughout the country, companies are tasked with balancing the health and safety of their employees while continuing to keep them motivated. During this second wave, Furlenco has taken many steps to help its employees in managing through these tough times. In continuous efforts to tackle pandemic challenges, Ajith Karimpana, Founder & CEO, Furlenco says, "As India struggles with the latest, brutal wave of COVID-19, we at Furlenco are committed to supporting employees, partners, customers, and friends in their efforts to stay safe. We recognize the importance of our delivery staff as Front Liners and are doing everything to ensure their safety, and that of the customers interacting with them.” Acknowledging their role as front liners during the pandemic, Furlenco has further enhanced Product Sanitization and Packaging Processes to ensure the complete safety of their delivery executives, while caring more for the safety of both our customers and our delivery champs alike. From effective sanitization of furniture and appliances to thorough clean-up after every installation, Furlenco makes sure that safety measures including ensuring social distancing in warehouses, distribution of masks and sanitation of all warehouses are being thoroughly followed to ensure the safety of all. During this second wave and lockdown, the Furlenco delivery champions are the heroes making sure that products are reaching customers directly in the safety of their homes. Furlenco’s primary focus has been on Vaccinating their Delivery Executives serving as the front line of the business, with the vaccination costs of all employees being 100% borne by the company. This is a major step for the organization in supporting the needs of their delivery partners, benefitting both these providers of essential services and society as a whole with a safer delivery network. For those employees who have tested positive for the virus, Furlenco has established a Covid Task Force dedicated to closely helping them and their families with any assistance required be it need of medical assistance, medicines, plasma, oxygen cylinders, oximeters and tele-consultation. In the same spirit, their Buddy Programme ensures that each and every employee has a fellow Furlenco team member identified for support and assistance. From its front line delivery staff to company CEO and founder, Ajith Karimpana, every Furlenco employee is equally involved in the programme and has a part to play in supporting the team. Additionally, advancements in technology and social media present many opportunities to keep people safe, informed, and connected during the second wave of Covid-19. Furlenco has leveraged its Social Media platforms and Internal Communications channels to create awareness for those in need and to broadcast messages regarding Covid-19 help and support. The safety of everyone around us and their family is of utmost importance. At challenging times such as these it helps to remember that we all want the same thing: for the people we care about to stay healthy, the virus’ impact to diminish, for treatments to be developed and for life to return to normal. That shared sense of hope and purpose can encourage each of us during this difficult time and help us rally to meet the challenges we face. We thank every person at Furlenco for all they are doing to help not just Furlenco, but also the partners and customers who count on us and the communities that we call home. Together, we know we can meet these challenges. Supreme Incubator - Startup fights covid 19 We are trying to encourage startup founders and innovators in the community to contribute towards Covid relief-related initiatives. Our mentor network has stepped up to provide one-on-one strategic mentoring sessions to startup founders in the ecosystem who are contributing to Covid-relief causes. Donations pooled for covid-relief efforts will go a long way toward mobilizing funds and resources for obtaining necessary supplies and coordinating logistics . Any growth stage startup founder or early stage entrepreneur who provides valid proof of such donation is eligible for a venture development mentoring call with an industry expert on their startup company! Vantage Fit Bankit - Startups support during Covid Amidst the catastrophic second wave of the pandemic ravaging the country, India’s ongoing vaccination drive is now open for the 18-44 age group, albeit with the government mandating that there will be no walk-in vaccinations for this age group, and everyone must register on the CoWin app to book a slot. However, a large chunk of India’s population resides in the hinterlands, in remote areas with little to no access to technology. Besides, many may not be tech-savvy either, thereby needing a certain degree of handholding to complete the self-registration process and book a slot. Against this backdrop, BANKIT, a Noida-based FinTech startup, through its DigiMitra outlets, is assisting India’s rural population in registering for getting inoculated faster through its portal. With the link of the CoWin self-registration portal in the BANKIT agent app and portal, BANKIT is committed to doing their bit to ensure that every citizen in the country get the vaccine at the earliest. People who are not digitally equipped or informed can go to the nearest BANKIT outlet and have them registered through the BANKIT app and portal. BANKIT has 60,000+ agent outlets spread across 8800 pin codes PAN India. Through this initiative, BANKIT aims to handhold over 2.2 million citizens across the country for COVID-19 vaccine registration from their outlets. There is a huge digital divide between rural and urban India. Despite significant growth overall in terms of technology adoption, rural India is still not well equipped or skilled to use available digital sources. BANKIT has always been committed to bringing digital services to rural areas and helping the people utilize the same. Through this initiative, BANKIT will be including the vaccination link in its app and portal where our correspondents can help those in India’s hinterlands register them for booking appointments for getting inoculated. We hope the country soon recovers from the pandemic and bounces back to normalcy. BANKIT agent outlets witness over 2 crore customers walking in each month to avail its wide range of banking and financial services. Heart It Out helps during covid 19 Heart It out is a mental health organisation. To do our part in the fight for covid . We have started a pro bono webinar where people can come and understand their emotions and get tips and tricks on how to cope during these uncertain times . We have started a group therapy session weekly called sharing circles especially for frontline workers so that they can come and get emotional support. We are also working on a 24/7 helpline. Apart from this we use our social media as a tool to provide people with information on how to deal with their mental health during the pandemic AAIENA AAIENA - startups fight covid 19 With the second coronavirus wave disrupting the startup environment, AAIENA has been trying to help the retail vendors by harnessing technology. AAIENA, an Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality based body measurement sizing software, came up with virtual shops to provide retailers with a platform to carry on their business online. This helped them earn by creating their visibility amongst the target audience. Here, AAIENA also devised an alternative feature, trial and earn initiative, to help vendors earn even when they are unable to sell the product. The vendors are entitled to get 70% of revenue for getting the per trials which is safe & secure. Lifelong India Lifelong India fights Covid 19 In these unprecedented times, we have witnessed how the nation hascome together to bravely battle the pandemic. As a brand, we knew our efforts had to be two-fold, so we could help and ease the worries of both, our customers and our employees. We understood the importance of certain kitchen appliances, like gas stoves and mixer grinders, and how crucial they are for everyday use. When our customers requested support or service for these products, and we were unable to provide it due to strict lockdown restrictions within their district, we replaced the product for them through no-contact delivery. We ensured that our customers’ grievances were adequately and timely addressed. For our employees and their families, we opened up our call centre lines to verify any leads and availability of beds, injections, medicine and oxygen. When someone tested positive, they could focus on getting better without worrying about tracking leads. We supported our team further, by providing health insurance that included covid coverage. Leverage Edu - Startups Fighting Covid 19 As things started to get bad last week, Akshay asked us to set up a small team to help internally. That very quickly scaled into we helping patients and their families across the country, bulking up the team, and being able to help more than 300 people already. Alongside, Akshay also recently announced free vaccines for all of our 200 employees & their families, & at the moment we are also working towards setting the logistics of it. It’s empowering to work in a missionary company, where the focus is on always doing the good, all else later. Conclusion These startups have proved that nothing is impossible! Even in this pandemic situation, individuals and groups are coming forward to help the humanity survive. It is this dedication, commitment and positivity that will help the country to fight the Covid. If you're a startup that has joined the fight towards Covid 19, do contact us to get featured in the list. Stay Safe!

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