Momenta Pharmaceuticals

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Development of novel therapeutics through the innovation and application of glycomics

Development of novel therapeutics through the innovation and application of glycomics

Company (IPO / Went public)

Phone: 617-491-9700

Fax: 617-621-0431

675 West Kendall Street
Cambridge, 02142
Massachusetts, United States

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Total Funding Date of Last Funding
Momenta Pharmaceuticals $45.7M Feb 20, 2004
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ARYX Therapeutics

Fremont, California, United States
IPO / Went publicARYx Therapeutics is a privately-held pharmaceutical research and development company focused on addressing safety concerns in well-established and commercially successful existing therapies through application of its proprietary ARYx RetroMetabolic (ARM) drug design. ARYx improves today's drugs, making proven therapies safer. ARYx currently has three products in clinical trials. For more information, please see the company's web site at to see details

Rimon Therapeutics

Ontario, Canada
Alive / ActiveRimon Therapeutics, through the application of its polymer chemistry platform, is developing therapeutics to address unmet needs in important disease indicators with large markets. Rimon's therapeutic polymers - trademarked Theramers - are in that they deliver therapeutic effect without incorporating or releasing drugs. Theramers are intended to be used as solids-scaffolds, microbeeds and coatings - acting locally, without systemic consequences.Login to see details
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Title Application Date Patent Date Status
(Patent / Application)
Multi-dimensional chromatographic methods for separating n-glycans Aug 19, 2016 Apr 03, 2018 Patent
Methods of cell culture Oct 05, 2016 Mar 27, 2018 Patent
High mannose glycans Apr 07, 2011 Mar 20, 2018 Patent
Cell culture process Sep 09, 2016 Mar 13, 2018 Patent
N-acetylhexosamine-containing n-glycans in glycoprotein products Sep 09, 2015 Feb 13, 2018 Patent
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