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MD Energy is Stamford, CT-based company that helped clients gather bids for energy contracts.

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Gundry MD Energy Renew Reviews 2021 – Should We Use It?

Jan 22, 2021

About Gundry MD Gundry MD is the brand used by Dr. Steven Gundry and is a part of the larger company that he operates, along with his practice as a doctor. Dr. Gundry received his bachelor’s degree from Yale and his Medical Degree from the Medical School of Georgia. Most of Dr. Gundry’s career was spent as a cardiovascular surgeon, during which time he also patented several medical devices and wrote a number of cardiovascular-related medical papers. More recently, Dr. Gundry has written a number of books on how diet impacts health, added nutrition advice to his practice and begun offering a number of diet supplements. Energy Renew is one of those supplements, formulated by the doctor to revitalize and re-energize his customers. The components of Energy Renew have been found to support healthy energy levels in some studies, though there is still a great deal of study needed. What is Energy Renew? Gundry MD Energy Renew is a supplement powder that is one of several similar products on the market. In particular, Energy Renew is a ‘reds’ type supplement, which is advertised as increasing energy by offering a range of polyphenols. The recommended way to take Energy Renew is one scoop in 10 fl oz of water, once daily. The formula contains d ribose and n acetyl l carnitine, both of which naturally occur in the body and are part of the process of turning food into energy. There’s also about 8% of the daily recommended dose of vitamin C. The other major ingredient is a collection of plant-based polyphenols. These are natural compounds that have begun to be included in natural energy drinks, based on some reports that they can restore energy levels, as well as having anti-aging and antioxidant effects. As with many of these sorts of supplements, there is some support for some of these ingredients improving energy levels, particularly for people who suffer from certain types of conditions. However, there’s still a lot more research to be done before the effects are fully understood. Additionally, any supplement may support your health, but can’t cure illness. Gundry MD Energy Renew Ingredient Reviews 2021 – Does it really work? There are a few different ‘reds’ natural energy supplements out there and you may be wondering how to choose which is best for you. When choosing any supplement, the key is to check the ingredient label. Energy Renew ingredients include: Vitamin C There was a time when vitamin C [1]  was touted as the cure for everything, including the incurable common cold. Time and additional research have revealed that it might not quite be the overall health cure that it once seemed to be. However, it is still an important part of good nutrition and a vitamin C deficiency can become serious quickly. Additionally, small deficiencies in vitamin C have been associated with lowered energy levels and depressed mood. While vitamin C deficiencies can cause health problems, most people actually get enough just from their daily diet. Energy Renew contains about 8% of the daily recommended amount of vitamin C in one dose. N Acetyl L-Carnitine N Acetyl L Carnitine and a similar compound, L Carnitine, are used in the process of turning fat into energy. Like most compounds in the body, it does more than one job and can also be found in the brain, muscles, and elsewhere around the body. The effects of N Acetyl L Carnitine [2] on a variety of conditions have begun to be explored. Studies have indicated it can help relieve fatigue in the elderly, and perhaps even slow mental decline. Similar effects have been shown in patients suffering from cirrhosis. There are a few non-human studies that also show signs of improving energy levels. With that said, how N Acetyl L Carnitine has these effects and who might best benefit from taking it certainly require more study. At this point, it’s not even clear whether it’s L Carnitine or some product of the compound that is causing these benefits. One thing to always be wary of is problematic drug interactions, which certainly can be caused by supplements. In particular, N Acetyl L Carnitine can cause problems with warfarin and other blood thinners. D-Ribose This compound is actually a sugar that is natural in the body and is a part of the process of providing energy to cells. Used as a supplement, it is thought to boost energy levels, as well as having several other benefits. The claims for most of D-Ribose [3] benefits rely on just a handful of studies, which have examined things like energy levels in athletes, boosting energy in patients with heart disease, and treating fibromyalgia. These studies have shown benefits in many cases, but more study is in need before any reliable conclusions can be drawn. Since D-Ribose is a form of sugar, by taking it as a supplement you’re upping the amount of sugar in your body. Consequently, it can have negative interactions with some diabetes medications. Polyphenols There is a whole class of supplements that include polyphenols, generally called red powders or red drinks. These supplements are supposed to boost your energy or help you recover energy, and are frequently marketed toward athletes. Polyphenols are a really wide class of compounds that can include things like flavonoids and terpenes. They can give food flavor and scent, or have a number of other functions. In point of fact, there are several different ways of defining ‘polyphenol’, which may confuse the issue. Polyphenols are found primarily in plants. In Gundry MD Energy Renew, they come from ingredients like beet root extract, hibiscus flower extract, and extracts of cranberry, goji mangosteen, maqui berry, pomegranate berry. Gundry MD also has rich-polyphenols product lineup, significantly Gundry MD Olive Oil . The assumptions about polyphenol health benefits [4] seem to come from studies that considered how eating a lot of polyphenol dense foods affected health. There was a positive effect, but it’s not clear if polyphenols are the key, which polyphenols can support health, or if just eating more vegetables is good for you. Energy Renew dosage The daily dose for Energy Renew is 1 scoop of about 7 grams in a 10 oz glass of water. With that dosage, each jar should last about a month. The Energy Renew drink, the powder mixed with water, has a sweet flavor that some people enjoyed. Others found it too sweet with a strange after taste and recommended taking it with food. Health Benefits of energy renew We’ve talked a bit about how the health claims with some of Energy Renew’s ingredients are based on incomplete science. However, the studies we do have tend to show some benefit. Based on those studies Gundry MD claims that Energy Renew can: Keep you awake and clear-headed Helps seniors maintain a healthy metabolism Restore energy after exercising or working Helps prevent cell damage and therefore delays some effects of aging Does energy renew really work? One important point to understand when buying supplements is that the sugars, hormones, and other compounds in your body operate at a sort of equilibrium. Any supplement is going to be most effective if it is making up for something you already lack. Simply taking more of something might not be healthy, and could even be unhealthy. For example, if you’re suffering from a vitamin C deficiency, a common symptom would be to feel tired or down. Bringing that level of vitamin C back up through supplements will relieve the tired feeling. However, if the cause of tiredness is something else, like lack of sleep or stress , then the effect may be less, or there may be no effect at all. In other words, if you’re eating healthy and getting all the nutrients you need, Energy Renew or any supplement probably won’t have a dramatic effect. The exception to that rule would be if someone has a condition that results in a nutrient deficiency, so that they may be unhealthy even on a healthy diet. Supplements like Energy Renew can help treat symptoms in that case, but won’t treat the underlying condition. Who should take energy renew? Energy Renew might be a good choice for anyone who is regularly tired or has trouble staying awake during the day. This is particularly true if your diet may not include all of the nutrients you need in a day. If you’re already eating healthy and are active, you may not experience as much of a difference. In many cases, you may find a similar effect with a much less expensive supplement. On the other hand, Gundry MD does offer a 90-day money-back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied, so it might be worth trying in some cases. Potential Side Effects Energy Renew has a few potentially serious side effects. It is possible for N Acetyl L Carnitine to interact negatively with some blood thinners, including Warfarin and Acenocoumarol. D Ribose can interact with insulin, potentially increasing the effect of the drug. Is Energy Renew Right For Me? It’s reasonable to wonder if getting Energy Renew is worth it for you. It’s expensive enough to be a significant investment for many people and it’s hard to say how much any particular person will benefit. Some people might be more likely to benefit. The few studies that have been done have shown some specific people benefit from the ingredients in Energy Renew, including: Men suffering from cirrhosis Older folks who run out of energy, or have trouble focusing at the end of the day People have been diagnosed with heart disease Those who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia It’s always a good idea to talk things over with your doctor before starting to take supplements. Pros You’re worried you’re not getting enough vitamin C You suffer from a few conditions, including cirrhosis of the liver and a few metabolic conditions. You’re an older person worried about restoring and maintaining energy levels throughout the day Cons

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