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Kromax provides services covering the semiconductor (prime wafer, silicon, and compound), display, green energy, and biomedical industries in the Greater China area. It focuses on providing services to the customer, starting from the early stages of research and marketing to sales, production, distribution, installation, and warranty support. It was founded in 1987 and is based in Taipei City, Taiwan.

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Resin floors: pros and cons

Aug 14, 2023

August 13, 2023 Resin floor coverings In recent years, those who approach the house renovation o alla replacement of the coatings hitherto present, such as the floor tilesmay consider an alternative route: the resin. This material is normally a compound of synthetic binders and special aggregates to which some variants can be added based on the function of use and the destination of the coating that can be used for the flooring, interna and external, but also on the wall. The use of resin as a coating in residential contexts and private, such as homes, has a fairly recent history. Before, the resin was mainly used in different areas such as industrial constructions with heavy traffic frequented by many people. Today a resin floor in a officein one showroom but also in case private represents an original and stylish choice that doesn’t just have to do with the need to go to cover up the previous flooringbut also with the pleasantness that is obtained in the finished result. The surface treated with the resin becomes smooth and seamlessand modern coating very suitable for apartments and lofts, open spaces with a metropolitan and contemporary taste. Now you can find the resin coating suitable for your home by creating, thanks to the help and advice of experts, an ad hoc surface, personalized in finish and colour. L’modern building thus opened up to the world of floor resinsan increasingly popular option. Anyone who has to renovate a house would like the job to be as fast as possible. Furthermore, to avoid delays, construction site open for weeks as well as dust and rubble everywhere, we would like to avoid demolition interventions as much as possible. The resin allows just this and in itself it is a very important advantage. But to have a clearer picture and carefully weigh the choice of this type of coating, having all the elements clearly understood, let’s go and better understand its characteristics starting from the many advantages of the resin, without neglecting the aspects to take into consideration before moving on to poses and to the intervention in an interior. Floor resin: here are all the advantages of this modern floor Let’s start with the positive aspects related to the solution resin floors for interiors. The material is resistant and for this lasting despite the surface being walked on and therefore the resin laid is subject to continuous physical but also chemical stresses. The resin has an ancient history: in the past the natural ones that were extracted from plants and trees were used as potent waterproofing. For this reason, resin is also often used as outdoor flooring: it is not afraid of water or even high liquids because it cannot absorb them. Consequently, also the resin floor cleaning it turns out very easy because the surface And smooth, it has no leaks as opposed to ceramic or stoneware tiles and neither joints like parquet. The surface as described it is defined monolithic because uniform. Another advantage that makes the resin an ideal solution for a low-impact renovation without having to resort to demolition is the fact that its laying is done directly on the existing floor as long as this is well anchored. The layer of resin covers the old floor, making the surface uniform. Strength and durability of this floor covering are proven although the layer is subtle it’s at reduced thickness. The ease of overlapwithout stealing precious centimetres, allows you to completely renew the look and feel of a room or an entire home with little effort without having to intervene by lifting internal doors and external fixtures such as French windows. The floor resin it is also suitable in apartments that provide for underfloor heating: elastic, thin and resistant, it does not represent a barrier but on the contrary favors the passage of heat. One of its features is the thermal conductivity. The installation is quick and the costs are very competitive: the result is one smooth surface e hygienic easy to maintain. For cleaning it is sufficient to resort to specific products easily available on the market. These are cleaners and cares that are also suitable for parquet. Finally, one last aspect related to choice of resin it’s in his extreme versatility: depending on the environment, its intended use and the desired effect, the resin is customized not only for the nuance used but also for the finish that will characterize the final result. The resin for interior floors can be smooth or rough, lucida, opaque, satinit can also become a decorative element in fact, we think that objects from nature can be inserted inside the resin, such as leaves, stones, wood, or accessories to give a more modern and personal look to the room. Very different effects can also be created, a bit like what happens to walls when you decide to repaint them. The resin also integrates very well with many other materials, so you can indulge yourself even leaving room for our creativity or that of those who follow us in the renovation. Disadvantages of resin floor covering for homes In the face of such a wide range of possibilities, the resin can present, like any choice, even some negative side. The drawbacks associated with this type of flooring are similar to those of the wooden parquet. With the passage of time and wear, perhaps accompanied by little attention, the resin on the ground could crack in some points or small breaks. These blemishes could be annoying. However, they can be limited by preventing them and evaluating the support on which it will be superimposed before laying. It must also be borne in mind that the accidental fall of objects over time and trampling with heels can cause surface scratches. Even the appearance of the resin could change over the years. If a resin is installed that does not have la resistance to UV raysthis could turn in color and be yellowed compared to the time of its installation. But what is the resin floor cost? If the costs as mentioned are generally a positive aspect because the resin represents one solution Also economically advantageous, you need to know that the more features the product has, the greater its value will be. The self-leveling resinsfor example, are more expensive. To give you an idea, the incidence of cost per sq m is on average around €25-30 per sq m for the material alone, to which installation costs must be added, which Kromax does not do. Kromax products are water-resin based and can be applied by unskilled labor (e.g. a house painter) or by DIY. The technique, in fact, is very similar to that used for paints and decorative products for walls. Obviously the disadvantages we have talked about can be limited if you choose quality products and if you rely on expert professionals who, in addition to the installation itself, know how to accompany the choice and the customer right from the inspection and then over time, to intervene where possible and limit the damage. Laying the resin on the floor: the steps in the different environments Today resin is a widely used solution. Its use is not limited to floor covering, but it is also perfect as a wall cladding and even how roofing materialfor example a top in the kitchen or even the surface of an island in the kitchen. The ecological resins Kromax they are ideal being renovation of a’dwellingan office, an exhibition space or a shop. I am water resins that you can lay directly on floor tiles come cement, wood and also drywall. The saving is linked to the cost of the resin but also to the no demolition and related disposal costs of the old material. A layer of only 2 or 3 millimeters on average is sufficient to revive a room making it new and stylish. The resin is suitable for different environments, from the bathroom to the kitchen, without forgetting the day and night areas. In each room, if desired, it can be personalized as desired. In most cases the poses it happens over the old floor of tiles. Before proceeding with the spatulated resin on the old tiles that will be covered, it must degrease and make the surface abrasive use alcohol and then wait for it to dry completely. At this point you have to grout the escapes with the product Ceratex GR coarse-grained and after 24 or even better 48 hours a first coat of the same product is applied over the entire surface. Apply two or three coats of with a spatula Ceratex subtle colorful pulled straight. Once dry, proceed with the sanding by car. To decorate as desired and smooth the treated surface, proceed with the drafting of dekormax of the chosen color with crossed strokes to obtain a result a marble effect. Then it continues with two coats of roller environmentally friendly two-component resin transparent in colour Floortex Hydro diluted with water at 20 to 40%. The surface will be practicable and therefore walkable in just 3 or 4 days. Remember that after each single sanding the dust residues must be vacuumed up. Once the surface has been trampled and decorated, for theordinary maintenance just use parquet products. It is also advisable to equip chairs, tables and furnishings with special felt pads to protect the resin from scratches and nicks. The laying of this water-based resin is very easy as well ecological and the more experienced will also be able to try their hand at do-it-yourself. How to buy Kromax resins? Kromax products can be purchased directly by contacting the company here: choosing the colors from the catalogs available on the website Kromax. Furthermore, before any purchases of materials for the resin treatment of floors or various supports, it is always advisable to ask for one preventive samplingwhich the company supplies together with the installation instructions. The preventive application test is also done to verify the compatibility and effective yield of the product as this varies according to the support. End Article Resin flooring how to choose the one that’s right for you If you want to learn more about the potential of ecological resin such as floor covering you can contact Kromax company that has been operating in the building paints sector since 1999. The experienced and specialized staff will let you know the decorative resins for interiors to get one concrete effect spatula or a cloudy material effect or still there self-leveling transparent resin within which decorative elements such as natural and non-natural objects or even prints can be incorporated to obtain a personalized and truly unique flooring. Choosing a floor isn’t always easy, which is why it’s important to rely on specialists in the sector. For more information contact the company

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  • Where is Kromax's headquarters?

    Kromax's headquarters is located at Address: 12F-1, No. 356, Sec. 5, Nanking E. RD., Taipei City.

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    Competitors of Kromax include Southport and 4 more.


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