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Keybase offers encrypted chat, file-sharing, and code-hosting platforms. It aims to make the internet more secure by making public-key cryptography accessible to mainstream internet users. It was founded in 2014 and is based in New York, New York. In May 2020, Keybase was acquired by Zoom Video Communications.

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64 Stories To Learn About Zoom

Dec 2, 2023

Let's learn about Zoom via these 64 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology. 1. 3 Awesome Trello and Slack Alternatives Everyone Should Try Since the start of the pandemic, the tech world has been scrambling to take formerly offline practices and processes online. Sometimes that has meant making better use of existing tools, like Slack. On other occasions, we’ve all been forced to find new ways to do things. 2. Zoom's Desktop Client Banned by Google Google is joining the developing number of associations who've chosen to quit utilizing Zoom because of the security worries with the video-conferencing administration. 3. How to Keep Your Zoom Meetings Safe Read on to find out more about what these risks are and how you can use Zoom's great security features to keep your meetings secure. 4. You Know What Rhymes with Zoom? Room. Facebook to Launch Video Chat Competitor Mark Zuckerberg announced via Facebook Live a new product called Messenger Rooms: 5. 5 Ways AI Can Improve Your Next Meeting How to use AI to improve your meetings: Five ways to improve your team meetings through the use of AI meeting assistants 6. Quarantine Day 22 Amirite? My Take on Zoombot Edit: I put the instructions on Github! 7. Best Applications That Will Make Remote Work During Coronavirus More Comfortable Things have changed very rapidly for a lot of people. Just a few months ago nobody would’ve imagined they would have to stay at home for a prolonged period of time, and even though warned, preparation for a global scale epidemic was pretty poor. Right now, when the spread of Covid-19 is at its peak, a lot of people have to get used to self-isolation, which means they can’t go to work to offices anymore but have to work remotely. 8. This Thread is Being Recorded This Slogging thread by David, Natasha, Amy and Limarc occurred in hackernoon's official #general channel, and has been edited for readability. 9. Virtual Events - Connecting Minds, Capturing Ideas! How virtual events and meetings can bring together distributors and customers in direct selling, by enhancing their engagement and retention in events. 10. 6 Not-so-obvious Tech Predictions By the time of writing of this article everyone knows, the "technologies of the future" as listed from various mainstream media. And I agree with most of them. It is worth discussing a few not so obvious though. I expect my "predictions" to be fulfilled by 2030. 11. Zoom, Keybase and Future of Messaging Today Zoom acquired Keybase. It came as a shock to me at first; but, it shouldn't surprise us. 12. About the 5 Types of People You'll Meet at Virtual Networking Events The evolution of virtual meetings continues to break new ground. 13. Product manager dead after ‘taking a step back’ off cliff 14. Use Naming to Make People Laugh in Our Post-Apocalyptic Zoom World Seeing the funny side of team names and why they may be more beneficial, at the risk of appearing less professional. 15. Know your Apps: An Insight into App Usage and Error Data Reveal during COVID-19 As physical stores closed and people sheltered in their homes, consumers turned to mobile apps to replace many in-person behaviors. 16. 10 Tips For Securing Zoom Meetings Nowadays, remote work has become widespread with the effect of coronavirus. Although online meetings provide great convenience, it brings with it large cyber risks. Zoom is often preferred especially for online meetings. It is very important to take measures against cyber attacks for online meetings. In this process, I prepared some precautions with the experiences I gained while using Zoom. Here are some precautions for cyber attacks. 17. Dr. Seuss Goes Remote: Oh, the Places You’ll Go I was trying to explain to my kids why they should be excited about the growth of the remote business model. I’ve worked remotely for most of their lives, so they couldn’t understand what it was like when people went to offices, commuted long hours, and did their work surrounded by others. That’s what motivated me to explain remote work to them in a way they could easily comprehend. 18. 3 Solutions for Sharing and Managing Your Zoom Recordings Recorded a Zoom meeting, now what? How do I efficiently share it with people around my organization? How do I restrict access to such a recording? I want my marketing team to only view this recording so how do I segregate access? 19. The Keep Truckin ELD: cool and cost-effective ELD, Electronic Logging Device is an integral part of every truck. The ELD device is aimed at creating a safe and efficient environment for truck drivers. The ELD device is a component of all commercial trucks. It helps to maintain an easy logging and tracking of location, engine diagnostics, and driver activity. The ELD help both the drivers and the business by improving the efficiency and maintain accurate records. 20. Zoom's Security Issues Now Endanger The Online Privacy of Minors and Teachers In this season of pandemic, all businesses are grounded and forced to continue their operations through online channels. There is excessive use of digital channels for conferencing purposes, communication, and file transferring. 21. Virtual Conferences: Innovating the Conference Industry for the Future OK, so maybe we’re all growing a little tired of staring at our computer screens all day. But would you rather be going into an office every day and potentially contracting the coronavirus? What about business travel? If your boss asked you to go on a business trip to a conference that involved airfare and eating out at restaurants, would you be completely comfortable with that right now? Chances are we are constantly weighing the risks and rewards of things these days to make decisions that three months ago were no big deal. Until there’s a vaccine or a cure, chances are we aren’t going to feel totally comfortable getting “back to normal” just yet. Sp what will business start to look like as people get back to normal activities from a distance? 22. Technology Is Saving The World Amid COVID-19 Technology - often portrayed as an industry that the benefits only the privileged - is actually helping with the fight against the coronavirus. And we don’t mean Medtech. 23. 5 useful tools to Work from Home during Coronavirus Pandemic As per the current statistical records, over 124,000 novel coronavirus cases have been reported across 122 countries and territories, globally. Source  24. Zoom, and the Rise of the Freeterprise Business Model A freeterprise is a combination of free and enterprise where free professional accounts are driven into the funnel through the free product. As the opportunity is identified the company assigns the free account to a salesperson within the organization (inside sales or fields sales) to convert that into a B2B/enterprise account. 25. Cats, Computers, & Working From Home Fails Top writers and editors at Hackernoon share their working from home fails with fluffy individuals jealous for attention otherwise known as cats. 26. The Perfect Video Chat App Doesn’t Exist The coronavirus crisis, with all its ‘working from home’ and social distancing recommendations, has probably transformed your social life into a succession of video chats. Your boss, your doctor, your family, your friends, they all want to see your face and tech is here to help. Or is it? 27. Zoom 5.0: Major 5 Security Updates You Need to Know From yoga classes to worldwide webinars, Zoom community has been expanding all around the world after the global lockdown due to COVID-19. 28. The Show Must Go On: Producing a Virtual Nonprofit Event Virtual events are nothing new. Yet COVID-19 has people scrapping travel itineraries and signing up for online sessions, workshops, and classes. Instead of a crowded expo floor, they'll be watching educational and informational sessions in their homes. 29. Has Zoom Made Us "Embrace the Dark Side" of Humanity? It turns out that “mortal-virtual-sins” include “joining a call late, having a bad Internet connection, accidentally sharing sensitive information" and more. 30. What Is “Zoombombing”: an Exaggerated Phenomenon, not a Vulnerability Why is the exclusive focus on Zoom, when the same “flaw” impacts almost all popular video conferencing apps? 31. How Zoom Helps Nonprofits Deliver on Their Missions Not only did it become the new conference room, but it also became a hub for training, check-ins, and other services. 32. Hybrid and Virtual Events: An Essential Guide Hybrid and virtual events can truly open the doors to more meaningful, dynamic engagement with your audience. 33. All Hands on Deck Meeting :-) 34. How to Behave during Video Calls: 9 Rules for Communicating with Colleagues These days most companies have asked their employees to stay at home and change their office work for a remote one. In such conditions, the issues of organizing video calls have become especially relevant. It seems that online conferences for dozens and even hundreds of people are a step towards a digital future without borders when people can work from anywhere in the world and get together for negotiations literally by click. But in reality, video calls are often not as good as you might imagine. Someone cannot install the necessary program, someone is nervous  because of the relatives in the background, and someone appears at an important conference call in his pajamas and using the nickname “DimonKiller666”. We have put together some simple rules for making video calls that will help make them comfortable for yourself and your colleagues. 35. Miro and Zoom are Winning (and 5 More Takeaways from 2020's UX Tools Survey) Over 4,000 designers responded to Taylor Palmer's annual UX Tools survey. Here are some takeaways from the results. 36. Kids + Dogs + Zoom Meetings - What Could Possibly Go Wrong? It’s not just kids who impact remote work. Animals also feel the need to interfere. 37. Skype VS Zoom for Online Tutoring The global adoption of online tutoring due to various reasons, including the COVID-19 pandemic, has led to educators embracing video conferencing tools to conduct classes. While there are dozens of choices in the market, the most obvious choice for tutors is either Skype or Zoom. 38. Should You Enable Your Camera on Zoom Calls? I have a simple question: 📽 Should you enable your camera on Zoom calls? There is a lot of evolving etiquette around this. A #slogging water-cooler style story 39. Will Zoom Become The Next Skype? A lot has been written about Zoom in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. The share price has risen 800% since its IPO, valuing it at $144 Billion, it is well funded, profitable and has attracted some of the smartest people in tech and business into its ranks. Zoom is riding a high that is well deserved. It has an amazing product that cut through a crowded field to do things better than the well-established competition, including the likes of Oracle’s Webex, Google Hangouts and Microsoft’s Skype. 40. Pitfalls Of Court Hearings On Zoom Court hearings are going virtual in response to COVID-19. Studies show they can lead to harsher outcomes for defendants 41. How I Got 78 Criticisms on Show Hacker News for My Zoom Competitor Last month, I launched the app on Show HN. As a result, it got 82 points and 78 comments. Ranked in the toppest 10 of popular posts in a day also. Actually, we have pros and cons about it and people tend to criticize it more. Anyway, it felt so amazing that a lot of the people across the world visited my website and said hi to me. What an exciting moment! Today, I’d like to share how to develop and launch a landing page. 42. 3 Ways to Share and Manage Zoom Recordings Recorded a Zoom meeting, now what? How do I efficiently share it with people around my organization? How do I restrict access to such a recording? I want my marketing team to only view this recording so how do I segregate access? 43. How to Build a Full Stack Zoom Clone Using Node JS, Express, and Peer JS Hello guys, recently I created my own clone of Zoom using Node js, Express, Peer JS. Here's how to do it! 44. 4 Zoom Tweaks To Improve The Quality of Your WFH Meetings The Coronavirus outbreak is no less than a fortune for Zoom. The cloud meetings app has seen enormous growth that roots from the disruption of normal routine due to lockdowns everywhere. From the surge of Zoom app downloads worldwide to the company almost doubling its annual revenue, 2020 may have a bad start for most of us but for Zoom it’s their heydays. 45. Zoom's Nine Year Path to Overnight Success Zoom has been in news a lot lately. It has gone from being an enterprise solution to a household name pretty fast. 46. 7 Tools To Help Manage Your Remote Teams Better Now that your teams have acclimated to working remotely every day during the workweek, they've probably started getting into some semblance of a groove. They might even have increased their productivity to unheard-of levels. 47. Configuring Single Sign-On for Zoom With WSO2 Identity Server In the wake of remote working, Zoom has become one of the most essential tools for video conferencing. This blog discusses how you can configure single sign-on (SSO) for Zoom with WSO2 Identity Server. 48. How the Pandemic Has Driven the Rise of Collaboration Through UCaas As the COVID-19 pandemic continues in several countries, causing notable modifications to occur in workplaces; organizations are grabbing on to artificial intelligence, IoT services and as-a-service (aaS) models to conform to the fast-emerging realities. Therefore, only an alternative approach of collaboration can stimulate the clattered productivity and effectiveness of the global workforce in an enterprise, as these changes are sure to have a lasting influence on future workplace practices. Enterprises are looking for a method of transferring employee dependence on physical hardware and allocating increased investment into the software sphere, this is where UCaaS is implemented. 49. All the Tools You Need to Emulate the Experience of Being in a Physical Office On managing remote teams and creating an atmosphere similar to your office: Recently, I did a webinar with TIE and fellow women founders on Managing remote teams. A lot of you asked for the extensive list of tools that I mentioned in the webinar. So, here it is! 50. Top Five Data Breaches Witnessed In 2020: Twitter, Marriot, Zoom, Magellan Health, and MGM From the time when organizations shifted their business to remote operations because of the COVID-19 epidemic, the number of data breaches has dramatically increased. In the first half, there were reports of data breaches in 81 international companies from 81 countries! 51. How to Serve Millions of Free Video Calls Using The STUN Protocol Recently, WhatsApp updated its privacy policy. This event, along with the ongoing discussions on privacy concerns about the online platforms we used every day, created interest in fields of privacy and security and migration to other messaging platforms such as Signal. 52. Understanding These 6 Things Will Help You Choose The Perfect Video Conferencing Solution Video conferencing is a powerful tool that makes connecting with clients, business partners, employees, and customers around the globe easily. The technological advancements have contributed to modern ways of how we conduct meetings. Business communication and collaboration whether it is internal or external must help every growing brand to achieve its business goals and must help businesses to meet their evolving requirements. 53. How to Look and Sound Better in Video Conference Now that we all spend so much time in video conferencing either for work or life, it is critical to make yourself look and sound the best to your colleagues, family and friends. It is not only about self image, but also about having the “real” you projecting the maximum presence remotely. In this article, I would like to introduce a few simple steps to improve your look and sound in video conferencing tools. 54. The State of Infrastructure Security Amidst this Pandemic Around mid-March, news filtered out of a cyberattack that hit the U.S. Health and Human Services (HHS) Department. Amid battling a pandemic, the HHS cyberinfrastructure was overloaded, but the HHS Secretary Alex Azar claimed that "we had no penetration into our networks, we had no degradation of the functioning of our networks."  55. 10 Features We Could Build to Improve Online Meeting & Collaboration Tools Video conferencing tools like Zoom, Skype, or WebEx along with Digital tools like Microsoft Teams and Slack are deeply embedded into the modern ways of working — even more during the lock-down era. And their role will only get more important. 56. On The (Failed) Digitization of Our Social Lives If you told me two months ago that today would be the first day of quarantine that I would digitally get pen to paper, two-months-ago-me would have been outraged at quarantine-me. With no competition for my attention, I assumed that every creative pursuit that I’d put off for lack of time would come bursting out of me in a personal Renaissance like Bob Dylan producing The Basement Tapes. If Shakespeare wrote King Lear during plague quarantine, surely I could do something during my quarantine. 57. Things to Consider Before Building A Video Conferencing App Like Zoom We have seen a lot of things both tangible and abstract transcend from being a luxury to a niche utility and finally, to a bare-minimal necessity. Mobile phones and computers could be quoted in this category. When it comes to intangibles, we can always talk about the Internet. One such manifestation that was once considered a luxury, has now become an inevitable part of our everyday lives is video calling. 58. Easiest Guide To Keep Your Zoom Meetings Safe From Zoombombing Want to save your Zoom meetings from zoombombers? 59. The Sacred Illusion If you told me two months ago that today would be the first day of quarantine that I would digitally get pen to paper, two-months-ago-me would have been outraged at quarantine-me. With no competition for my attention, I assumed that every creative pursuit that I’d put off for lack of time would come bursting out of me in a personal Renaissance like Bob Dylan producing The Basement Tapes. If Shakespeare wrote King Lear during plague quarantine, surely I could do something during my quarantine. 60. How to Remove Background Sound in Real-Time for Linux 61. 15 Quick And Effective Tips To Make Zoom Meetings More Secure The Verge reporter Casey Newton and investors Hunter Walk were hosting WFH Happy Hours, a popular daily public video call show on Zoom. Some crooks started screen sharing, showing inappropriate images to everyone in the meeting. 62. Are Zoom's Encryption Claims Deceptive? What do you do when your product isn’t encrypted? Change how encryption to is commonly understood. 63. Is Your Zoom Meeting Really End-to-End Encrypted? What do you do when your product isn’t encrypted? Change how encryption to is commonly understood. 64. There's No Place Like The Metaverse This Week On Planet Internet, the HN gang chats about the class-action Zoom lawsuit, the dehumanizing effect of video, and the Spirit airlines fiasco. Thank you for checking out the 64 most read stories about Zoom on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

Keybase Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • When was Keybase founded?

    Keybase was founded in 2014.

  • Where is Keybase's headquarters?

    Keybase's headquarters is located at 85 Broad Street, New York.

  • What is Keybase's latest funding round?

    Keybase's latest funding round is Acquired.

  • How much did Keybase raise?

    Keybase raised a total of $10.8M.

  • Who are the investors of Keybase?

    Investors of Keybase include Zoom, Stellar, Adam Ludwin, Andrew Yaeger, Andreessen Horowitz and 10 more.



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