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Facet Solutions has developed a total replacement for the facet joint to treat back pain from hypertrophy.

Facet Solutions has developed a total replacement for the facet joint to treat back pain from hypertrophy.

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Phone: 508-435-2492


45 South Street

Hopkinton, 01748
Massachusetts, United States

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Facet Solutions $25.2M Apr 9, 2010
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Menlo Park, California, United States
AcquiredSpinal Modulation is dedicated to improving the lives of patients with chronic pain by providing the next generation of neuromodulation systems through stimulation of the dorsal root ganglion. The Spinal Modulation Axium Neurostimulator System is a next-generation intraspinal neuromodulation therapy that stimulates the dorsal root ganglion (DRG) to provide a new pain management option. It has shown promising results in managing chronic intractable leg pain, as well as difficult-to-target anatomy...Show allLogin to see details

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Title Application Date Patent Date Status
(Patent / Application)
Surgical measurement systems and methods Sep 29, 2008 Oct 19, 2010 Patent
Polyaxial reaming apparatus and method Mar 24, 2006 Jul 20, 2010 Patent
Linked bilateral spinal facet implants and methods of use Jun 02, 2004 Jul 13, 2010 Patent
Apparatus and method for posterior vertebral stabilization Mar 14, 2005 May 25, 2010 Patent
Prostheses, systems and methods for replacement of natural facet joints with artificial facet joint surfaces Oct 25, 2004 Apr 06, 2010 Patent
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