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EveryPlate is a company focused on providing affordable meal kit delivery services in the food industry. The company offers pre-portioned ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes that allow customers to prepare home-cooked meals in a convenient manner. The primary customer base of EveryPlate includes individuals and families seeking easy and affordable home cooking solutions. It was founded in 2018 and is based in New York, New York.

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28 Liberty Street 10th Floor

New York, New York, 10005,

United States



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New year, new home: 11 tips to help you prepare for your January move

Jan 10, 2024

Digital Journal New year, new home: 11 tips to help you prepare for your January move From packing your life into boxes to setting up your new haven, the journey is a mix of anticipation and meticulous planning By Opinions expressed by Digital Journal contributors are their own. As the New Year unfolds, it brings the promise of new beginnings and fresh starts — and what better way to embrace this spirit than by moving into a new home? Relocating in January may be daunting, but it’s an exciting venture. This is a chance to redefine your living space, create new memories, and start the year on a refreshing note. However, amidst the thrill of a new living space, the task of moving can seem overwhelming. From packing your life into boxes to setting up your new haven, the journey is a mix of anticipation and meticulous planning. That said, this list is here to help ease your transition, offering 11 essential tips that cover everything from practical solutions to personal comforts. 1. Cozy and clean: Washable rugs by Tumble Photo courtesy of GR0 Step into your new house keeping comfort and cleanliness in mind, starting from the ground up with washable rugs by Tumble. As you navigate the bustling activity of moving, these rugs can be a practical and stylish solution to keep your space clean and cozy. Tumble offers a range of washable rugs that are not just chic additions to your décor but also the epitome of convenience and hygiene. You’ll relish the ease of being able to toss your rug into the washing machine after a busy moving day or after inevitable spills and stains. These rugs come in various designs and sizes, meaning they fit perfectly in every room, from the living area to the bedroom. They’re an ideal choice for families with kids or pets, blending durability with effortless maintenance. Plus, the simple act of laying down a beautiful rug can instantly make your new place feel like home. As you compile your moving checklist, remember to include Tumble’s washable rugs. They’ll quickly become the foundation for a fresh, clean start. 2. Energy efficiency unlocked: Power Wizard Photo courtesy of GR0 and Power Wizard Transitioning into a new space is a wonderful time to rethink how you manage and consume energy. Once you’re settled in your home, let Power Wizard be your go-to solution to help you sign up for the best plan in your new area. This innovative tool is designed to demystify your electricity bills, protecting you from overpaying by finding the best electricity plan for you. Power Wizard works by analyzing your energy needs and finding a plan that matches your specific requirements. It’s like having a personal energy advisor, making sure that you get the most out of your plan while keeping costs to a minimum. This tool is particularly handy during the hustle and bustle of moving when setting up new utilities can feel like an insurmountable hassle. Power Wizard keeps you one step ahead, ensuring that your transition to a new home is not only smooth but also smart. Once you begin to unpack and settle in, let Power Wizard take the reins of picking your energy plan, making your new place efficient and equipped to embrace smart living. 3. Keeping kids happy: Phones by Bark Technologies Photo courtesy of GR0 and Bark Technologies In the whirlwind of a New Year’s move, keeping your kids engaged and content is paramount. The kid-friendly phones by Bark Technologies are here to help your little ones stay entertained and connected amidst the chaos of relocation. Bark Technologies’s phones for kids are specifically designed with your children’s safety in mind. These state-of-the-art Samsung phones have Bark Technologies’ award-winning monitoring tool built-in, so you can stay one step ahead of any digital dangers. When you’re staying in touch while exploring the new neighborhood or keeping them occupied with educational apps during unpacking, these phones are fun and functional. Bark Technologies understands parents’ concerns, offering phones with customizable parental controls, so you can manage screen time and content access with ease. These phones are tools to ease your children’s transition to a new environment, providing a sense of familiarity and security in their hands. In preparing for your January move, consider equipping your kids with Bark Technologies’ phones. It will be a decision that will keep them happy and give you peace of mind. 4. Trash talk: Stylish trash cans by simplehuman Photo courtesy of GR0 and simplehuman Amidst the excitement of moving, it’s easy to overlook the humble yet essential trash can. The brand simplehuman elevates this overlooked item into a statement piece that blends functionality with style. As you set up your new space, a chic trash can by simplehuman creates cleanliness while adding to your décor. Keep in mind, these aren’t your ordinary bins. Rather, simplehuman offers a range of sleek and modern designs that fit seamlessly into any room’s aesthetic. Constructed with practicality in mind, they feature user-friendly elements like foot pedals, easy-to-clean materials, and odor-control systems. Especially during the post-move period, when disposing of packing materials and take-out containers becomes a daily task, having a reliable and stylish trash can makes the job less tedious. Furthermore, simplehuman’s innovative designs mean these trash cans can handle the heaviest of loads without sacrificing their sleek appearance. Make sure to include a simplehuman trash can in your new setup. It’s an item that proves even the most mundane objects can be transformed into stylish and functional essentials. 6. Simplifying meal times: Meal kit delivery by EveryPlate Navigating the chaos of a New Year’s move often means meal planning takes a backseat. Let EveryPlate be your affordable culinary savior with their meal kit delivery service that simplifies dining amid the unpacking frenzy. You’ll love the convenience of having pre-measured, fresh ingredients delivered right to your new doorstep, complete with easy-to-follow recipes. EveryPlate’s service is ideal for those hectic first weeks in your new home, offering a variety of delicious meal options that cater to all tastes and dietary preferences. Whether you’re craving a comforting pasta dish or a quick, hearty salad, EveryPlate has you covered, turning meal prep into an effortless and enjoyable experience. Plus, it’s an affordable and fun way to introduce the family to new flavors and cuisines, making each meal an exciting culinary adventure. In the midst of boxes and moving clutter, EveryPlate’s meal kits bring a sense of normalcy and the pleasure of a home-cooked meal without the hassle and cost of grocery shopping and meal planning. Consider signing up for EveryPlate’s meal kit delivery as you plan your exciting January move. 6. New year, new phone: Phone deals by Navi Photo courtesy of GR0 and Navi A new house often calls for new tech, and there’s no better way to start afresh than with a brand-new phone. Navi offers a range of the best phone deals for everyone in the family, ensuring you stay connected and up-to-date with the latest technology. As you step into the New Year and your new place, explore Navi’s collection of smartphones featuring cutting-edge technology, user-friendly interfaces, and sleek designs. If you need a robust phone with a long-lasting battery for those busy moving days or a model with an exceptional camera to capture your new memories, Navi has a deal that suits your needs and budget. These phone deals will enhance your life, offering better communication, more efficient organization, and entertainment at your fingertips. In a period of transition like moving, a reliable and feature-rich phone can be your best ally. Take advantage of Navi’s phone deals, and equip yourself and your family with devices that will add convenience, fun, and connectivity to your life. 7. A special housewarming: Jewelry financing by Daniel’s Jewelers Moving into a new space often signifies a fresh start, an occasion that calls for a special celebration. What better way to commemorate this milestone than with a timeless piece of jewelry from Daniel’s Jewelers? Understanding that finances can be tight during a move, Daniel’s Jewelers offers jewelry financing options, allowing you to gift your significant other — or even yourself — a beautiful piece without the immediate financial strain. Their collection ranges from elegant necklaces to striking rings, all crafted to add a touch of luxury to your new beginning. With Daniel’s Jewelers’ financing, you can choose the perfect housewarming gift, spreading the cost over time and making it manageable and stress-free. This gesture will help you mark the start of a new chapter in your lives with something memorable and lasting. As you settle into your new abode, consider Daniel’s Jewelers for that special piece that says, ”I’m home.” 8. Managing from afar: Visitor management system by Eden In the midst of moving, keeping track of professional commitments, especially managing visitors at your workplace, can be challenging. Eden’s visitor management system comes to your rescue, offering a seamless solution to monitor and manage guest traffic without being physically present. This innovative system keeps you in the loop with real-time updates and visitor logs, ensuring that your work responsibilities are handled efficiently, even as you focus on your move. Whether it’s scheduling appointments, granting access, or maintaining security protocols, Eden’s system automates these processes, making visitor management a breeze. For professionals juggling the demands of a move and work, Eden provides peace of mind, ensuring that business operations continue smoothly and securely. With Eden’s visitor management system, you can concentrate on settling into your new space, confident that your workplace is well-managed and your guests are properly attended to. 9. Post-move relaxation: CBD cream by Sunmed After the boxes have been unpacked and the furniture has found its place, your body might remind you of the physical toll that moving can take. This is the time to discover the soothing powers of CBD cream by Sunmed. Ideal for those aching muscles and joints, Sunmed’s CBD cream offers a comforting remedy to ease post-move strains. Infused with high-quality CBD, known for its anti-inflammatory properties, this cream is a go-to for natural, effective relief. Sunmed understands that moving can be as taxing on the body as it is on the mind. Their CBD cream is designed not only to alleviate physical discomfort but also to provide a sense of overall wellness and relaxation. The application of the cream is a calming ritual in itself, signaling your body to unwind and recuperate. It absorbs quickly, leaving no greasy residue, making it convenient for use any time of day or night. Incorporate Sunmed’s CBD cream into your post-move self-care routine and experience its benefits. Whether you’re dealing with soreness from lifting heavy boxes or tension from navigating the move, this cream is your ally in recovery. With a dab of Sunmed’s CBD cream, you’re on your way to a more relaxed, comfortable state, ready to enjoy the new chapter in your home. 10. Traveling in style: Luggage by BEIS As you embark on your move, traveling in style and comfort is key. BEIS’s range of luggage features durable and spacious options that make packing and transporting your belongings easier than ever. When you’re looking for a robust hardshell for those valuable items or a lightweight carry-on for essentials, BEIS has a variety of choices to suit every moving need. The sleek designs and thoughtful features, such as expandable compartments and smooth-rolling wheels, ensure that your luggage is not only practical but also adds a touch of elegance to your travel ensemble. Additionally, BEIS’s luggage comes with security features, giving you peace of mind as you transport your belongings. Make sure to include BEIS’s stylish and reliable luggage as you prepare for your big move. It ensures your belongings are secure and you’re traveling in style. 11. Warm hands, warm heart: Mittens by Patagonia Moving in January often means braving the chilly weather, and keeping your hands warm and cozy becomes a priority. Patagonia’s mittens are the perfect solution for those cold moving days. Crafted with high-quality materials, these mittens provide the warmth and comfort you need while carrying boxes or unloading the moving truck. Patagonia combines style with functionality, offering a range of designs from classic cable knits to modern, tech-friendly options that allow you to use your devices without exposing your hands to the cold. The mittens are also available in various sizes, ensuring a snug fit for every family member. Moreover, their durability means they can withstand the rigors of moving and serve you well beyond the move. Packing a pair of Patagonia mittens for each family member is a thoughtful way to look after everyone’s comfort during the move. With your hands warm and protected, you can focus on settling into your home with a warm heart. Settling into your new home As the final box is unpacked and you take a moment to breathe in the newness of your surroundings, the journey of moving into your new place during the New Year will come to a fulfilling close. As you settle in and embrace the beginnings of a new chapter, reflect on the excitement and growth that this move has brought into your life. Welcome to your new home. May it be filled with laughter, comfort, and endless moments of happiness.

EveryPlate Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • When was EveryPlate founded?

    EveryPlate was founded in 2018.

  • Where is EveryPlate's headquarters?

    EveryPlate's headquarters is located at 28 Liberty Street, New York.

  • Who are EveryPlate's competitors?

    Competitors of EveryPlate include Factor and 4 more.


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