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About DoubleMap

DoubleMap allows riders to track the exact location of a bus in real time. The company builds valuable tools for both riders and transit authorities, allowing communities to get the most out of their public transit system.

DoubleMap Headquarter Location

429 North Pennsylvania Street Suite 401

Indianapolis, Indiana, 46204,

United States

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You are now part of the Start-Up Chile network – Start-Up Chile

Oct 20, 2020

Its a beautiful day at Start-Up Chile: today we happily announce the startups that will join our family as members of Gen 8th. With arrival dates in November of 2013, the chosen startups call more than 28 different countries home and represent a myriad of industries. The most frequently represented countries are: USA (21%), Chile (16%), Argentina (12%) and India (10%). We are happy to welcome entrepreneurs coming from countries as diverse as Lithuania, the Netherlands, Russia and Romania! IT & Enterprise Software is the most strongly identified industry (19% of the selected), which is then followed by education (13%) e-commerce (12%). Remaining categories include Social Media, Healthcare & Biotechnology, Energy & Clean Tech, Social Enterprise and Tourism, among others. We are so proud of you, and happy to welcome you and your team to one of the biggest startup communities in the world! WELCOME! SYLLETA Inc. : Canada – Sylleta Inc. is a clean-tech company based in Toronto. We are developing cost-effective and eco-friendly solutions for the marine industry. Our mission is to replace the use of toxic materials in aquaculture (fish-farming) and help Aquaculturists grow fish in a healthy environment in a cost-effective way. Your Health Coach, Inc. : France – Your Health Coach helps you measure and improve your fitness, brain health, and sleep with practical mobile apps. TopicFlower : Argentina – TopicFlower helps brands identify the topics of conversation that their communities want to talk about with them. It is a powerful solution for global brands and Social Media Managers who need to improve the engagement with the community. Temptster : Ireland (Republic of) – Temptster is a smart phone app which allows hospitality venues to sell their excess capacity to consumers in real time. Our same day offers platform is a number one selling app in Ireland and we are launching internationally later in 2013. Weele,Inc : Colombia – Weele is focused on the future the problem relies that the learning of a second language has become an issue of money, time and inconvenience. We understand the existence of this need and in turn we recognized the best solution based on practical tools and accessible from everyday lifeat home. Profoundis Labs : India – We help online business to convert more by employing social proof. Uanbai : Chile – Uanbai is a Trading Hub where people can buy or sell anything using their own Social Networks accounts with One Click. It just takes to post something on Uanbai, choose the Social Network account where you want to share it and you are selling to all your contacts. Comuni-Chiamo : Italy – Comuni-Chiamo is a mobile APP that helps citizens to report quickly problems of their city and municipalities to manage a higher number of reports with less resources and time, with cost savings and a better perception of their work from their voters. RingCaptcha : Argentina – RingCaptcha is a service that brings phone verification to any website and mobile app in just seconds covering more than 250 countries in 50 languages. RingCaptcha could be the phone verification service for the next Whatsapp or Viber. i7 Networks : India – i7 Networks enables enterprises to “say Yes” to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) by providing an agent-less paradigm for device discovery and access control. Our premier offering in this space – PeregrineGuard – enables an intelligent and agent-less way of detecting all devices that are connected to the enterprise network. Cryoocyte : United States – Through our proprietary technology allowing for cryopreserving fish eggs Cryoocyte will revolutionize the booming aquaculture industry, enabling farms to produce more fish of better quality in a more consistent manner. Price Ignite Systems, Inc. : United States – Intelligent web-based pricing optimization, initially focused on the inefficient vacation home rental market, leading to a state of harmonious market equilibrium despite shifting supply and demand patterns. Homeowners receive dramatic increases in rental returns through substantially reduced vacancy rates. Renters receive fairer prices and are better able to compare properties. WIDEO.CO : Argentina – is a “Do It Yourself” on-line tool to create animated videos and share feelings, ideas, products or knowledge with the world. Bureo Skateboards : United States – Bureo Skateboards designs and manufactures a unique line of sustainable skateboards, utilizing the growing amount of recyclable plastic waste from Chilean communities and coastlines. By offering recycled high-quality products, Bureo enables ethically conscious consumers to support and encourage recycling development and job growth for local inhabitants in Chile. TrabajoPanel : Chile – TrabajoPanel is a SaaS for the construction and mining industries that uses standarized measurements to evaluate and rate manual labor workers performance and thus creating a reputation system with a pre-evaluated track-record, at the same time it becomes a recruitment place to find the best workers available. Parents Journey : Chile – Parents Journey. Fun Parenting on the go ZENKERI : France – Zenkeri is an innovative application, which turns your smartphone or any android devices into a local broadcasting media hot spot. In any places with no or limited internet access, thanks to our already awarded technology, you could share your content, documents, audio, video, to any smartphone within your device area. : United States – is a subscription-based service designed specifically for the transportation industry and whose mission is to modernize the logistics and freight consolidation process by making it less costly and more time efficient. EyesBot : Georgia – EyesBot is a mobile device software and robotics company creating products that use vision as a primary sense and interact with the physical world. The products provide security, cleaning, industrial automation, entertainment, and information services. Proteome : Chile – Proteome refers to all proteins that exist in some environment. The human proteome has 20000 different proteins. Health and disease depend on the proper interactions within the human proteome, and proteins can be engineered as drugs. We will crowdsource protein design for therapeutics and biofuels with an interactive video game. Talento al Aula : Chile – TalentoalAula is the first job-matching platform in education that transforms teacher selection process. It is an easier and more effective way to connect teachers and schools that share similar beliefs and goals. Schools can find effective teachers, and teachers increase their possibilities of finding a job that suits their expectation. TrumpIT : Chile – TrumpIt is a mobile app that allows people to leave geolocalized and public complaints on a map which are automatically reported to the institution responsible for fixing the problem. The public can support the complaint by sharing it or upvoting it, allowing the institution to prioritize solving each problem. dextr : Australia – dextr is a faster, simpler, smarter text entry solution for the 5-billion strong mobile-only generation. For smartphones and tablets, it combines finger-friendly usability and advanced text prediction with an alphabetically ordered keyboard. These innovations make it faster to learn, easier to use, and simpler to master than any other keyboard. Brainwave Education : India – Brainwave is a mobile and web app that helps 5th-9th graders learn science and math, and their practical applications by simulating experiments in a virtual laboratory connected to a framework of A) Do-It-Yourself experiments that can be performed anywhere with household material, and B) Video-games that teach practical applications. Proxima Cancion : United States – Proxima Cancion is an innovative platform to find, coach and promote music talent…involving all society on the process through their smartphones. It creates the first bridge between online and offline music platforms, leveraging in live crowdsourcing and viralizing with a talent show in social networks Tripcover International : Australia – Tripcover is disrupting the monopoly that global car rental companies have over selling travel insurance for car rental. Tripcover enables travellers to insure their car rental excess or deductible online at and at a fraction of the cost that global rental brands charge.” WhereInFair : United Kingdom – WhereInFair is a business network for exhibitors, visitors, journalists and organizers of an exhibition or trade show. We provide SMEs with an affordable, efficient and transparent channel that they can leverage to showcase their innovations,make new connections and find new business opportunities worldwide, especially in emerging Countries, all year round Opathica Health and Wellness Community : Chile – Opathica is an online resource to help health consumers find and book appointments with alternative and complimentary health practitioners such as acupuncturists, herbalists, chiropractors, naturopathic doctors, etc. It also helps the health practitioners find new patients and grow their business. Our model is ZocDoc for alternative medicine. Tech urSelf : United States – Tech urSelf offers engaging and simple technological tools to help people live happier, healthier, and more connected lives. We inspire people to rethink their problems and redesign their lives around greater self-awareness and healthier practices. The end result? More resilience, expanded curiosity, deeper self-discovery and more meaningful social connections. Reciclata : Greece – Reciclata changes the way recycling works, by providing incentives for consumers to recycle. Reciclata brings the recycling facility closer to the recycler and offers financial motivation. We create a marketplace between collectors and recyclers which will be facilitated by a rewards system and game mechanics. VayaFeliz : United States – VayaFeliz is Yelp for South America. With growing internet usage and e-commerce in South America, consumers need a means of sharing and discovering businesses from a trusted source. Sellplex : United Kingdom – For the first time Sellplex is pushing the focus from using one ecommerce platform to leveraging multiple platforms intelligently to maximise profit when selling anything online with everything managed from a single Dashboard. DoubleMap : United States – DoubleMap is provides Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) / GPS for university and public transit systems. The DoubleMap team is proud to offer a nimble solution built on the latest technology and focused on ease of use for clients around the USA and soon to be globally. Wikirin : Chile – With Wikirin individuals and organizations will be able to quickly create video-based stories, share them with others in social networks, and run online story contests for entertainment, education and business purposes. : Argentina – is the first job portal aimed to help people with disabilities in Latin America (more than 30 million people) to find a job. We are working with leading companies in Latin America, helping them to show their inclusion programs and get the best talent from people with disabilities. Sellywhere : Chile – Sellywhere is a platform that connects small and medium companies that want to increase sales without hiring, with university students looking for additional alternatives to finance their activities, such as selling third party products. We will provide tools to optimize users and clients match, and to help manage sales. WeHealth : United States – WeHealth is an intelligent dietary recommendation engine for the chronic disease ecosystem. To facilitate chronic disease treatment, we are making it dead simple for clinicians to disseminate dietary information to patients and for patients to manage their dietary regimens. We are bringing change to a broken global healthcare chain. Upurskill : United States – Upurskill is where users can organize a set of skills and/or knowledge and convert them into digital products for sale. We will give users the knowledge and technology to deliver e-learning and digital products such; audio books, E-Books, webinars, personalized training and more. Austral 3D – Virtual Training 3D : Chile – Make inductions and training of operation and maintenance of industrial plants (Mining, Forestry, Aeronautical, Production) in a 3D immersive virtual environment first person. Change the ppt by the joystick and your notes for the 3D glasses, playing with the new way of learning. Seeder : China – Green buildings require specialized knowledge from a wide range of experts. Seeder is a platform for real estate developers to access credible service providers and technologies; connecting project needs with expertise. EMcube : Chile – We are developing a machine that allows the user to make personal 3D printing supplies, by reclying and customizing other materials. This is also supported by an online users community in which experience and new uses are shared. SmartHub : Canada – SmartHub is a universal power module for renewable energy systems. Our patent-pending technology intelligently combines solar, wind, battery and grid connections to deliver the most efficient and economical output at all times. SmartHub is on a mission to make renewable energy affordable, scalable and practical. tuQuejaSuma : Argentina – tuQuejaSuma is a Latin American online community where companies and consumers interact and collaborate to solve service and product-related complaints. By integrating social media and recommendation systems, we create a win-win scenario where consumers get help faster and companies improve their customer loyalty and online reputation. TheTakes : Russian Federation – Cloud based project management tool for film & TV production industry. Built on professionals feedback and addreses all critical challenges of the industry: big crew, constant changes and very high mistake cost. Coin4ce : Chile – Coin4ce is a Bitcoin company building next-generation wallet solutions that overcome the biggest challenges faced by Bitcoin users globally — issues such as volatility management and convenient high-security storage. Using Coin4ce’s tools, Bitcoin users worldwide can manage price fluctuation, and conveniently access their Bitcoins without compromising security. Sport/Life : Chile – Sport/Life will be a sports crowdfunding website, offering a place for athletes and journalists to raise funds to organize and attend sporting events. It will be based on the model of Kickstarter, and other crowdfunding platforms as well as offer a chance to develop corporate social responsibility. SOLARBRUSH : Germany – Solarbrush is a simple, but powerful vision: Increasing the efficiency of solar panels in dusty and sandy regions (where solar power is biggest) through a robot that autonomously brushes the sand of the solar panels – less dangerous than human cleaners, and it doesn’t waste any water. Globevestor : United States – An online venture capital platform that helps high-impact startups in emerging and frontier markets to raise smart capital and seek mentorship from US and Europe-based investors InPeople : France – InPeople allows you, entrepreneurs, to raise funds for your startup in exchange for a small share of its future revenue and to benefit from your momentum by selling your products straight to the crowd that supported you! Tuloko : United States – Tuloko curates business information on minority and women owned businesses (M/WBE) to help connect consumers, large corporations, government, agencies and educational institutions with these historically underutilized businesses (HUBs). We are a Yelp (B2C side) and Angie’s list/Elance (B2B side) for minority and women owned businesses. SensorAide : Greece – SensorAide is a web remote monitoring platform for Wireless Sensor Networks, specialized for agriculture and farming. SensorAide stores data on the cloud and provides visual meaningful real time representations. Exploiting Business Intelligence processes it provides historical and spatial statistics and reports. Moreover it provides a fully customizable alert notifications system. : Argentina – We deliver Spanish fluency in 12 months. StartSpanish addresses a global problem shared by millions of people: achieving Spanish fluency. StartSpanish offers a convenient and effective online learning experience through live conversation classes led by native teachers at any given hour; 24/7 and hundreds of hours of multimedia lessons. Sourcebazaar : Netherlands – Sourcebazaar is similar to converting your Google Drive / Dropbox / Box account into an instant e-commerce store for your files. Sourcebazaar does this by automatically importing the files and matching them to the Paypal account of the user, Sourcebazaar generates a short URL easy to share on social networks ON-S Segurança Online : Brazil – The ON-S operates in the area of Information Security with tracking, detection and resolution of vulnerabilities and weaknesses of online websites through your own system, unique and pioneer in Latin America, using the most advanced technologies to prevent hackers and crackers to change corporate and institutional information. seedl!ng : Switzerland – Coffee made in Brazil. But who produced it? Seedl!ng is an online platform on which producers of agricultural commodities set up a profile describing their farm. Seedl!ng helps retailers to reduce risks by communicating with suppliers and conscientious consumers to know the origin of the products bought in supermarkets. Baobab : Chile – Using a subscription-based model, Baobab provides a one-stop service for rental of children’s educational and entertainment products, including books, toys, e-books, movies and games. Members have access to thousands of products as our library-on-wheels visits their neighborhood. Baobab’s webpage provides parents information on their children’s developmental stages suggesting toys/books accordingly. Kamego : Japan – We provide enterprise software to the governmental and social sectors. Our web application platform helps you and your organization create and customize the tools you need, no coding experience required. Iguanafix : Argentina – IguanaFix aims to be the leading home improvement and repair marketplace in Latin America. IguanaFix offers a simple way of finding, hiring, and paying trustworthy home improvement professionals. IguanaFix also helps small companies and independent professionals access new customers and manage their business better. : India – allows users to discover, collect and convey thoughts and expressions on-the-go over voice in 30-second audio snippets called ‘croaks’. allows people to speak on the internet. Klick Push, Inc. : United States – Klick Push (“KP”) provides downloadable digital music as a value exchange between the consumer and online advertiser. We facilitate a genuine intent by the brand to build loyalty with the consumer, thus creating a highly engaging reward based advertising experience. My Visual Brief : France – My Visual Brief is a web-based tool which facilitates effective communication between designers and their clients during the briefing process. Its goal is to eliminate the miscommunication problems that occur while discussing the client’s stylistic and visual preferences, saving time and money for both designer and client. WiseNetworks : Portugal – WiseNetworks provides innovative, efficient and energetically autonomous solutions for the remote measurement of physical quantities, such as temperature and humidity, and it is focused on the agriculture sector; the remote actuation of electronic devices, such as the ones from irrigation systems, is also provided by our company. AdBPick : Brazil – Whether you need to advertise for your website, restaurant, or app, AdBPick helps you optimize your online ads to get the best performance for your dollar through our self service platform. Think of it as natural selection for your ads! Slidebean : Costa Rica – Slidebean is a cloud-based platform that lets you create stunning presentations in seconds. AllUsNews : United States – AllUsNews makes following the news a fast social exchange rather than a cumbersome chore. It’s similar to WikiNews, but a faster, more social platform where users co-author news stories that are comprehensible in under a minute. Delivered in bullet points, content is succinct, sharable and personalized by your social network. ImmunotEGG : Chile – We develop fluorescently labeled antibodies for the diagnostics and life science research industries. Our new low production cost technology is based on the novel combination of fluorescent quantum dot nanoparticles and hen antibodies purified from egg yolk, this competitive advantage will allow antibody technology to colonize the diagnostics industry! N-1-1 : United States – N-1-1 uses geofencing technology to crowdsource emergency response. Our app lets people alert nearby off-duty EMTs, medics, and other responders to quickly provide aid. N-1-1 won the Arlington Economic Development Venture Competition and was a finalist in The Economist Magazine Innovation Forum at Berkeley and WeMedia’s PitchIt at USA Today. Swift eBook Studio : Greece – Swift eBook Studio is a complete solution to create awe-inspiring interactive eBooks that will run on any platform. Tallyfy : United Kingdom – Changing the way knowledge is stored, so that processes can be found, followed and actioned. GymTwin : United States – the world’s smartest application for matching exercise partners. Our algorithm uses ability, gender, location, gym membership, and physical statistics to match “GymTwins”(members). Working with 1000s of gyms globally, GymTwin provides opportunities for gyms to make money while incentivizing members to partner up and improve their fitness CurrencyBird : United Kingdom – CurrencyBird provides an easy, safe and fast way for people to transfer money abroad at very low and transparent cost. The peer-to-peer model avoids banks and their exceptional transaction and currency fees. Its simple: Go online, make a national transaction and receive your fund abroad within 24h. Panic Button : Chile – We are a company that provides technological solutions to security service companies and people through innovation. Restorius : Chile – Food Discovery Experience = Find a recipe + Shop it online. Restorius is a website with user-generated content, specialized in recipes, online grocery shopping and food culture. Copyright Agent : Denmark – Copyright Agent is a service for professional photographers. We monitor their portfolio by scanning online for the use of their pictures. Members get transparency of the full use of their pictures across the Internet. If anyone violates their copyrights we handle this and ensure they are paid for these violations. DataMind : Belgium – DataMind is an interactive e-learning platform for Data Analysis. Exercise-based learning-by-doing is the key to its unique user experience. DataMind offers interactive feedback to students, student tracking to professors, challenges and social sharing. The platform also allows anyone to create and publish a new courses. Early-stage beta version on: MissingLINK : Canada – MissingLINK is a university relations management (URM) solution where helpdesk meets social media to bridge the gaps within the academic ecosystem. Students, graduates, researchers, administration, and industry partners reach out to dedicated global networks around specific project needs, a virtuous circle leveraging university assets, yielding stronger communities and collaboration opportunities. Club Tacones : Chile – ClubTacones is a women’s only shopping community focused on personalized style and great online service. Members enjoy a premium shopping experience with expert curated selections of shoes and accessories from the best brands. Eland : Argentina – Enterprise resource planning software for large-sized farms Children of the Elements : Hungary – Art & education lab focusing on mobile platforms. Our pioneer product is an interactive children’s story series on iPad, to teach children and parents about sustainability. Lyrical, engaging stories, with hand-painted illustrations, carrying a special message for children about the wonders of our world and the complexity of globalization. Galeno Plus : United States – Galeno Plus is a cloud based platform that allows doctors to complement their current practices by offering patients remote virtual consultations using secure web-based video-conferencing that is integrated to the patient’s EHR. Doctors can now consult, treat and bill patients when they want and from where they want. Owlr : United States – Owlr is a home base for online education. It assembles the web’s resources into simple paths that help people achieve their individual learning goals. Virtual Reality Experience Mask : United Kingdom – The VR mask turns your smartphone in a Virtual Reality experience. With 2 lenses and a light proof chamber we create a virtual world by having the software sense your head movement and body acceleration. “Walking and experiencing a virtual world is accessible for everyone now! Cubicle : India – Cubicle is an ERP application tailor made for the project intensive engineering design companies. Cubicle connects different processes such as resource management, progress tracking, performance monitoring etc. and places them on a central platform. Cubicle promotes efficient project management by enhancing transparency, connectivity, accountability through use of information technology. REHAPP : Chile – Rehapp is a cloud based rehabilitation platform integrated with iPad App games for children with mental and learning disabilities and a web page community that let’s parents track their children’s progress metrics and connect to other parents and therapists. Entac Medical : United States – Entac is developing medical devices for predictive and diagnostic medicine based on a novel audio spectral analysis technology. Its first application is a late stage device that is clinically proven to predict post-operative ileus (POI) in surgical patients. Predicting POI is a $1 billion global market with no competition. Search for: 17/09/2020 15/05/2020 Our goal is to hasten the occurrence of customer-validated and scalable companies that will leave a lasting impact in the Latin American ecosystem.

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