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Docugami focuses on intelligent document processing and artificial intelligence (AI) contract management in the technology sector. The company offers services that transform business documents into actionable data, enabling users to generate reports, insights, and new documents to power their business processes. It primarily serves sectors such as commercial insurance, commercial real estate, technology, and various professional services sectors. It was founded in 2017 and is based in Kirkland, Washington.

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    SaaS product to generate and use information from your organization's business documents.


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Docugami has filed 6 patents.

The 3 most popular patent topics include:

  • computational linguistics
  • data types
  • natural language processing
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Natural language processing, Data types, Computational linguistics, Unix text processing utilities, Type theory


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Related Topics

Natural language processing, Data types, Computational linguistics, Unix text processing utilities, Type theory



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187 Stories To Learn About Microsoft

Nov 24, 2023

Let's learn about Microsoft via these 187 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology. "If you can't make it good, at least make it look good." - Bill Gates 1. Visual Regression Testing with Playwright Visual Regression Testing with Playwright - Automated Testing 2. The Search-and-Replace Regex with VS Code This is a feature I use with some frequency, but not frequently enough that I remember the pattern when I need it. Therefore, I am writing this article as my own reference to a useful tool with VS Code. 3. Space and Time Receives $20 Million in Strategic Investment Led by Microsoft's M12 Space and Time, a Web3 native data platform that has raised $20 million in strategic capital from notable investors led by Microsoft's M12 fund. 4. OpenAI Releases ChatGPT on Steroids, Heating Up AI Wars 🖥️ Bigger. Better. Beefier. That's probably the best way to categorize the latest (and greatest!) version of ChatGPT: GPT-4. 5. Salesforce Bought Slack - WTF?! Microsoft is just too big to fail - no matter what they do. Slack was just too small to succeed - no matter how much they tried. 6. Is MicroVision Helping to Power Microsoft's HoloLens 2? A recent product tear-down by YouTube user 's2upid' appears to show MicroVision components used in Microsoft's highly anticipated HoloLens 2, but who is this little known technology company? And why have they been flying under the radar for so long? 7. The Trifecta of AI: Market Adoption, Business Innovation, and Technical Development Explore the three aspects of AI driving the industry: market adoption, business innovation, and technical development. Discover how they shape the future of AI. 8. Windows 11's New Focus Mode Is Pretty Useful The new Focus Mode feature is a useful tool that helps you get more productivity out of Windows 11 in a simple way. Though that simplicity does cut both ways 9. The Xbox 360 Games Store Still Works in 2020 I bought my first gaming console in 2010, when Microsoft introduced a redesigned Xbox 360. Even though the original Xbox 360 launched 15 years ago, in November 2005, Microsoft decided 5 years later to produce a slimmer model. It also included big improvements like built-in N-wireless connectivity, a 45nm CPU and GPU, and a built-in port for Kinect —a motion-sensing system that was released ahead of its time. 10. The 3 Best Visual Novel Series On Xbox Best Visual Novel Series on Xbox: Zero Escape, Danganronpa, The Ace Attorney Trilogy. 11. More Than Just an OS: Microsoft Stays at #1 More Than Just an OS: Microsoft Stays at #1 12. Level Up Your Github Profile Page in Three Easy Steps Whether you're looking for a new position and want to stand out or you just like to make cool things, GitHub offers you the tools to get your own customised welcome message, like this. 13. What is Microsoft Power Automate? Here's everything you should know about Microsoft Power Automate to use it effectively as well as how to connect it to other services like Microsoft Dynamics. 14. Tech Companies Show Support For Women After Roe v. Wade Overturned American politics are making international headlines yet again with the latest on Roe v. Wade and gun rights. 15. How to Repair Corrupted Microsoft Outlook Files The most prevalent issue faced by almost all Microsoft Outlook users. That is, file corruption issues in Microsoft Outlook including PST files. 16. A Review Of The New Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 This year, The Microsoft Surface 4 didn’t change much with the design. The only thing is that the laptop is thinner than the previous versions. 17. 5 Reasons Why Xbox Game Pass is Worth It Game Pass is more popular now than ever, but for some the question remains: is Xbox Game Pass worth it? We think so for these 5 reasons. 18. Taming the AI Beast Despite new, advanced AI “beasts” mimicking human intelligence, humans will remain firmly in the loop to solve complex problems that AI can’t tackle. 19. No More Mistakes With VSCode Expand-And-Collapse Options I recently had a large amount of data to refactor out of HTML and into JSON. The details about how I achieved this is a whole different article. What I want to document for myself (and maybe others will find it useful, even if it's only a refresher) are the various code expand and collapse options. 20. Everything You Must Know About Nintendo's Marketing Strategy Let's look at Nintendo marketing strategy from prototyping to production staging and how it has evolved over time to innovate its segmentation & positioning. 21. What to Do Before Selling a Computer Planning to sell your computer? Here's everything you need to know to get it done right. 22. Same Money, More Problems A look at the impact of the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act on tech giants. 23. How To Get Windows 10 PRO OEM Keys in Under $12 For years now, Windows 10 has been the standard for laptops and mobile phones running on the Windows platform. While many people prefer to tout the benefits of Windows 10software such as Windows 7 and 8, Windows 10 provides an amalgamation of both systems in a way that is truly revolutionary. 24. Getting Started with Microsoft's PowerShell Powershell forms an important part of automation in the azure and windows world. This article covers various considerations for powershell scripting. 25. Proudly Wear Your Contribution Map Currently We're creating a project that gives people an opportunity to wear personalized merch that reflects their interests, values and hobbies. Our first launch is (promo code = SALE20), where everyone can print a T-Shirt with his own contributions map on it.  26. Disruption in the Tech Giants Musical Chairs This week's tech rankings are a bit unusual in that we have new entrants making it to the top 5. 27. A Student Is Reviewing New Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 Microsoft comes with new Surface lineup, which is sale in market in 22th October. The large 15 inch size comes with AMD Processors. The other surface laptop come this Intel Processors. 28. Microsoft Makes a Bold Move to Build the Metaverse With the Activision Blizzard Deal Read this post for insight into how the Activision Blizzard deal fits into Microsoft's vision to build the metaverse. 29. Why Dynamics 365 is a Good Fit for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses Dynamics 365 Business Central is robust and scalable for company growth, making it a good choice for your small business. 30. Top 25 C# Programming Tips Hi everyone! There is a lot of information about different C# features. About various life hacks and best practices in this language. I want to tell you about equally useful, but less popular tips for working with this language. 31. How Firefox Almost Won the Second Browser War. Almost. On November 9th, 2004, Mozilla released Firefox 1.0. Born from the fallout of the first browser war, the launch of Firefox signaled the start of the second browser war.  32. Windows 10 New File Recovery Application Microsoft released its own File Recovery Tool in the Windows Store, making it a lot simpler to choose which device you need on the off chance that you lose a significant bit of information on your PC. 33. Apple, Microsoft, Alibaba and More Respond To Covd-19 Crisis Coronavirus took the world economy with a shock forcing businesses to close their operations amid the spread of the virus. A month ago no one would have thought how daily life would change overnight. Many countries have announced countrywide lockdowns and almost one billion people are already staying at home working remotely or isolating themselves. 34. End of Windows 7: What Is Next? Microsoft Windows is one of the most widely used operating systems in the world. It has released a number of versions since it was established in the year 1985. In 2009, Windows 7 was released in the market by Microsoft, and since then, it has been a successful operating system. 35. Leaf Launches in Microsoft's Dublin HQ Leaf Ireland, a subsidiary of the UK headquartered Leaf, launched its Dublin office on January 24th, 2020 in One Microsoft Place, Microsoft Ireland’s building in Sandyford.  The management team presented a panel with representation from Microsoft and a customer taking part. The panel was moderated by journalist Jillian Godsil. 36. Azure Hack: Use AzCopy on Azure Cloud Shell to Upload Large Files to Storage Accounts A little backstory, I ran into an interesting problem today I needed to get a 40GB Virtual Machine Image to a storage account in Azure so i could create a Virtual Machine from it. 37. What is it Like to be a Software Engineering Intern at Microsoft? When I accepted the offer for my summer Software Engineer internship at Microsoft, I was not able to find useful information about the onboarding process. 38. How Microsoft Envisions a Blockchain-Based System for Preventing Piracy A new paper published by Microsoft's research department proposes to tackle piracy with a blockchain-based bounty system titled "Argus." 39. What is New in .NET 5 .NET 5.0 was officially released this week, bringing with it a range of improvements to the .NET ecosystem. Like many .NET developers, I was quick to download it and give it a test run. This article discusses some of the most exciting new features in .NET 5. 40. Everything you need to know about Microsoft Codess! As the new year commences and I look back at the year that has been, I recall the frame of mind I had been in around this time last year. A sea of missed opportunities had completely bogged me down and while all my peers were engrossed in competitive programming, it completely repelled me. That is when my knight in shining armour, Microsoft’s Codess programme, completely swept me off my feet. And I remember browsing the internet (just like you) to get any tiny bit of information about it, but was unable to find many resources. So here is the one-stop guide to the Microsoft Codess programme for India! 41. Microsoft Urges Users Not to Remove Expired Windows 10 Root Certificate The root Windows certificate expires on December 31, but it is still required for the OS to function properly. 42. Watch out Chrome, Microsoft Edge is All set to Have an Edge on you How to stay unique and still give a hard time to competitors? Well, we can learn something about it from Microsoft. 43. GPT-4 Launches as the Next Generation of Artificial Intelligence Large Language Models OpenAI is pepping things up with the release of GPT-4, a more capable model than previous versions. 44. Running Chromecast on Microsoft Surface Microsoft Surface is a laptop product owned by Microsoft and in this story, I will guide you on How to Chromecast Microsoft Surface. 45. An Invitation to Hack Microsoft’s Azure Security Lab. Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by anyway from Microsoft's Azure Team. 46. A Success Story for Asian Retailers Acme Inc. (Operating Department Store in Singapore)  47. Microsoft Is Treating Me Like I'm Stupid Hi. My name is Robert and I own a computer repair business in Australia and I hate Microsoft. 48. Halo Infinite Campaign Review (Xbox): Master Chief is Back in Action 343 Industries mastered the art of creating a visually stunning world that is captivating and engaging but lacks story cohesion. 49. .NET vs Node.js The Contenders 50. People Still Use Facebook? Mark Zuckerburg's appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience propelled Facebook to the top of HackerNoon's Tech Company Rankings this week. 51. Still using Windows 7? Here's How You Can Stay Safe In case you haven't heard, Windows 7 has been dead since January 14, 2020. But there's no need to panic just yet! Your computer will still work but it will be much more susceptible to threats such as malware since Microsoft no longer provides any security updates to Windows 7. 52. A Post-Mortem in 5 Acts: How Microsoft Privatized Open Source And Killed JavaScript in the Process After Microsoft’s blitzkrieg take-over, the Open-Source JavaScript community as we know it is coming to an end. It’s a ‘secret’ war with high-tech propaganda. 53. How To Speed Up Windows Vista Crippling unused highlights in Windows Vista will accelerate your PC framework. A portion of the highlights that accompany Vista are not regularly helpful for home clients. On the off chance that you don’t utilize these capacities, the Windows framework is stacking programs that you don’t require and expending framework assets — in particular, memory — that could be better utilized for different purposes. 54. Machine Generated Whiskey Thanks to Microsoft, and a lot of whiskey data. 55. What it's really like to try the new AI (read: chatGPT) powered Bing Search? And not, it does not involve Sidney going sentient iykyk 56. How To Run Docker Linux Containers Natively on Windows With Docker Desktop running on WSL 2, users can leverage Linux workspaces and avoid having to maintain both Linux and Windows build scripts. How is it different? 57. How Do Code Reviews Work at Microsoft? Have you ever wondered how one of the largest software companies worldwide ensures high-quality code through code reviewing? 58. What I Learned From Making My First Open Source Contribution The sheer idea of the magnitude of impact you making by just contributing to an open-source project is breathtaking. Imagine software that runs on thousands and thousands of users’ machines and imagine that little feature you made last week is running on all of them.  59. How to Create Word Documents Within Excel VBA By the end of this article, you’ll be able to create Word documents from within Excel VBA. 60. Microsoft Orleans Gives Rise to Future-Ready Digital Banking Why MS Orleans? — Let's delve into the features that make it a good pick for banking and finance app development.  61. Learning Fundamentals of C# and .Net Framework We are always talking about the mainstream programming languages to an extent where Python, Java, SQL, etc, are all that we see mostly. There are many other dynamic frameworks and languages like our topic of choice today; C sharp or C#, which are playing an integral part in global software development communities. Let's take an in-depth look at the fundamentals of C# as well as the .Net framework to better understand the exclusivity, features, and their advantages. 62. How to Build an Event Streaming Application in .NET How do you implement a software system for working with events? The answer is stream processing. 63. 20 Brazen Tech Predictions For 2020 The future of technology is, by its very nature, hard to predict. This however shouldn’t stop us from trying because… well, it’s fun! I also seem to be fairly good at it, as my 2018 and 2019 predictions show. So what’s in store for us in 2020 ? Below are my thoughts on the matter.  64. Microsoft‘s Big AI Ambitions Go Beyond Just OpenAI and ChatGPT Microsoft has extended its multi-billion dollar partnership with OpenAI and aims to be a leader in the AI industry. 65. Amazon is More than Just the King of eCommerce Amazon more than just king of eCommerce, Coinbase up two spots. 66. 4/12/22: Top 5 Trending Tech Companies: #5 Intel, #4 Apple, #3 Coinbase, #2 Amazon, and #1 Microsoft HackerNoon's unique insights indicates that the public consciousness is aggregately eyeing #5 Intel, #4 Apple, #3 Coinbase, #2 Amazon, & #1 Microsoft this week. 67. Google Releases Flutter for Windows Google announces a significant update to Flutter to make building apps for Windows easier. 68. U.S. President Donald Trump's Official Word on "Monetizing the Chinese" U.S.President Donald Trump says in a Press Conference: we are monetizing the Chinese app, manly TikTok. TikTok might be banned in the United States. In addition, He says, we are not allowing or support any U.S company Own it. Trump also says that they are looking at a lot of alternatives with respect to TikTok. 69. How Microsoft Tipped My Linux Love Over the 'Edge' What a difference one browser made. 70. From Novice to Expert: How I Mastered Web Development Becoming an expert in Microsoft web development is no easy feat. It requires a significant amount of time, dedication, and hard work. However, the rewards that 71. Top 10 Microsoft SQL Server Tips There is a lot of information about different T-SQL features. I want to tell you about equally useful, but less popular tips for working with this language! 72. 10 Best Xbox 360 Games of All Time Ranked by Sales Here are the 10 best Xbox 360 games ranked by sales. 73. 6 Best Communication and Collaboration Software for Businesses Read this article to learn about the best business communication collaboration software, such as Troop Messenger, Mattermost, Microsoft Teams, and others. 74. In-Depth Guide to Connecting your AWS and Microsoft Azure Virtual Private Networks (VPN) Let’s say that you have spent the last 2 years developing your enterprise services in either of the two cloud providers and now you decide to start using the other one. A possible scenario that would bring about such a requirement could be a migration from one cloud service provided to the other. 75. Cloud Migration: Automated Discovery Tools And Their Benefits With the advent of new tools, automation and orchestration are having an immense impact on easing the burden of moving to the cloud.  76. How to Build a Dynamic GitHub Profile with GitHub Actions and PHP In this article, I describe how I've used GitHub Actions and PHP to automatically update my profile README to list my blog's latest publications 77. 5 Best Games on Xbox Games Pass in 2021 Xbox Games Pass has many high-quality games. The 5 Best Games on Xbox Games Pass are Halo, Cyber Shadow, Sea of Thieves, The Medium and Gears of War 5. 78. Here's How Your Favorite Tech Giants Did Financially This Quarter Tech giants reported their earnings this past week and stories about these results played a role in the latest round of HackerNoon Tech Company rankings. 79. Why Linux is Better Than Windows Around Linux, myths have always wandered that it is a convenient OS exclusively for a narrow circle of people who understand code. 80. Effective Coding Workflow: My VS Code Setup There are a lot of Code Editors, some are free and some are paid. Among all of them my favorite Code Editor is Visual Studio Code. It's free and has amazing features. I'm using it from the beginning of my web development journey. 81. The Metaverse is the Next Generation of Digital Interaction in Virtual Reality The Metaverse is the latest and the most innovative addition to the internet. It aims to revolutionize the digital experience using modern technologies. 82. The Future of Business is AI: Embracing the Change The rise of AI is leading to more efficient, effective, and innovative businesses, and companies that embrace this change will reap the benefits for years. 83. Coronavirus COVID-19 666 Mark of The Beast Bible Prophecy, Vaccinations & Cryptocurrency The COVID 666 "mark of the beast" prophecy is either real, or powerful people are playing a very sick joke. Read this carefully. You probably wont believe some of it, until you verify it yourself. 84. Navigating the Future: What Jobs Will Look Like in the Face of an Impending AI Revolution AI is changing the tech industry and a lot remains to be prepared for the major shift. Jobs will be lost but history assures the creation of more. 85. How Bing is Spying on Users Without their Consent Using Microsoft Clarity If you’re using Bing Ads on your website then I have some bad news for you. Microsoft is spying on you without your consent. 86. Preventing Data Loss for Office 365 and Microsoft Teams While WFH [Interview] I caught up with Sergei Serdyuk, VP of Product Management at Nakivo to talk about the importance of data backup and recovery for Office 365. 87. Five Recent FAAGM Statistics That Underline the Tech Industry's Longer Term Trends 30% fee Apple charges developers for App Store transactions 88. The Conversational AI Arms Race Has Begun The grown-ups have entered the room. Google and Microsoft have officially entered the conversational AI arms race in search. 89. Alkira Teams Up with Microsoft to Transform the Cloud Networking Journey to Azure Network Cloud pioneer Alkira® has announced a close collaboration with the Microsoft for Startups program, a select group of emerging businesses. 90. The Evolution of Gaming: How Games as a Service Changed the Industry This piece is an analysis of the games as a service business model and how it has changed the gaming industry. 91. What I Learned from My Microsoft Product Management Internship How to have a successful product management internship 92. Interest in Microsoft Wanes 12% While Apple Remains Trendy AF Interest in Microsoft Wanes 12% while Apple Remains Trendy AF 93. Visual Studio Code: A Look at Microsoft's Open Source Offering It seems crazy that Microsoft has a done a complete one-eighty of their position on open-source software. Learn how VS Code works. 94. Metaverse: The First Step into A Brave New World How is the next generation bound to embrace a new reality that will be consistently enriched and likely to be limitless? 95. Apple Reigns Supreme, More Bad News at Coinbase Apple Reigns Supreme, More Bad News at Coinbase 96. How to Become an Excel Pro: 10 Best Tips Antonio Reza gives you the best Excel tips to become a verified pro. 97. Understanding Azure AZ-500 Certification Exam Thinking about what is this AZ-500 test and on the off chance that you need to take it? Allow us to illuminate the subtleties to you! 98. Et Tu, Muske? Et Tu, Muske? 99. Everything You Need to Know About GitHub Copilot GitHub Copilot is an AI pair programmer. GitHub Copilot is powered by a new AI system developed by OpenAI Codex and is coming soon to Visual Studio Code. 100. How Tech Companies are Helping in Times of Covid-19 Crisis Since the pandemic COVID-19 is shaking all over the world, several people are dying and facing issues to earn for their livelihood. Well, big tech companies have responded with unusual alacrity and they are helping people during this crisis. 101. How AI and the Internet Can Create An Immortal Persona Misbehaving AI language models are a warning. They can simulate personas that, through feedback via the internet, can become effectively immortal. 102. A Digital-First Approach Could Take the Headaches Away from Buying Insurance A deep dive into major tech-driven changes within the legacy insurance industry. 103. Apple Surpasses Amazon for Most Talked About Tech Company This Week This week, Apple (+14.3%) surpassed Amazon (-2.7%) for the top spot in HackerNoon’s free tech company data reports. HackerNoon free tech company data reports. 104. Power BI and Fintech: A Match Made In Heaven To Optimise Banking Operations Technology keeps evolving, and the incorporation of technology helps businesses of varying types to make profits and meet customer needs better. 105. Is Excel a Security Risk? Is Excel a security risk? This guide shows why some people have concerns with using this spreadsheet software for sensitive information.  106. Microsoft Principal Software Engineering Manager Nick Cosentino Talks About His Writing Process Nick Cosentino is a Principal Software Engineering Manager at Microsoft that creates content aiming to help level up software engineers with articles and videos 107. Some Tech Giants Hurt In Wake of Pelosi's Visit to Taiwan Thousands of people from across the globe tracked Nancy Pelosi's plane ahead of its touchdown in Taiwan, making it one of the most tracked flights of all time. 108. My Experience With a Global News Organization and a Trillion-Dollar Corporation Julian Gough recounts their experience dealing with big organizations. 109. Why Azure Arc is a Game Changer? The sky is the limit with Azure ARC. Networking for your business can mean more than just getting servers and connecting them together. It can mean creating, developing, and evolving solutions to address your business' IT infrastructure needs. 110. VS Code: What if I Need to Replace Something with $? In a previous article about VS Code, Search-and-Replace using RegEx, I had a question that prompted me to create this article so that I can remember what I did … 111. "Why Don't I Have a Computer?" David Letterman Asked Bill Gates in 1995 Bill Gates explains the origins of Microsoft and tries to convince Dave to get a computer. (Air Date 11/27/1995) 112. QuakeCon Returning in 2021 as Online-Only Event Bethesda Softworks has officially announced the return of QuakeCon for 2021. The convention returns as an online-only, digital event later this August. 113. How to Change Your Email Signature in Outlook Learn how to edit or update your Outlook signature on desktop, web, and mobile. Quickly change your Outlook signature with these simple steps. 114. How Mixed Reality Will Shape the Design of Intelligent Systems and Robots As of now, if you are an intelligent design systems engineer interested in designing, fabricating and assembling a robot for your lab or factory, you must go through the laborious process of first designing a 3D model on a 2D screen (which is problematic without full-scale context) then making a crammed engineering drawing listing the bill of materials and displaying your design in different views (isometric, right, left, section, exploded). For the engineer putting this together, this takes hours to days to do so depending on the complexity of the robot. One must take into account the orientation of every part, measurement of each side and angle, the location of the part in terms of the whole assembly, surfaces that should meet vs not, appropriate torque required for any screws, etc. 115. How Microsoft Contributed to Web Components Before They Became Web Components In the mid-90’s, the dream of the web was shifting from something static and information based to something dynamic and application-driven. 116. Microsoft: A Worthy Competitor Or A Killer Of Startups? An investigation into what Microsoft's new Designer app means for other startup products, especially Canva because of how it can effect product advertising. 117. An Introduction to Mixed Realities: HoloLens 2 Podcast In this special episode of our Hacker Noon podcast, Hacker Noon CEO David Smooke and I talk to Greg Sullivan, the Director of Mixed Reality at Microsoft. Greg is a Microsoft veteran, having worked at the company for over 30 years.  118. Tech Giants and Their Blockchain Forays The crypto ecosystem has come a long way from its humble beginnings in Bitcoin. One testament to the revolution that blockchain represents can be seen in the multitude of large, established companies that have adopted and adapted blockchain. 119. How to Scale Organization We hear about scalability all the time: Zillions of data, billions of hits on a website, millions of tweets, etc. With everything around us scaling to never seen before, the limiting element in all this is organization. Can we apply the knowledge of scaling software to scaling an organization? 120. The Microsoft 365 Product Roadmap Revealed a 13% Increase in Features in 2020 and More Here are my 3 takeaways from the Microsoft 365 Product Roadmap. Takeaway #1: The Microsoft 365 Product team released 13% more features in 2020 than in 2019. 121. 4 Reports to Track in Your Microsoft Hyper-V Environment If you use Microsoft Hyper-V every day, you may want to spend some time producing and analyzing reports. Monitoring and reporting can help optimize VMs. 122. How Microsoft’s Revelation of Four Zero-Days Has Affected the Number of Attempted Attacks With the revelation of four zero-day vulnerabilities currently affecting Microsoft Exchange Server, Check Point Research (CPR) shares its findings on exploits 123. The NBA’s Microsoft Partnership, Kawhi’s Logo Lawsuit, and the Modern Reporter’s Techstack [PODCAST] Listen on Spotify, iTunes, Google Podcast, Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts. 124. The Top 5 Reasons to Back up Exchange Online Still don’t back up Exchange Online? Learn why you need a dedicated backup solution and not just native Microsoft native tools to ensure timely recoveries. 125. Microsoft's Power BI for Business: Features, User Experience And Pricing All you need to know about Power BI Features, Benefits, Use Cases and pricing. A Comprehensive Guide to Power BI and how it stacks up to Microsoft Excel 126. What are Microsoft Windows Display Drivers? - A Brief Overview Microsoft introduced the Windows Display Driver to drive the video cards installed in the Windows OS. 127. Top 5 Options to Backup Your Microsoft Teams Data Backing up your Microsoft Teams data is what this post is all about, and we look at some of the leading options out there. 128. Reviewing MAUI and Comparing it With Xamarin Moving in tandem with time and technology, we’re shifting our focus to the emerging .NET fundamentals, and we are excited to do this with you. 129. Mistakes of Microsoft's New Bing: Can ChatGPT-like Generative Models Guarantee Factual Accuracy? We uncover several factual mistakes in Microsoft’s new Bing and Google’s Bard demonstrations, suggesting limitations in conversational AI models like ChatGPT. 130. How to Secure Office 365 & Windows from Ransomware Attacks It’s no secret that we’re living in uncertain times. Many countries are under partial or full lockdown for the past few weeks, making work from home the new norm for the foreseeable future, at least. 131. Microsoft’s Collaboration with ChatGPT Could Spell Trouble for Google’s Dominance What does Microsoft's collaboration with OpenAi mean for the search industry? Will Bing finally be able to challenge Google? Here's what I think 132. Halo Infinite's Big-Brained Designers Want You to be Big-Brained Too Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is properly brilliant. It’s all the bang-bang, pop-pop, pew-pew action you’d expect from the daddy of the modern console shooter. 133. Optimize Power BI Reporting and Designing As a data analysis tool, Power BI comes loaded with plenty of report generation and design features. However, do not rely on the default settings of the tool. 134. Windows Versus Linux: An Honest Review An honest view of Windows vs Linux: a comparison done by an experienced Linux enthusiast. 135. New Power BI Features For More Streamlined Data Analysis Here are the new features of Power BI (unveiled at the Microsoft Ignite 2021) that can be absolutely beneficial for business users. 136. Ethics, AI, and Responsible ML: Design Principles and Potential Dangers As we enter the 2020s, it is interesting to look back at how life has changed over the last decade. Compared to your life in 2010, most of you reading this probably use a lot more social media, watch more streaming video, do more shopping online and, in general, are “more digital”. Of course, this is as a result of the continued development in connectivity (4G becoming prominent, with 5G on the horizon), the capability of mobile devices, and lastly, the quiet and transparent adoption of machine learning, a form of artificial intelligence, in the services that you consume. 137. 6 Tips to Get More Value Out of Your Microsoft Power BI Dashboard & Reports By using Microsoft Power BI, you increase the efficiency of your company through its interactive insights and visual clues. Here are 6 tips for Power BI users. 138. Microsoft Inches Closer to Buying Activision Blizzard Microsoft finally got a break on two fronts in its quest to purchase Activision Blizzard Inc., one in the U.S. and another in the UK. 139. Will Future Bethesda Titles be Xbox Exclusives? The HackerNoon community discusses whether Xbox's acquisition of Bethesda means future game exclusivity. 140. Big Tech vs. Indian Authorities [An Overview] The world’s largest technology companies have all faced criticism over their global tax practices. Back home too, tech heavyweights are grappling with the Indian taxman. 141. BigTech Spent Big Money in 2021 on Lobbying, Buying Up Competition Amazon and Facebook are the largest corporate spenders on lobbying. BigTech is buying up the competition. Together, this puts a huge strain on US regulators. 142. Google Director Spills the Beans on Working for a Mission Driven Vs. a Business Driven Organization Lars Bergstrom is currently Director of Engineering at Google, having previously worked for Mozilla and Microsoft. 143. Working in a Startup Is More Rewarding Than a Career in Big-Tech: Karim Fanous Noonies interview with Karim Fanous, and I’m the VP of Engineering at strongDM. 144. Should Apple Buy DuckDuckGo? Or Create Its Own Search Engine? An Analyst suggested that should Apple buy DuckDuckGo, a privacy-focused search engine. Although, Apple most likely won’t buy DuckDuckGo, it might still be interested in creating a search engine. 145. Crisis Layoffs are Leadership Opportunities: Equity Examples at Carta, Airbnb, and Moovit For CEOs, letting go of employees is always one of the most difficult parts of the job. It is all the harder when layoffs are the result of external circumstances over which companies have no control, like the current global health crisis. As a result of the shrinking economy, many companies have had to make very difficult staffing reduction decisions.  146. The New Halo Game: Halo Infinite Release Date and Gameplay Here’s everything we know about the new Halo game, Halo: Infinite, which has a tentative release date of Fall 2021. 147. Why Custom App Development Solutions Are Becoming More Popular In this article, I’ll throw light on how to create custom apps, some trends related to it, industries utilizing custom app development, the development process, 148. Comparing Linux and Windows 10 IoT for Your Medical Device What is the best OS for medical devices? Should I choose a Microsoft product? Is Linux better than Windows 10 IoT? Read the answers. 149. Top 10 Excel Functions Everyone Should Know Excel offers a huge variety of features and functions that can improve the ability to perform tasks daily. It does not matter that you are a business owner or an office worker, or any casual Excel user, these 10 Excel functions will definitely benefit your performance on Excel spreadsheets. This article will work like Excel training for you because many Excel tutorials and Excel certification include these functions in their courses. 150. The Powerdir  MacOS Bug Could Allow Attackers to Snoop On You The vulnerability allows malicious apps to bypass privacy preferences. Precisely, it could allow an attacker to bypass the operating system's Transparency, Cons 151. Securing Microsoft Active Directory Active Directory is an integrated directory By Microsoft. Security is one of the major reasons why many companies have failed to invest in Active Directory. 152. Sharing My Experience Attending MS Build 2020 This year was a special edition of MS Build; for obvious reasons, it was 100% virtual. I must say that I had my doubts at first, but I'm forced to admit that Microsoft nailed it. The experience was fantastic. I liked the personal schedule builder and the rebroadcast in 3 different timezones, to only name a few things. Microsoft even took the time to ship the conference's gear to all attendees, DIRECTLY to their doorstep, what a nice touch. 153. Interview with a Product Manager at Microsoft Felix is a Product Manager at Microsoft in the Azure cloud services organization. He’s got a very cool background: he’s started his own company and has gone to business school amongst a lot of other things. I had the chance to ask him some questions about his job. 154. The Father of XML Launches Docugami to Fix Data Dysfunction When data gets structured, value emerges. We’ve seen it over and over. Google structured web links into PageRank. Facebook structured your social graph into content ranking. Tesla is turning footage of city streets into navigation algorithms. Documents are another near-infinite naturally occurring resource of unstructured data. Docugami can become a generational technology company by distilling what’s inside. 155. PS4 Vs. Xbox One: Which Console is Right for You? For game lovers, it would be a tricky thing to choose PS4 or Xbox One. So, what will you go with, PS4 or Xbox One? 156. What are the Best Data Analytics Tools? Data analytics is used for transforming raw data into useful insights. 157. Learnings from the Big Market Tech Failures of Zune, Fire Phone, Windows Phone and Snap Spectacles Last year, I did a talk, as part of orienting a team of automotive executives in modern way of iterative working, challenging the prevailing belief that perfect pre-planning backed by big money will always be a clear winner. I used a bunch of highly hyped tech failures to drive the point home. The talk inspired great discussions, and led to sea change in how we ended up working together afterwards. I hope you will find it equally stimulating. 158. 5 Tools To Level Up Your Efficiency On Windows 10 Microsoft has done great efforts to improve the user experience and build an active ecosystem for developers. Moreover, Microsoft has completely embraced open source in recent years, there are so many awesome open-source projects developed by Microsoft. 159. GitHACK! We are the vulnerability Github has been hacked. The affected computers cloned the affected repositories. How much is it Github's fault? How can we protect ourselves from this? 160. What's The Blockchain Strategies of Tech Giants? The crypto ecosystem has come a long way from its humble beginnings in Bitcoin. One testament to the revolution that blockchain represents can be seen in the multitude of large, established companies that have adopted and adapted blockchain. 161. An Insider View of Mesh: Microsoft's Entry Into Mixed Reality Applications Hi there! I'm an Engineer currently building Mixed Reality 🥽 on the Cloud ☁️ at Microsoft; and a community leader at unStackAfrica and VRARA Nigeria. 162. NPM ReactJS package for Microsoft Immersive Reader Immersive Reader is an Azure Cognitive Service for developers who want to embed inclusive capabilities into their apps for enhancing text reading and comprehension for users regardless of age or ability.  Students can color code and label words to indicate their part of speech, user read the text aloud feature, translate words and more. 163. Metaverse: Who Are The Biggest Players? The Metaverse is a concept that has taken the world by storm in a very short amount of time, but it's still far from being a reality. 164. What Does the Future of Human Resources Look Like for Tech in a Post-COVID-19 Era? When COVID-19 reared its ugly head back in March, employers realized that they needed to brace for the worst. For many companies, human resources (HR) have been scrambling to put together plans to help their respective company weather the storm, providing mechanisms for employees to work from home. 165. Security Could be the Proverbial Straw that Breaks the Open Source Community’s Back Corporations are in a race to embrace open source, with 2018 being a stellar year for acquisitions of companies that support the use of open source software.  166. Microsoft Tools Every Development Teams Should Use If you are developing on the Microsoft these are the most useful software development tools. 167. Office 2010 Is Retiring, but Here's How Your Library Can Get Free Office 365 The popular Microsoft Office 2010 is soon going to reach its end of support. To avoid security risks, it's time to upgrade to a newer version of Office. The good news is that your library can get the cloud-based Microsoft Office 365 for your administrative PCs from Microsoft Academic, or you can get donated on-premises Microsoft Office Standard 2019 from TechSoup. We also have affordable support services for email and data migration and a comprehensive set of training courses called the Microsoft Digital Skills Center for your staff and volunteers. 168. Your Computers Are Not Really Yours - Part 1: BitLocker Is Kinda Ransomware if you’re using your personal computer - or if you’re a part of a small office that just bought and shipped the computer to you, you’re in the dock too… 169. Hacks n' Stuff There was news of a major acquisition, leaks, hacks, 'the merge',  and, to top it all off, a wholesome development concerning the planet. 170. 8 Great Alternatives to SharePoint in 2022 SharePoint CMS is a cloud-based, secure, and collaborative platform widely used today, but here are some alternatives that also work well. 171. 5 Upcoming Xbox Games to Look Forward to in 2022 There are plenty of upcoming Xbox games to look forward to. Some of these include High on Life and The Last Case of Benedict Fox. 172. 81 Essential Windows Keyboard Shortcuts 81 Windows Keyboard Shortcuts to improve your 173. The .NET Framework Is The Most Suitable Language For Businesses And Here's Why By far, Microsoft .NET is one of the best platforms for building secure, robust, and scalable desktop or web applications. Used by most Fortune 500 companies, Microsoft .NET is very popular for large-scale applications. 174. Why Microsoft's Surface Duo Will Be a Good Failure In early October 2019, Microsoft borrowed a page from Apple’s keynote playbook and gave us a “one more thing” that nobody expected: a dual-screen Android-powered smartphone. Microsoft announced its return to the smartphone market with the Surface Duo (although they officially said “it’s not a smartphone, it’s a Surface”). 175. The Era of Opinionated Productivity Software: Superhuman, Roam, What’s Next? Productivity software is indispensable for all of us. Dedicated tools for creating spreadsheets, writing down notes, managing our to-dos etc. ensure that we are productive in our professions. Incumbent vendors (e.g. Microsoft, Google) have dominated this space for many years — yet, there is a chance for new players to enter the stage. New challengers such as the E-Mail client Superhuman or the note-taking tool Roam Research can compete by developing highly opinionated products which deliberately omit flexibility. Instead, the software is stringently crafted around a very particular way of approaching a process, which is inherently seen as superior by the firm. 176. How Top Tech Companies Deal With COVID-19 What measures Google, Uber, Microsoft, IBM, Slack and more apply due to coronavirus? Tweets from their employees included. 177. Fullstack Ethics: Privacy Can't Be Just a Luxury Good In the final season of Silicon Valley, Hooli ex–CEO Gavin Belson announces “tethics”, a portmanteau of “tech ethics” and a pledge companies can sign to show they uphold the principles thereof. The idea catches on, and it becomes deeply unpopular for a company to not be “tethical”. Pied Piper founder Richard Hendricks is the lone holdout, objecting that the pledge is meaningless. 178. What Does Apple’s Stock Split Mean?  A stock split is not a new thing. Hundreds if not thousands of companies have appealed to it to keep the price in the desired trading range and, theoretically, to make the stock more affordable. One of the most recent examples was Apple, announcing the division of its share price by four. It will be achieved by giving three additional shares to each investor. 179. Facebook Just Put the Metaverse on the Map Read this post for insight into how the metaverse can improve how we work, potentially through developments from companies such as Facebook and Microsoft 180. Will Microsoft’s Project XCloud Fail Like Google Stadia? There’s been a lot of talk over the past few years about gaming following in the footsteps of video and music and game streaming services will be the future. Microsoft has recently announced that their streaming service, Project XCloud, will be coming to their Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription service. With this announcement, I believe it is important to look back at the predecessor to this service, Google Stadia, and see whether it looks like Microsoft can avoid the same mistakes. 181. Windows CE End-of-Life: How to Migrate and Keep Your Medical Device OS Updated Get a brief review of migration options and a checklist of the steps to be taken for a successful transition from this legacy software 182. The Story of Microsoft Buyouts: Why the FTC Won’t Let Them Acquire Activision The FTC aims to prevent Microsoft's acquisition of Activision, according to the agency, by giving the tech behemoth ownership over Activision's most popular vid 183. 10 Best Games on Xbox Game Pass in 2022 Xbox Game Pass is constantly evolving. In this article, we'll talk about some of the best games on Xbox Game Pass in 2022 to help you find titles you'll love. 184. What's Coming in C# 9.0 [Preview of Features] In past five years, Microsoft had made a rapid enhancements in C# by introducing a plenty major features with every new version, As planed, C# 9.0 will be officially released with .NET 5 on November 2020. So we will dive into C# 9.0 new features that released on 20 may 2020 as a Preview. 185. The 12 Power BI Functions that I Used the Most in 2020 If you want to learn how to build reports and dashboards in Power BI in 2021 then start with this list of 12 Power BI DAX functions that I used the most in 2020 186. Nextiva Takes Huge Step Growing Sales Channel With Addition of Microsoft’s Former GM, Eric Martorano For six-months (and counting) COVID-19 has accelerated the need for SMBs to leverage UCaaS (unified communications as a service), forcing executives to jump into one of the fastest-growing segments in the supply chain. 187. Software Developers' Top 12 Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SSDL) practices by Microsoft Microsoft Secure (SDL) practice focused more on the reliability part of the software, security vulnerabilities, threat modeling, compliance, reporting, IRP. Thank you for checking out the 187 most read stories about Microsoft on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

Docugami Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • When was Docugami founded?

    Docugami was founded in 2017.

  • Where is Docugami's headquarters?

    Docugami's headquarters is located at 218 Main Street, Kirkland.

  • What is Docugami's latest funding round?

    Docugami's latest funding round is Grant.

  • How much did Docugami raise?

    Docugami raised a total of $11M.

  • Who are the investors of Docugami?

    Investors of Docugami include National Science Foundation, Hank Vigil, Shishir Mehrotra, Ellen Levy, Marc Jalabert and 14 more.

  • Who are Docugami's competitors?

    Competitors of Docugami include Rossum and 8 more.

  • What products does Docugami offer?

    Docugami's products include Docugami.


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