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Digital Marketing Professional (DMP) secures maximum return on investment (ROI) in all areas of Digital Marketing & Sales (DMS) for companies. Regardless if it concerns bought, owned or earned media, DMP delivers the strategies, data-driven insights, education & coaching needed for clients to themselves succeed in DMS.

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93 Stories To Learn About Online Marketing

Jul 12, 2023

Let's learn about Online Marketing via these 93 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology. 1. Social Media Strategy: How to Increase LTV by Turning Your Customers Into Your Followers If you want to increase Lifetime Value (LTV), consider these social media tips that will help you turn your customers into long-term social media followers. 2. B2B Marketers Get This Wrong - Lead Generation Vs. Demand Generation In this article, you’ll learn how to turn things over with Demand Generation and attract the right customers to boost your sales. 3. Copywriting: Modern Marketing's Glue A cursory guide for digital copywriting. 4. How Technology Is Changing Trust in the Online Merchant World In this article, we'll discuss the ways by which customers can be sure that their information is being kept safe, and they can track their purchases. 5. How to Get Started With Digital Marketing Side Hustles The Kaanen Group are experts in all things digital, from SEO and social media to paid advertising and content marketing. 6. Running A Digital Marketing Agency: An Interview With Abdelkader Bachr Recently, I had the pleasure to interview Abdelkader Bachr, also known as Abdoobachr. Abdelkader is the founder of various firms that assists businesses with a variety of marketing strategies to help them get more online exposure.   7. How to Maximize Digital Marketing Impact on a Tight Budget A few thoughts on emphasizing immediate impact, while keeping an eye on long-term success. 8. How to Choose the Digital Marketing Agency Nowadays, each and every company prefers digital marketing whether it is a small company or a big company.  9. Antonio Lucio's Masterclass: Precious Advice Of a Marketing Legend On Emotional Wellbeing Antonio Lucio during Brandweek Masterclass (photo credit: Adweek) Ever wonder what it would be to end on a high? How about offering a Masterclass on your last day as global chief marketing officer for Facebook?! Yeah talk about mic drop. 10. 10 Trendy Web Design Options to Make a Website That Converts What are the leading web design trends of 2021 are they worth investing in? From retro fonts to Augmented Reality to 3D modeling — there’s a lot to enjoy. 11. 4 Essential B2B Marketing Strategies in 2021 Know how your B2B business can do most of its marketing online 12. How to Rank a Youtube Video on The First Page of Google Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world, next only to Google. Google, who owns Youtube has slowly been rolling out video search results on its search engine over the last 3 years. We all know video is the future of content consumption. So, I’m here to put the idea out that Youtube is pioneering web search 2.0. We can learn some pretty interesting things about video SEO with this perspective. 13. How Product-led Content is Revolutionizing SaaS Marketing Product-led content has changed the way that subscription as a service business models function online, opening new opportunities in the online field. 14. An Interview With Mathew J Phillips Matthew J Phillips is an entrepreneur from South Wales, U.K, and the creator of the Organic Client's program. Matthew has achieved feats such as closing multiple 4-figure clients weekly for his coaching business. He's also helped other coaches, consultants and mentors do the same.  15. Will AI Make Digital Marketers' Jobs Obsolete? Learn how AI is going to transform the future of digital marketing in customer research, personalization, email marketing, social media, and more. 16. How to Create a Social Media Budget for Your Business Get a maximum return on your investment by learning how to create an effective social media budget for your business! 17. 5 TikTok Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Business This article is about TikTok marketing strategies to sell your brand online 18. Monetize Your Marketing Campaign and Increase ROI Companies around the world are investing a handsome sum of money in digital marketing to achieve the ultimate goal of maximizing their ROI. 93% of CMOs say that they are under constant pressure to show concrete results and deliver measurable ROI from their marketing investments. 19. 8 Essential Tips to Improve Your Email Marketing Email marketing is gaining a lot of visibility and requires the right strategies to gain more customer engagement. 20. 4 Effective Email Marketing Strategies for 2021 Here are a few email marketing strategies that work wonders for businesses, making it easier for them to achieve their conversion goals. 21. Demand Generation is the Real Moat! Demand generation and what it means to create a long-term competitive advantage for a digital, tech business model 22. What Web3 Websites Can Learn from Web2 and Its UX Website user experience is the key to standing out in a crowded web3 ecosystem. 23. Thriving in the Modern Market; How to Reach the Next Generation of Buyers How to sell to the next generation of buyers 24. 5 Tips to Ensure Google Ad Campaign Success for Small Businesses Tired of bleeding money on Google ads? Here are the 5 tips to ensure Google ad campaign success for small businesses. 25. 6 Marketing Strategies to Win Back Abandoned Cart Users Practical marketing techniques to bring back abandoned cart users 26. Digital and Perfomance Marketing in Comparison We have put this article together to comprehensively clarify these two phrases, their main differences, and more. 27. Strategies to Increase Customer Lifetime Value Customer lifetime value is the net profit a business makes from a customer over a period of time. So longer the CLTV, the higher the net profit. 28. Why Digital Marketing Agency is Important for Small Businesses? For a small business, it is hard to realize this goal. Here is why a digital marketing agency would become essential. An agency has the right team in place. 29. The Ultimate Guide to Optimizing Conversion Rates on 2020 Are you looking for a guide that helps you draw more Signups for a newsletter or make a purchase? Well! This guide is exactly what you need. 30. How Have Advanced Technologies Influenced The Global Jewelry Industry With each passing day, there has been a significant improvement in modern technology. Science has progressed really well to make our lives more convenient and comfortable. From the smallest household equipment to great scientific discoveries, everything has played a significant role in improving our lifestyle. True to each word, jewelry is not an exception in this. The effects of modern technology in the production of jewelry is unparalleled. From the discovery of precious gemstones to the creation of e-commerce platforms and cloud solutions, everything has been taken over by technology. As the days go by, more people are implementing various technologies to improve production possibilities. 31. Why You Should Focus on Brand Awareness Before Anything Else There are many marketing activities to focus on when building your business. However, brand awareness is the foundation for all other marketing efforts. 32. Common Misconceptions in Direct Marketing There are lot of ways how to do marketing. You cannot say that one is wrong and other is right. But you can say that one is efficient, and the other one is not. 33. Have You Met Joseph Sugarman? Do you want to learn how to write about a product? Learn the power of copywriting and how to do it. Read Joseph Sugarman 34. Creating Your Instagram Strategy To Gain Quality Followers We're sharing 5 approaches to target your intended interest groups so you can gain more quality Instagram followers in 2021. 35. 5 Ways Startups Can Grow Content to Rank Quicker One of the biggest barriers for startup founders is their ability to compete with other businesses. Because of this, ranking on the first page of Google is often an important part of the process. 36. How I Went from the Set of New Girl to a Startup Product Manager There are a hundred roads to becoming a Product Manager. This one involved working as an extra on The New Girl. 37. Basic Online Tools You Can Use To Help Kickstart Your Blogging Gig Blogging is like a whirlwind, and it has gotten everyone caught up in it. For people all over the world, the online world has opened up avenues in terms of technology, careers, and more. 38. 3 Common Misconceptions of Running an E-commerce Business for First-Time Entrepreneurs Three common misconceptions about running an e-commerce business and their corresponding realities. 39. 5 Major Marketing Disruptions Expected To Take Shape in 2020 Marketing has evolved a lot over the centuries, and it will keep on changing. There are various factors, such as fashion, culture, technology that contribute to the changes. It will not be a wise decision to sit back and relax, particularly if you own a business or if you are working in a marketing field. If you do not update yourself, you will cease to exist.  40. Great Examples Of Brands Roping In Cause-Related Campaign The world of information that we live in today, people are now getting knowledgeable on the business practices that were at a point hidden. According to one of the studies, it was revealed that about 80% of consumers are saying that business should play a role in addressing social issues. Here we shall be covering on the way brands are roping in cause-related marketing.   41. Building a Neural Network to Detect Ad Fraud The world of online ad fraud prevention involves finding attacks before they hit ad budgets. This requires continuous streaming of high frequency, high volume data. With say, credit card fraud, banks have limited amounts of requests, say 1 million a day to investigate. However, advertising fraud prevention solutions need to analyze 20,000 requests per second. 42. Startup Advice: 3 Digital PR KPIs You Should Know If you want to hire a good PR or just get a better understanding of what’s going on in your PR department, here are three digital PR KPIs you should know. 43. Using Data Analytics Effectively in Marketing How to make your data work harder for you in marketing 44. What this Company Does to Host a Successful Virtual Conference Until recently, it seemed that working remotely, and, especially, holding public events virtually, was something completely new and fresh. Something from the future. Now it is becoming the daily reality, and it is exciting to observe the evolution of the idea of holding events remotely.  45. The Difference Between B2B and B2C Marketing Strategy I believe there is no meaningful difference in marketing strategy between B2B and B2C. I'd go so far as saying those who think these are strategically delineate 46. Ongoing Challenges With Artificial Intelligence in Growth Marketing AI and machine learning are starting to hit their stride, but there are still many challenges ahead for the top industry trends for AI marketing. 47. B2B Marketing: Strategy and Tactics for SaaS According to Wikipedia B2B Marketing, or Business marketing is a marketing practice of individuals or organizations (including commercial businesses, governments and institutions). It allows them to sell products or services to other companies or organizations that resell them, use them in their products or services or use them to support their works. It is a way to promote business and improve profit too. 48. How ChatGPT Can Help Identify the Target Audience for Google and Facebook Ad Campaigns As an online entrepreneur, chatGPT can help identify your target audience for Facebook and Google ads campaigns. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use chatGPT to identify your target audience online. 49. 5 Effective Ways to Use Geomarketing to Boost Conversions Geomarketing is more beneficial for businesses to recognize their targeted audience, increase conversions and generate sales. 50. 9 Reasons Why Email Marketing is NOT Dead Email marketing continues to provide one of the highest conversions and ROI of all marketing channels. Here a 9 reasons why you should do email marketing in 202 51. 7 Reasons to Use Video Marketing For Business Growth Indeed, the video has revolutionized the marketing world and is becoming one of the most profitable and trendy digital marketing approaches available till date. Well! It's not too hard to understand why 63% of the businesses started using video marketing, and out of those, 82% of businesses believe that videos are one of the vital parts of marketing strategy.  52. 3 Proven Online Marketing Tips that will Help Your Small Business to Grow We all know that the prevalence of the internet has massively influenced the way in which we live our everyday lives. It’s changed the way we communicate, the way we do research, the way we absorb the news and even the way we advertise. 53. Video Production Could Increase Your Company's Marketing Efforts Video is no longer just one part of your overall marketing plan. It's central to your outreach and campaign aims, particularly your social plan. 54. Understanding the Payments Industry with Alon Rajic: Founder of MoneyTransferComparison Alon Rajic is the founder of Money Transfer Comparison, Finofin. He says the biggest story of the year in UK Fintech, at least in his view is the IPO of Wise. 55. 5 Tips For Creating A Powerful Content Plan How do you create a content plan that converts, sells, and grows your traffic? 1. Determine Your Target Audience 2. Do A Content Audit 3. Use Keywords and more 56. 5 Types of Online Marketing that You Should Know Are you still exploring online marketing tactics best suited to your needs? Here are the 5 types of online marketing that you should know. 57. 4 Top Writing Tools to Suit Different Types of Writers 58. Cross Channel Marketing Is The Next Big Thing You Don't Know About…Yet Cross-channel marketing is a process of combining diverse marketing channels in a way that produces a logical advancement for the targeted persona to headway from one stage to another. 59. 5 Things You Didn't Know About Multichannel Selling And Top 5 Marketplaces To Try It What is Multichannel eCommerce? 60. Sustainable Marketing for Tech Companies: The 4 Pillars of a Successful Marketing Campaign Tech Companies need to Build a Solid Marketing Plan that will make them stand out and increase their number of conversions. 61. 5 Ideas To Promote The Launch Of Your Startup As the launch date approaches, you want to do everything you can to promote your business, especially online. Here is how! 62. How to Get Your SaaS Product to No.1 on AppSumo Get to know BOWWE experience on AppSumo and learn how to make your product no.1! 63. A Complete Guide to Online Marketing for Businesses What is Digital Marketing? Digital marketing is a online marketing promotion efforts or assets. PPC advertising, email marketing, SEO & social media marketing. 64. The Million Dollar Question- How to Get Rid of Low Traffic on My Blog The phrase ‘Low Traffic’ is something that scares every blogger,webmaster, SEO experts, and online marketers. 65. 9 Solid Online Marketplace Businesses to Start in 2022 Starting an online marketplace company requires a lot of brainstorming. Here is a list of the best marketplace ideas, together with reasons to invest. 66. 6 Ways To Grow Your Business Fast In this post, I’ll walk you through some proven ways to grow your online business quickly. 67. Building Websites Using Templates vs. Developing From Scratch Is it true that a website template cannot provide you with excellent SEO and the freedom to modify it? Learn how a website created from a template really works. 68. The Top 5 Priorities Online Marketers Can't Afford to Ignore Online marketers are pulled in a dozen directions at all times—drive more sales, push more traffic to the site, optimize paid efforts, source better content; the list could go on and on. The good news is: all of those things are often done in an effort to achieve the same goal: increase revenue.  69. Conversational Marketing: An Effective Mindset To Engage Audiences Traditional methods of marketing left customers ignored for a long time. Let's imagine a scene where you see an advertisement that evokes you to buy the product 70. Lead Form Ads: How To Get Leads Without Landing Pages What are lead form ads? 71. 2021 Crypto-Marketing Trends From A Bitcoin Ad Network Global and crypto 2021 marketing trends, the winning strategies and an altered audience mentality. Stay ahead of the competition by implementing these trends. 72. A Comprehensive Guide on How to Build an Online Marketplace in 2022 The good thing about online marketplace development platforms is that anyone, even you, can enter it and establish a thriving business… 73. Why Immersive Engagement is the Future of Events Hybrid events are predicted to dominate 2022.  74. Official Retailers Dragged Into Battle In April 2019, fans of the makeup influencer Jaclyn Hill noticed her new eyeshadow palette, normally $38, on for the unbelievably low price of $16.39. Many rushed to buy; others were skeptical: Hill had announced that the palette would be available only through certain retailers, and Walmart wasn’t one of them. 75. Market Research is the Key to Your Business Success: Here’s Why Today’s customers are smarter than you think. They are capable enough to research your product and make buying decisions on their own. With this in mind, you have to adopt new technologies and learn market trends. You have to understand your customers’ preferences, feelings, and attitudes. For that, you need to do market research. Market research is the core of your every successful business strategy. It’s the one and only way to get a deeper knowledge about your customers, competitors, and most importantly, your employees.  76. Lessons in Content Marketing from Netflix Shows How to make your customers fall head over heels in love with your brand by following in the footsteps of the Tiner Swindler. No, really, we're serious. 77. AI in Digital Marketing is Already Here [An Analysis] Artificial intelligence will inevitably be all around us one day. At work, at home, on the street, maybe even in our dreams. 78. How Live-Stream Apps are Changing The Way We Shop Live stream shopping is really just the newer version of the infomercial. But now your salespeople are your favourite influencers. 79. Social Sampaigns and ROIs: a Closer Look at the Stats There is simply no point in making an investment unless that investment delivers a measurable return - is that not the truth? One wouldn’t buy a house or company unless they felt confident it would make them money, in the same way a company wouldn’t choose to invest in an advertising or marketing campaign unless they felt confident it would increase their profits as a result. 80. Quick Guide to Successful Banner Ad Copy and Design Banner advertising is the best image-based online form of advertising. Traditionally, these ads were at the top and the right-side panel of the website. However, today these ads are placed in the center along with the main content, making it more appealing. 81. What Is Bonjoro And How It Can Help You Make Money Off Cold Contacts He breaks down how one of his customers tapped into COLD leads (we’re talking 2-3 years old leads), and generated $16,000 dollars worth of brand-new business. 82. 5 Steps To Develop Your Brand Marketing Strategy A brand marketing strategy works in a way to market your brand. More growth in business revenue is the ultimate goal for any brand marketing strategy. 83. 5 Ways to Reach New Audiences With a Rebrand In business, as in life, change is the new normal—and it’s vital that your brand is able to keep up with the evolving needs of consumers, especially those who are new to or unfamiliar with your business. If you’re struggling to keep up and reach new audiences, rebranding can be the answer. 84. New Report Finds That Facebook Still Runs Discriminatory Ads We found discriminatory ads can still appear, despite Facebook's efforts 85. 10 Tips to Help You Become a Digital Marketing Professional Without a Degree Are you looking to become a digital marketer but don't want to get a degree? Here are ten ways that you can become one without having it! 86. Understand How SEO and SEM are Interlinked for Smarter Marketing With businesses worldwide realizing the potential of online and digital marketing, both SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) are considered mainstream strategies. 87. Machine Learning in Cybersecurity: 5 Real-Life Examples From real-time cybercrime mapping to penetration testing, machine learning has become a crucial part of cybersecurity. Here's how. 88. 9 Super-Effective Practices to Find Email Addresses in Fewer Than 1 Minute Want to know how to find email addresses in simple and effective ways? Here’s the tips, tricks, and tools to find email addresses effectively in under a minute. 89. Why Are Explainer Videos Absolute Must for Tech Companies Explainer videos are a powerful marketing tool for tech companies as they can effectively explain a technology product, service, or a company itself. 90. How You Can Take Your Business To New Heights With Digital Marketing The COVID-19 Times – A Year Dedicated to the Internet! 91. 5 Steps To Plan Effective Ad Campaigns In Facebook & Instagram Want to create successful Facebook Ads? Here are 5 simple steps to plan an effective advertising campaign on Facebook & Instagram. Bonus: project plan template. 92. The Best Marketing Automation Tools for Small Businesses Marketing is important to any business either small or large. But as customers are evolving, so does the  unpredictable marketing landscape. This necessitates relevant businesses likely to spend more and more  time in order to keep up with the latest trends and evidence.  93. 11 Basic SEO Mistakes That Have Devastating Consequences For Your Website Here you will learn about 11 basic, but critical SEO mistakes that leave your site in shambles and unable to rank. Thank you for checking out the 93 most read stories about Online Marketing on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

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