Public list: Auto Tech (374) Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) (2593) Smart Money VCs (6327) Enterprise SaaS (2461) is a stealth company focused on artificial intelligence. is a stealth company focused on artificial intelligence.

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Phone: 424-243-6468


579 Kansas Street

San Francisco, 94107
California, United States

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Total Funding Date of Last Funding $3.1M Mar 9, 2016
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Cruise Automation

Detroit, Michigan, United States
AcquiredCruise Automation makes automated driving technology. Cruise has built a highway autopilot system that installs on existing vehicles. It uses sensors and machine vision technology to keep users in their lane and a safe distance from the car in front of them.Login to see details


Budapest, Hungary
Alive / ActiveAImotive, developer of artificial intelligence-based software for self-driving cars, uses hands-on experience in artificial intelligence, computer vision and navigation technologies, to provide solutions optimized for embedded platforms and GPUs. AImotive works with automotive and technology companies (OEMs, suppliers, platform providers) to change the architecture of cars and bring self-driving technologies to future vehicles.Login to see details
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