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Chezuba is a corporate social responsibility platform operating in the business services industry. The company offers a comprehensive solution for corporations to engage their employees in volunteering and giving activities, and to manage their social impact strategy. Chezuba primarily serves sectors such as manufacturing, retail, IT & services, banking & financial services, and healthcare & social assistance. It was founded in 2017 and is based in Hyderabad, India.

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Sardar Patel Road, 205, Saptagiri Towers

Hyderabad, 500016,


+91 6302 759 459


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    Corporate Volunteering Platform

    Our holistic platform+opportunities not only ensure great employee experience but we are able to leverage all the data we have and AI to generate personalized experiences for these employees, showing high employee participation and thus great retention.


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Hyderabad -Top 10 Most Innovative Startups in 2022

Apr 18, 2022

Hyderabad -Top 10 Most Innovative Startups in 2022 Share   In recent years, the heritage city of Hyderabad has been synonymous with invention. It is a key player in the startup movement that is increasingly growing across the country. Hyderabad has been in the spotlight for a long time, from creating a startup ecosystem that encourages and stimulates development and mentorship to the ease of doing business. The city is one of the top five cities for both startup creation and funding since 2016. According to a recent survey, a total of 933 startups were created in the last three years, from 2019 to 2021, in the city with $515 million in total funding during that time. In comparison, 1,438 startups were formed between 2016 and 2018, while the ecosystem was still in its infancy, despite a total capital of $274 million. According to Tracxn’s annual report, the market share for total companies formed in 2019-21 was at 7%, while the market share for investments raised was at 3%. The city of Nizams is playing an integral part in altering India’s startup story by nurturing innovative organisations. Today, Hyderabad is at the centre of India’s entrepreneurial ecosystem by developing and launching the pearls that are guiding diverse industries to mentorship through incubation centres and academic cells. One could say Hyderabad is one of the cities in India with the most potential when it comes to intelligent startups. In the last few years, Hyderabad’s startup scene has evolved greatly. The government’s innovation-centric approach, which includes the development of incubators like T-Hub and WE Hub, along with technology-focused institutions like IIIT-H and IIT-H and innovation-led entities like RICH, TASK, TSIC, and TWorks, has pushed the startup ecosystem in the city to new heights. Investments in India increased threefold from $13 billion in 2020 to $35 billion in 2021. In addition, the number of unicorns created increased from 16 unicorns in 2020 to 41 unicorns in 2021. Every day, new startups surface in Hyderabad, and even those that aren’t so new are bringing their A-game. They attract people to work in the startup business in Hyderabad for a variety of reasons, such as exceptional products and clever advertising. The startup culture in the city offers impressive prospects for growth, smaller teams, and worker satisfaction, along with other things. Hyderabad has evolved to become one of India’s most popular startup centres in recent years. Developing innovative and software startups thrive in this atmosphere, thanks to institutions like IIT-Hyderabad, T-Hub, IIIT-H, and others that support and nurture upcoming entrepreneurs and startups. In the year 2021, 3143 new businesses were established in this city. T-hub, a well-planned and well-executed state government led incubator for startups, has now become an integral element of Nizams City. According to AngelList, there are now 560 startup companies operating in this city. In the sector of core technology, Hyderabad is slowly gaining traction. Hyderabad-based startups have earned a total of $515 million in funding in just three years, and several of them are aiming to join the unicorn club (startups valued at $1 billion) in the coming years. Currently, in the year 2022, the City of Hyderabad has around 4000 startups. 1. Skyroot Aerospace Funding Rounds- 4 Valuation- $ 22.1 Million   This Hyderabad-based startup is a manufacturer of tiny payload launch vehicles. The corporation provides launch vehicles and transportation solutions for satellites travelling from Earth to orbit. The vehicle can launch payloads weighing between 200 and 700 kilogrammes into low-Earth orbit. Advanced cryogenic methalox engines, stable rocket boosters, and rapid assembly capability are among its benefits. Skyroot Aerospace is a space technology startup whose mission is to address a growing concern in the global space industry providing low-cost launch systems that allow astronauts to reach space in less time. Vikram I, II, and III, the startup’s three launch vehicles, can carry payloads ranging from 200 kg to 700 kg to low Earth orbit. Skyroot Aerospace is India’s first space launch vehicle manufacturer, specialising in low-cost space access rockets. The team is presently arranging a 3D printed liquid propellant engine and a composite (carbon fibre) high-performance solid rocket motor for the test. In addition, it is in discussions with satellite firms about signing up customers for its initial launches. The startup, according to reports, has exciting plans for new space products, which will be announced early next year. Its rocket architecture is very mass-producible and versatile, with the ability to nearly increase payload power with only a few improvements. Mukesh Bansal and Ankit Nagori, the founders of CureFit have invested an undisclosed sum in the startup in June 2018, for an undisclosed amount. The impressive prospects in space are dependent on transit technologies from Earth to Space as a new space age emerges. This startup invents technologies that enable rapid, dependable and cost-effective access to space. It imagines a future in which space travel is as common, reliable, and economical as air travel. The startup has won a national award. 2. Practically Funding Rounds- 8 Valuation- $ 25.9 Million   Hyderabad-based startup Practically is an EdTech platform that focuses on STEM teaching through 3D movies, simulations, and augmented reality (AR) educational tools. This startup is a one-stop shop for students, parents, teachers, and schools that is both immersive and experiential. One small cross-platform software, combines gamification approaches, immersive learning assets, exam prep, and an AI-assisted study partner. Thousands of exciting, life-like simulations and augmented reality experiences are linked with learning paths using its patent-pending technology to bring learning alive and boost the rate of idea retention. Live classes, coding++, and a 24×7 seek help option for doubt resolution, where students can reach out to subject experts on the site, are all available through the startup. Practically is India’s first experiential learning app for students in grades 6 through 12. It is aimed to make learning immersive for students in grades 6 through 12. The startup has a large library of 3000+ world-class 3D films, 1000+ augmented reality experiences, and simulations. It is the first EdTech startup in the world to introduce the ground-breaking #ScanAnything capability. It also provides life lessons, dedicated mentor support, a Study Plan, Test Prep, and Coding++ course, as well as an, AI Study Buddy Proton and a 24-hour Seek Help tool. The Practically School Solution, a B2B2C product, provides free access to the Practically teacher app to schools and teachers in India. The startup also has a significant presence in the Middle East and is fast-growing to serve additional markets in the region, such as South-East Asia. Practically has benefited approximately 15,00,000 children, 18,000 instructors, and 350 schools to date, and this community is still growing. It has won awards like Best EdTech Startup of the Year – Startup Awards 2021 by Entrepreneur India magazine’s Tie50 at TieCon 2021. Before Series B funding, the company had raised a total of $14 million from top-tier investors. Students can use an AR-based STEM learning app provided by this startup. The platform provides a mobile app that combines augmented reality, simulations, and 3D films to provide students with hands-on STEM learning. With features like realistic video content, experiential learning, live classes, and an AI assistant, it aids conceptual understanding and retention. Students may reach out to subject specialists on the portal, which provides support features for resolving doubts. Its B2B2C platform also includes a teaching app for schools and instructors. Videos, simulations, augmented reality, reports, exam preps, surveys, analytics, and assignments are all available on the instructor app. The Android and iOS versions of the software are both available. 3. Paymatrix   Paymatrix, based in Hyderabad, Telangana, is trying to make it easier for renters and landlords to earn and transact on their Property Rent payments and collections. The startup facilitates timely rent payments and collections by facilitating rent and rental deposit credit. Aside from rental payments, it even provides digital rent paperwork, tenant screening services, and renter’s insurance, all of which make renting or leasing a breeze. Paymatrix is an analytics-driven interface that helps tenants, landlords, and property managers manage their rental properties more efficiently. It facilitates short-term lending, allowing people and organisations to better handle cash flow and unexpected needs. Users can use their credit cards to pay for all of their expenditures and bills in one spot, including rent, rent deposit, maintenance, tuition fees, and vendor payments, and earn rewards and miles on each payment. Users can escape the difficulties of short-term borrowing loans and never miss a bill due to a cash shortage. It has developed an analytics-driven Property Rent management platform that can assist tenants, landlords, and property managers with all interactions and transactions from onboarding to offboarding. The startup claims to handle millions of dollars in property rent payments and collections every month, preserving thousands of renters’ money on rent and deposits while allowing landlords and property managers to earn more money on rents. X-seed, t-hub, PayPal, IIIT-Hyderabad, and SucSEED are major investors in this startup. This startup is a rent payment and collection forum using a SaaS-based payment management platform. This makes it easier for tenants, landlords, and property managers to pay and collect rent. Rental analytics, rental agreements, payment reminders, and screening services are the services it provides. The startup offers a customer loyalty programme that rewards customers with incentives and cashback on transactions. Individuals and businesses can even get short-term credit with Paymatrix. With a customer base of 99,000 people in 12 cities, it has processed over 280 crores in credit. IIM Bangalore selected the startup for the NSRCEL Fintech Startup Incubation programme, and ICICI Securities provided funding. NASSCOM 10K Startup has also backed this venture. It won the UK’s TECH Rocketship Award (2017-18) and the HYSEA 2017 Design Award for the finest Early-stage Consumer startup. It was selected for Village Tech Capital 2016, funded by PayPal, BlackRock, and the DBS Foundation, and was recognised in Nasscom Emerge 50 Startups. The company also took first place in the Venture Startup Junction Series. 4. Eunimart Funding Rounds- 9 Valuation- $ 2.2 Million   Hyderabad-based Eunimart is a cross-border e-commerce platform that facilitates SMEs to sell their products abroad. It was founded in 2016 by Shayak Mazumder and Archana Shah. Across 84 countries, the startup connects retailers to 18 marketplaces, 10 shipping partners, two payment backers, warehousing alternatives, and more. It combines all of these platforms into a single dashboard and automates all of the activities, letting SMEs sell globally without the need for highly technical people, months of preparation, or significant losses. This startup is a one-stop-shop for e-commerce merchants looking to sell in foreign markets. The startup is a full-service solution provider for your company. It offers a broad spectrum of advanced services to assist businesses in achieving their goals. In keeping with its purpose, it believes in developing a platform that is quick, easy to use, and affordable. Eunimart is an end-to-end AI-powered omnichannel trade and commerce management platform for small and medium businesses (SMBs) selling abroad. Businesses can use this platform to find cross-border eCommerce solutions. Selling on American and European marketplaces, along with multi-channel management, order management, inventory management, global payment gateways, and logistic partner partnerships are all available. Catalogue management, SKU management, customs clearance, and analytics for merchants to increase sales are just a few of the features. The startup also uses AI for image optimization, pricing tools, and a competitive product analyzer, among other things. Across 84 countries, the startup connects retailers to 18 marketplaces, 10 shipping partners, two payment partners, warehousing alternatives, and more. It combines all of these platforms into a single dashboard and automates all of the activities, allowing SMEs to sell worldwide without the need for highly technical people, months of preparation, or considerable losses. The startup’s AI technologies assist merchants with automatic cataloguing, product pricing, image and content optimization, portfolio optimization, competitive analysis, sales projection, and other tasks. SucSEED Venture Partners, a Hyderabad-based early-stage investment firm, invested an unknown sum in Eunimart in September 2019. Eunimart is a one-stop e-commerce solution that allows you to sell anywhere, any time. This opens up a lot of opportunities for SMEs in India, like handicrafts, handlooms, jewellers, and SME enterprises looking to export, to reach global markets and improve their sales and profits with ease. Eunimart is a complete AI-enabled end-to-end omnichannel trade and commerce management platform for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) selling abroad. 5. StanPlus Funding Rounds- 5 Valuation- $ 19.6 Million   StanPlus is a medical transportation startup based in Hyderabad. StanPlus is the market leader in the field of smart medical response. It delivers hospitals and businesses tech solutions to supplement their existing medical response systems, allowing them to respond faster and give a better experience for patients throughout the emergency value chain. Stanplus provides an online emergency response tool. The startup allows users to order a private ambulance in an emergency and provides ambulance operators with an intuitive fleet management platform. Trained personnel, real-time tracking, and coordination among many stakeholders in the emergency response chain are the main characteristics. The startup not only gathers available ambulances, but also standardises them, teaches drivers CPR and first aid, and does quality inspections on the ambulances’ interiors, along with other things. Patients can even follow their progress in real-time via SMS. In January 2018, the startup received $1.1 million in venture funding from Kstart (Kalaari Capital’s seed fund), with participation from CM Diamant, a Canadian and African chain of medical centres and hospitals, and INSEAD Angels (Asia). Charles Antoine Janssen, CIO, HealthQuad, said the innovative, tech-enabled platform developed by StanPlus can be increasingly expanded and has the potential to save millions of lives, pointing out that fatality rates for road traffic accidents, cardiac and neurological emergencies are especially higher in India than in the developed world, owing to a lack of efficient medical emergency response systems. The startup offers hospitals and businesses tech solutions to supplement their existing medical response systems, allowing them to respond faster and give a better experience for patients throughout the emergency value chain. StanPlus promises to provide round-the-clock medical transportation help to anyone in need, backed by a fleet of over 900 ambulances that operate 24/7, ensure medical transport within 15 minutes, and are equipped with top-of-the-line equipment and highly competent personnel. 6. Payswiff Funding Rounds- 8 Valuation- $ 60.8 Million Acquisition Price- $ 60.6 Million   Hyderabad-based Payswiff is a provider of point-of-sale (POS) and mobile point-of-sale (MPOS) solutions for businesses that accept credit cards. Merchants can accept contact and contactless card payments with its POS terminal. The POS software allows the merchant to accept card-on-delivery, email receipts, and offer an EMI option, among other things. The startup provides best-in-class commerce infrastructure products and solutions for the Indian and Southeast Asian digital landscapes. It streamlines the challenges of running a business with best-in-class tools such as faster merchant onboarding, financial solutions, banking integration, business reports, and more. It also provides turnkey solutions to banks and financial institutions so that they may provide new generation technology to their SME customers. It currently has 3 million merchants in over 500 cities across 10 countries. It is linked to over 50 banks and financial organisations around the world. Payswiff was named the winner of the first Indian round of the Visa Everywhere Initiative (VEI) by the payments technology giant Visa. VEI is a major worldwide innovation initiative that seeks out and collaborates with fintech businesses to develop cutting-edge solutions to digital payment issues. Payswiff won for its end-to-end omnichannel electronic payments system for banks, SMEs, and enterprise merchants, the Visa Everywhere Initiative received more than 260 fintech startups and 400+ applications, a record number for any VEI programme outside of the US. It provides SME merchants with a platform that incorporates technological and financial solutions to help them run their businesses, expand, and attract more customers. The startup also provides mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) systems, which comprise Android and iOS apps as well as a mobile card reader. Merchants may now use the mobile app to create and transmit payment links, as well as accept payments from wallets. A GST-compliant E-way bill software is one of the additional alternatives available. Singapore, the Philippines, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Georgia, Belarus, Romania, and Ghana are all Payswiff locations. It got the StartAP 2018 Vizag Best Fintech Startup Award. Payswiff Solutions was named one of the “25 Hottest Fintech Companies in 2018” by APAC CIO Outlook. The startup was also named a winner in the Category Leaders category at the 2019 Reach Acceptance Summit. It has also received Singapore’s Financial Services & Insurance Excellence Awards. 7. Pure EV Funding Rounds- 3 Valuation- $ 206 Million   Based in Hyderabad, PURE (Power Using Renewable Energy), a startup incubated at IIT Hyderabad, has focused on facilitating the shift to sustainable energy sources. For the corporation, energy storage technology has been a crucial area of competence. Many major corporate companies, universities, hospitals, residential communities, NGOs, and schools have commissioned hybrid solar storage projects from the startup. Under the brand “PURE EV,” the company began producing electric two-wheelers, as well as high-performance Lithium batteries under the brand “PURE Lithium.”   The startup has set up a 40,000-square-foot manufacturing facility. The startup introduced its first electric motorcycle, the ETRYST 350, in August 2021, which is designed, developed, and built-in India. It was designed and built at PURE EV’s technical and manufacturing centre, and it has a top speed of 85 kmph, making it comparable to most Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) motorcycles in terms of riding quality. A single full charge will get you 120 kilometres before the battery needs to be recharged. The startup is an electric two-wheeler manufacturer. Epluto7G, Entrance neo, Entrance, Egnite, and Etron+ are some of the electric scooter and bicycle types developed by the business. Some of the features include anti-theft smart locks and alloy wheels, LCD screens, dual suspension, all-terrain bicycles with telescopic front suspension, and hybrid electric bicycles with front and rear disc brakes. It also sells Li-ion batteries for a variety of uses. PURE ENERGY stands for Power Using Renewable Energy, and the startup has been focused on assisting the transition to sustainable energy sources from its inception. For the corporation, energy storage technology has been a crucial area of competence. For many major corporate groups, universities, hospitals, residential communities, NGOs, and schools, the startup has completed hybrid solar storage projects. The startups’ management team has extensive academic and energy industry experience. The startup began manufacturing electric two-wheelers under the brand PURE EV , as well as high-performance lithium batteries under the brand PURE Lithium. Shri V C Nannapaneni, a visionary in the pharmaceutical business, has invested in the company. The startup has established a dedicated 40,000 sqft production facility and is on track to become one of India’s premier EV companies shortly. In the EV and ESS business sectors, the company is focused on creating goods that are popular with the general public and establishing a reliable brand reputation. 8. Donate Kart Funding Rounds- 4 Valuation- $ 1.83 Million   Hyderabad-based, Donatekart is India’s most dependable online charity donation platform. The startup is a one-of-a-kind platform that allows people to contribute things to NGOs/Charities instead of money online. Its mission is to increase the transparency of online donations so that every Indian and non-resident Indian can confidently donate back to society. The startup claims to have distributed over 4 million goods worth 35 crores to over 800 NGOs across India from 2 lakh unique donors within the first few months since its inception. Donatekart, founded by NIT alumni, has won numerous prizes, including the 40 Under 40 Award and the Nasscom Social Innovation Award, and is incubated at T Hub in Hyderabad and Zone Startups at the Bombay Stock Exchange in Mumbai. Donatekart is a philanthropic startup that assists in the creation of campaigns to obtain products that are in urgent need. Donors can choose which organisations they want to support and which products they wish to contribute. It also provides items to organisations, giving transparency to non-governmental organisation donations by substituting in-kind donations for monetary donations. The startup is the first of its kind in the world, combining crowdfunding and eCommerce. It is the first platform of its kind that allows donors to donate things to NGOs/Charities instead of money. It helps Nonprofit organisations to use an online crowdfunding platform to raise funds. Users can explore campaigns on the platform and give products or money to the NGOs to help them succeed. Users can also start a fundraising campaign. This startup promotes initiatives in a variety of areas, including animal welfare, education, children’s education, and medical care. BSE, Sammaan, Zone Startup, NASSCOM, t-HUB, and HDFC bank are among its backers. The startup is India’s most trustworthy charity donation platform. It has assisted 1000+ NGOs throughout India to raise close to 100 crores worth of items in the previous 20 months since its start, as well as 5 lakh+ unique donors who used the site to route donations to charities of their choice. During the Azim Premji Social Enterprise Challenge in Bangalore in 2018, the organization’s business model was ranked second. 9. Chezuba Funding Rounds- 9 Valuation- $ 1.85 Million   Hyderabad-based Chezuba is a one-stop-shop for NGOs looking for skilled volunteers from all around the world. The startup creates an environment where NGOs can outsource any activity, from IT to design to content to social media, to corporate employees who will perform it for free. The company has access to a dashboard that displays information such as how many employees volunteered, how many volunteer hours were logged, and how many NGOs benefited as a result of their employees’ efforts. This startup is a volunteering platform that connects NGOs with needs with people who wish to contribute their time and expertise. Chezuba is a digital platform that allows business employees to give back to society by allowing them to volunteer online using their skills. The startup aspires to organise the disorganised volunteer sector. It aims to use virtual volunteering to bridge the global gap between the talents that are now in use and the abilities that are required. It boosts the effectiveness of NGOs by assisting them in the creation of online volunteering initiatives that allow them to outsource their responsibilities to professionals. It also assists the skilled workforce in finding influential initiatives with visible results that they can work on from home and add to their social impact portfolio by giving online volunteering options from around the world. As a result, it’s creating a social platform to unite like-minded people and urge the next generation to put their abilities to good use. The startup also provides a customised corporate volunteering platform with volunteer activity dashboards for employees. Chezuba has worked with non-profits in 76 countries and has over 100 registered volunteers. It has been accelerated by 500 startups and is one of Forbes’ 30 under 30 in Asia for 2020. To provide transformative experiences, the startup has connected with several organisations that allow volunteers to participate in different ways, such as raising funds for partner NGOs through crowdfunding, marathons, corporate volunteering, and so on. Chezuba, established in Hyderabad, is a global online volunteering platform that connects professionals from all over the world to help non-profit organisations through skill-based online volunteering. It makes volunteering extremely simple, accessible, and enjoyable. The startup envisions a society in which anybody, anywhere may leave an indelible mark without having to relocate or travel. 10. UrbanKisaan Funding Rounds- 3 Valuation- $ 125 K   Urban Kisaan is an online marketplace that sells hydroponic veggies. The startup creates vertical farms and distributes them to consumers directly through subscription-based apps. Every Indian’s fruit and vegetable purchasing experience is being transformed by UrbanKisaan, India’s first farmers’ marketplace that connects people directly with farmers across the country. UrbanKisaan constructs vertical farms and distributes the food directly to customers through a subscription-based app in India. It works with small-scale farmers to boost yields by using the core IP they’ve developed over the years in precision farming, hydroponics, and core agronomy. It even allows residents to grow their veggies in indoor hydroponic gardens. The startup ensures that customers can subscribe to receive salad and spring mix deliveries. With its vertical farms, Hyderabad-based UrbanKisaan is bringing standardisation to farming and agriculture to the urban landscape, combining automation and the internet of things to improve efficiency, increase farmer revenue, and enable sustainable farming. The startup practises hydroponic gardening, which includes growing plants in water rather than in dirt. The water runs in a closed-loop, supplying water to all of the plants. Either the plant consumes water or evaporates. There isn’t a drop of water wasted anywhere. As a result, it is a long-term farming strategy. In addition to boosting its operations in Hyderabad, the startup also plans to expand into Bengaluru. Its primary goal is to serve the B2C market, but it will also cater to B2B businesses such as restaurants on a case-by-case basis. Fresh veggies and green vegetables are grown on the company’s farms and delivered to customers’ doors. While Hyderabad possesses the majority of the necessary ingredients, analysts believe that some crucial elements of the startup ecosystem require additional attention. For one thing, the city’s startups require greater investor attention, as most large private equity firms and even venture-capital funds have historically been based in locations such as Mumbai and Bengaluru, where startups naturally receive a larger share of their fundraising pie. There is still a scarcity of high-quality startups focused on cutting-edge innovation, and Hyderabad has stepped up to the plate. Many major corporations have historically used Hyderabad as a back office, with many of them establishing their innovation centres in Bengaluru. The city of Nizams must play a vital part in altering India’s startup tale by nurturing innovative organisations. Today, Hyderabad is at the centre of India’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, from development and launching the pearls that are leading various industries to mentorship through incubation centres and academic cells. Share this:

Chezuba Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • When was Chezuba founded?

    Chezuba was founded in 2017.

  • Where is Chezuba's headquarters?

    Chezuba's headquarters is located at Sardar Patel Road, 205, Saptagiri Towers, Hyderabad.

  • What is Chezuba's latest funding round?

    Chezuba's latest funding round is Biz Plan Competition.

  • How much did Chezuba raise?

    Chezuba raised a total of $200K.

  • Who are the investors of Chezuba?

    Investors of Chezuba include Innopreneurs and 500 Kobe Accelerator.

  • Who are Chezuba's competitors?

    Competitors of Chezuba include Catchafire, Goodera, Vee, Deed, Benevity and 7 more.

  • What products does Chezuba offer?

    Chezuba's products include Corporate Volunteering Platform and 1 more.

  • Who are Chezuba's customers?

    Customers of Chezuba include Fortinet, Tata Group, Yexle and ServiceNow.


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