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Series D | Alive

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$300M | 3 yrs ago



About Capsule

Capsule offers mobile-based pharmacy solutions. It delivers medication to users after they send their refills or prescriptions. It also allows users to transfer their refills or prescription from their old pharmacies and coordinates with their doctors and insurance companies. It was founded in 2015 and is based in New York, New York.

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122 West 146th

New York, New York, 10039,

United States



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Capsule named as Leader among 9 other companies, including Truepill, Alto Pharmacy, and Nimble.


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Capsule Patents

Capsule has filed 3 patents.

The 3 most popular patent topics include:

  • chemical process engineering
  • chemical processes
  • designer drugs
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Dragon Ball: Vegeta's Best Friends, Ranked

Nov 7, 2023

Published 10 minutes ago These Dragon Ball characters are some of the most important friends that Vegeta has made throughout the franchise's run. Given his status as the Prince of Saiyans, Vegeta of Dragon Ball fame must keep an air of honor and independence to maintain his honor as one of the last pure members of the warrior race. In turn, his self-made achievements in his pursuit of greater power have earned the respect of his various companions. Despite his rocky start with Earth’s Z-Fighters, Vegeta slowly managed to earn the respect of his peers, with his hate for Goku growing into a fierce—and eventually friendly—rivalry. However, aside from his common association with Goku, Vegeta has earned himself quite a lot of friends over the years, some of whom fans could deservedly call the Prince’s best friends. Despite Vegeta’s rather harsh exterior, which Dragon Ballcharacters earned the title of being his friend? 10 Nappa First Appearance Status Impact To Vegeta Father’s soldier who got assigned to him, loyal to him even after Planet Vegeta’s destruction Nappa serves as Vegeta’s second-in-command during the Vegeta Saga of Dragon Ball Z, being the more sadistic and destructive half of Vegeta’s cool but merciless nature. While Nappa’s story is cut short when Vegeta kills him after Goku breaks his back, flashbacks demonstrate a closer relationship between Vegeta and Nappa than their initial dynamic. Nappa’s grudge against Vegeta for killing him aside, Nappa may have genuinely cared for the young prince. An immediate precedence for his looking after the Prince is the fact that Nappa served under King Vegeta’s Saiyan Warriors and maintained his status as Vegeta’s subordinate even after the planet’s destruction. While Vegeta killing Nappa after his defeat at the hands of Goku may imply Vegeta not having any use for his ally, it may have been his version of mercy-killing a disgraced Saiyan. 9 Krillin Impact To Vegeta Perhaps the only one among the Z-Fighters he treats more than an acquaintance due to their experience in the Frieza Saga Among the human members of the Z-Fighters in Dragon Ball Z, it seems Krillin has had the closest interactions with Vegeta throughout the series. A majority of these moments happen in the Frieza Saga, where Vegeta forms a temporary alliance with Krillin and Gohan to stop Freeza from gathering the Dragon Balls. Vegeta even at some point presents Krillin with the opportunity to kill him as vengeance for what he’s done on Earth, only for Krillin to refuse. While their interactions are barely enough to constitute a “friendship,” Vegeta seems to have a decent amount of respect for Krillin. After all, Krillin’s antics in front of Vegeta did demonstrate the Earthling as a capable fighter, such as fooling Nappa and Freeza in their encounters. Vegeta even considers Krillin as a formidable ally. 8 Whis Impact To Vegeta Insisted on becoming his student to be able to reach Goku’s heights until he and Goku became Whis’s students Despite Whis paying more attention to his liege Beerus as a Guide Angel to the God of Destruction, the angel has grown particularly fond of Earth for its cuisine. Among Dragon Ball’s Z-Fighters, however, Vegeta is the first to approach Whis to become his student before Goku eventually tags along. It’s revealed that Vegeta and Goku constantly bribe Whis with Earth delicacies to maintain their training, and it’s implied the two mastered Super Saiyan Blue with his assistance. While Vegeta and Whis are mostly shown to have a student-master relationship, it’s implied that Whis is proud of the two’s achievements. Although they haven’t been directly referenced as friends, their time spent training is still more than what Vegeta has spent with his other comrades. 7 Beerus Feared due to his reputation but would eventually earn his respect as a teacher Vegeta knew of Beerus’ reputation and was visibly afraid when meeting the God of Destruction for the first time, eventually becoming an errand boy. Vegeta and Goku eventually get Beerus’s permission to train under Whis on his personal planet, hinting Beerus was excited to see the pair reach new heights. This was visibly seen when Beerus gets excited that the duo used mastered Super Saiyan Blue against Jiren in the Tournament of Power. However, one defining moment of Beerus’s “affection” for Vegeta is personally handling his training when Vegeta admits wanting to learn Ultra Instinct . As an alternative, Beerus personally trains Vegeta in using his innate Power of Destruction, allowing him to access the equally powerful Ultra Ego. 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Capsule Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • When was Capsule founded?

    Capsule was founded in 2015.

  • Where is Capsule's headquarters?

    Capsule's headquarters is located at 122 West 146th, New York.

  • What is Capsule's latest funding round?

    Capsule's latest funding round is Series D.

  • How much did Capsule raise?

    Capsule raised a total of $570M.

  • Who are the investors of Capsule?

    Investors of Capsule include Durable Capital Partners, Baillie Gifford, IPD Capital, Whale Rock Capital Management, T. Rowe Price and 8 more.

  • Who are Capsule's competitors?

    Competitors of Capsule include Alto Pharmacy, Truepill, Medly, Arrive Health, Nimble and 7 more.


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