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Advansa is a leading international fiber supplier in the textile and technical applications industries. The company produces sustainable polyester fibers from recycled plastic bottles, offering a range of high-tech fibers for home textiles and various technical uses. Advansa's fibers are utilized in products such as pillows, duvets, mattresses, furniture, and technical applications including filtration systems, specialty papers, and automotive components. It was founded in 2011 and is based in Hamm, Germany.

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Frielinghauser Straβe 5

Hamm, 59071,




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History 1925 - Hacı Ömer Sabancı moved to Adana. 1932 - ÇIRÇIR PLANT Hacı Ömer Sabancı became a shareholder.

Jan 19, 2024

1925 - Sabancı Holding was founded. 1925 - Hacı Ömer Sabancı started working in the cotton trade business. ÇIRÇIR PLANT Hacı Ömer Sabancı became a shareholder in a cotton ginning plant. 1943 - Yağsa Hacı Ömer Sabancı became a shareholder in a vegetable oil plant, known as Türk Nebati Yağlar Fabrikasi. 1946 - Marsa - Hacı Ömer Sabancı acquired a second vegetable oil plant. 1948 - Akbank Hacı Ömer Sabancı founded the Bank as a shareholder. Erciyes Palas Hacı Ömer Sabancı established a modern complex hotel, restaurant, movie theater and shopping center in a central district of Adana (sold in 2004). 1949 - MISIRLI FARM Hacı Ömer Sabancı acquired his first farm of 1,000 hectares in Çukurova-Ceyhan (sold in 2001). 1950 - Bossa Flour Hacı Ömer Sabancı set up a flour and cotton ginning mill. 1951 - Bossa Textiles Hacı Ömer Sabancı made new investments in Bossa. 1953 - ÇIRIK FARM Hacı Ömer Sabancı acquired his second farm of 650 hectares in Adana-Yureğir. (sold in 2002) 1954 - Oralitsa Construction Materials Trading Ltd. (liquidated in 1998) was founded. Oralitsa Construction Materials Trading Ltd. liquidated in 1998. 1957 - Madama Farm Hacı Ömer Sabancı acquired his third farm of 300 hectares in Çukurova near Tarsus. (sold in 2002) 1958 - Sapeksa Textiles and Soil Products Manufacturing and Trading Inc. was founded. 1960 - Aksigorta Insurance Company was founded. 1961 - ŞAkir Paşa Farm Hacı Ömer Sabancı acquired his fourth farm of 250 hectares in Adana next to the airport 1966 - Hacı Ömer Sabancı passed away in Istanbul Sasa Synthetic Fibers Inc. was founded. 1967 - Hacı Ömer Sabancı Holding was founded. Akçimento Cement Inc was founded. Akçimento Büyükçekmece Cement Factory was founded. INSA Istanbul Nylon Yarn Inc. (liquidated in 2004) was founded. 1968 - Temsa Thermo Mechanical Equipments Inc. was founded. Plassa Plastic Industry and Trading Inc. (merged into Pilsa in 1992) was founded Olmuksa Corrugated Cardboard and Paper Inc. (established joint venture with International Paper in 1998) was founded. 1971 - Pilsa Plastic Industry Inc. was founded. Teksa Cotton and Synthetic Yarn, Velvet Weaving and Finishing Inc. (merged into Bossa in 1993) was found 1972 - Çimsa Cement Inc. was founded. Exsa Export Inc. was founded. Akkardansa Propeller Shafts Inc. (sold in 2003) 1973 - Yunsa Carpet and Worsted Products Inc. was founded. Kordsa Tire Cord Fabric Inc. was founded. 1973 - Kordsa was founded. Vaksa Hacı Ömer Sabancı Foundation was established in Adana Atlantik Insurance Inc. (Cigna-Sa Insurance Inc. after 1987, sold in 1996) Lassa Tire Inc. (Brisa Bridgestone Sabancı Tire Industry and Trade Inc. after 1988) 1975 - Doğan Sigorta was purchased. (Renamed as Akhayat Sigorta in 1995 and as Akemeklilik in 2003) Lisa Tire Export and Marketing Inc. (merged into Tursa in 1999) Bimsa Electronic Data Processing Inc. (I-BımsaIBM Sabancı International Business Information and Management Systems after the joint venture with IBM in 1992 and Bimsa again in 2004 after the acquisition of the shares of IBM) 1976 - Cipas Cement Products Inc. (Betonsa after 1994 and Betonsa merged into Akçansa in 1998) 1979 - İhsan Sabancı passed away. 1980 - Holsa Inc Trading CompanyNew York (Exsa Americas after 2004) Dönkasan Paper Supplies Industry 1981 - Ak International Bank Ltd. London. (Sabancı Bank after 1993) 1982 - Susa Liquid Bottling and Trading Inc. (merged into Marsa KJS in 1993, joined Danonesa in 1997) 1984 - Universal Trading [Jersey] Ltd. was founded in London. 1985 - Ankara International Hotels Inc. was founded. BNP-Akbank Inc. was founded. (BNP Paribas-Akbank) (BNP-Ak-Dresdner Bank Inc. after the investment of Dresdner Bank in 1988, Ak International Bank after the acquisition of the shares of foreign partners by Akbank in 2005) 1986 - Hefti Worsted Fabric Weaving and Finishing Inc. (sold in 2002) was founded. Argesa Tire Research and Development Center was founded. 1986 - 1986 Hefti Worsted Fabric Weaving and Finishing Inc. 1986 Sabancı Center Groundbreaking 1992 - IBimsa (IBM-Sabancı partnership) International Business Information and Management Systems was founded. (after the investment of IBM in Bimsa, and Bimsa again in 2004 after the acquisition of the shares of IBM) Exsa U.K. Garforth Textile PlantLeeds was founded in England. (transferred to Dupontsa in 2000, ceased operations in 2002) Oysa İskenderun Cement Inc. was founded by the partnership of Oyak and Sabancı. (merged with Oysa Nigde into Oysa in 2003) Oysa Niğde (Oyaksabancı) Cement Inc. (merged with Oysa Iskenderun into Oysa in 2003) Plassa merged into Pilsa 1993 - Marsa KJS Food Products Manufacturing Inc. was founded. Marsa KJS  Food Products Manufacturing Inc. was founded by the partnership of Kraft Jacobs Suchard and Sabancı Teksa merged into Bossa Nile Kordsa Tire Cord Fabric Inc. was founded by the partnership of Mısır Packaging Ltd and Sabancı in Egypt Headquarters of Sabancı Holding moved to Sabancı Center Susa merged into Marsa Betonsa Cement Products Inc. was founded. (merged into Akçansa in 1998) 1994 - Toyotasa Automotive Inc. started production. Mersin International Hotels merged into Tursa  Sabancı Bank Guernsey Ltd. was founded 1996 - Özdemir Sabancı passed away untimely. Cignasa was sold. Akçansa (CBR-Sabancı) Cement Manufacturing Inc. (Heidelberg Cement became partner after acquiring CBR in 2000) Enerjisa Energy Production Inc. was founded. 1997 - Sabancı Holding Initial Public Offering. Hoecsa (Hoechst-Sabancı partnership) Polyester Tire Cord Fabric Manufacturing Inc. was founded. (Sakosa after 1998after our partner Hoechst transferred its activities in industrial polyester yarn and cord fabric to Koch-Saba [Kosa], a USA-Mexico consortium, Sabancı became the only shareholder by purchasing a 50% share from Kosa in 2001) Danonesa (Danone-Sabancı partnership) Food Products Manufacturing Inc. was founded. (shares sold to the partner in 2003) Exsa Handels Gmbh-Frankfurt was liquidated. Turk Philips Industry Inc. ,Turk Philips Trade Inc and Turk Philips Illumination Industry and Trade Inc. shares sold to the partner Sabancı University Groundbreaking Karçimsa Cement Manufacturing Inc. was founded. 1998 - Hacı Sabancı passed away. Danonesa acquired Tikveşli. 1999 - Sabancı University was opened. 2000 - Dupontsa B.V. (Dupont-Sabancı partnership) was founded. Dupontsa B.V. (Dupont-Sabancı partnership) (Sabancı became the only shareholder by purchasing a 50% share from Dupont in 2004 and renamed as Advansa in 2005 Exsa U.K Garforth Textile Plant was transferred to Dupontsa B.V. Kraftsa (Kraft Foods-Sabancı partnership) Food Products was founded. (shares sold to the partner in 2002) Yazakisa shares were sold to the partner. Toyotasa shares were sold to the partner. Toyotasa PazarlamaPassenger Cars Marketing Inc. was founded. Carrefoursa acquired Continent Hypermarket Chain in Turkey Teknosa – Electronics and appliance retailing was founded. 2000 - Teknosa was founded. Exsa Deutschland GmbH merged into Yünsa. 2004 - Sakıp Sabancı passed away. Pilsa PVC Profiles and Frames production facilities operating under the name Winsa was sold. Insa was liquidated. I-Bimsa shares were bought from IBM and the company's name changed to Bimsa Exsa Foods Ltd. Food Marketing, Sales and Distribution Company was founded in England. Sabancı became the only shareholder of Dupontsa by purchasing the 50% share from Dupont (was renamed Advansa after 2005) 2005 - SA 15+ (Sabancı in 2015 and after ) project was launched. Sabancı Holding acquired DuPont’s 50 % share in DuPont Sabancı International LLC, known as DuSA, thus increasing its share in the company to 100%. DuPontSA was renamed as Advansa. BNP-Ak-Dresdner Bank was renamed as Ak Uluslararası Bankası; BNP-Ak-Finansal Kiralama was renamed as Ak Finansal Kiralama. Sabancı Holding acquired the shares of Cobafi, leading producer of DSP/HMLS polyester industrial yarns and cords. Carrefoursa, acquired Gima and Endi. Ahmet Dördüncü was appointed as the CEO for Sabancı Holding. Supplementary plants for Brisa and Beksa were inaugurated with the participation of Prime Minister Mr. Erdoğan. “Sakıp Sabancı Commemorative Stamps” were printed and issued by the General directorate of PTT. Akcansa and Cimsa, both of which are Sabancı Holding Cement Group Companies, acquired Ladik Cimento and Eskisehir (Standard) Cimento respectively at the Cement Plants tender organized by the Saving Deposits Insurance Fund (TMSF). The sales will be officially completed at the end of the legal process following the examination to be conducted by the Competition Authority. The comprehensive “Picasso is in Istanbul” Exhibition sponsored by Sabancı Holding, including the works of Pablo Picasso which were never exhibited until now, met art lovers in the Sakip Sabancı Museum for the first time in Turkey. 2006 - Sabancı Holding A.Ş. signed an equal partnership cooperation agreement with Austria's leading electricity company Verbund (Österreichische Elektrizitatswirtschafts Aktiengesellschafts) for its activities for the electricity market. Akbank and Citibank strategic partnership agreement was signed. Turkey's only global company Kordsa Global (partially owned by Sabancı Holding) bought the 99.5% of the shares of IQNE Qingdao Nylon Enterprise Limited which operates in China and belongs to Investa Group of USA. Temsa signed a contract with the leading plastics company of the Middle East Lasheen Group in order to manufacture busses in Egypt. H.Ö. Sabancı Holding A.S. (Sabancı) and Österreichische Elektrizitätswirtschafts-Aktiengesellschaft (Verbund) have signed a cooperation agreement to form a jointly controlled partnership targeting the Turkish electricity market. Kordsa Global A.S. a world leader in its business, has bought the majority shares of PT Branta Mulia 2007 - Verbund became a partner to 49.99% of Enerjisa. Verbund acquired 49,99% stake in Enerjisa. Sakip Sabancı's name was given to the meeting room in the Ministry of Education. Teknosa bought the majority shares of Primex Company which owns 48 stores named "Cosmo" in Romania and opened its first store in Bucharest. The "Evocations, Passages, Atmospheres. Paintings from the Sakıp Sabancı Museum, Istanbul" exhibition sponsored by Sabancı olding opened at the Gulbenkian Museum in Lisbon. The short name of Haci Omer Sabancı Foundation has been changed from ‘Vaksa’ to ‘Sabancı Vakfı’. Olmuksa opened a factory in Bursa. The merger in Turkish Life and Pension Sector between Ak Emeklilik and Aviva was completed and the new company was named Avivasa. Sabancı Holding Chairperson and Managing Director Guler Sabancı was awarded with the “Belgium Decoration of Honor”. “Lines in Gold: Ottoman Calligraphy Art from the Sakip Sabancı Museum” exhibition sponsored by Sabancı Holding opened in Madrid at Real Academia de Bellas Artes de Fernando (RABASF). Sabancı Holding, has been entitled to receive the ISO 27001 certificate, and become the first and only Holding Company in Turkey certified accordingly. 2008 - The foundations of the Bandırma, Kavşakbendi and Hacınıoğlu power plants were laid. Foundations of the Bandırma (920 MW) NGFPP, Kavşakbendi (180 MW) and Hacınınoğlu (142 MW) HEPPs were laid. loan agreement of € 1000 million was signed with the entities coordinated by West LG AG, Akbank, Enerjisa IFC, and the European Central Bank. Temsa Global’s Egypt and Adapazarı plants started operation. Sabancı Holding’s stocks in Pilsa were transferred to Wavin. Sabancı Holding’s stocks in Gidasa were transferred to Marmara Gıda San. ve Tic. A.S. Sabancı Holding’s stocks in Beksa were transferred to Bekaert S.A. Sabancı Holding’s stocks in Bossa were transferred to Akkardan A.S. SSM Calligraphy Collection was exhibited at the Real Alcázar in Seville, under the sponsorship of Sabancı Holding. At the 7th Golden Compass Public Relations Awards organised by the Turkish Public Relations Association (TUHID), the exhibition “Picasso in Istanbul” held under the sponsorship of Sabancı Holding won an award in the field “Culture & Arts” of the category “Corporate Social Responsibility”. 2009 - Sabancı Golden Collar Awards were launched. Sabancı Golden Collar Awards, a company-wide search to award excellence in six different categories, and recognised by the Turkish Public Relations Associatoin as the most successful internal communications project of the year, were initiated. Sabancı Holding sold its 65% stake in ToyotaSA to ALJ Lubnatsi Marketing. The Sabancı Foundation celebrated its 35th anniversary. Güler Sabancı was awarded the 2009 Raymond Georis Prize for Innovative Philanthropy. Güler Sabancı was presented with the Spanish Order of Civil Merit, "Encomienda de Numero" in recognition of her contributions to bilateral relations between the countries. Sponsored by Sabancı Holding, the exhibition "Venice and Istanbul During the Ottoman Period: Love By Any Other Name" opened at the Sakıp Sabancı Museum. 2010 - Enerjisa Bandırma Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant was Opened The largest and most efficient natural gas cycling plant was opened by EnerjiSA at EnerjiSA Bandırma Natural Gas Combined Cycling Plant. Sabancı Holding Chairman Güler Sabancı received Legion D’honneur, the French Legion of Honor. Sabancı Holding Chairman Güler Sabancı received "Silbernes Ehrenkreuz der Republik Österreich", the highest Legion of Honor in Austria. Zafer Kurtul has been appointed as the CEO of Sabancı Holding. 2011 - Sabancı Holding and Ageas, one of the pioneering insurance companies of Europe, became equal partners in Aksigorta. Hacınınoğlu Hydroelectric Power Plant was launched for production by EnerjiSA in Kahramanmaraş. The first waste heat recycling facility of Turkey was opened at Akşansa Çanakkale Plant. Güler Sabancı was awarded with "Clinton Global Citizenship Award" by Clinton Global Initiative. The energy activities of Sabancı Holding were merged. Being 50 percent affiliate of Sabancı Holding, the Energy Production, Energy Wholesale, Natural Gas Wholesale and Electricity Distribution Companies were transferred as capital contribution via partial separation of shares on to EnerjiSA, which is to be founded as a joint stock company. Sabancı Holding and Ageas, one of the most prominent insurance companies, claimed equal partnership on Aksigorta. 2012 - Enerjisa started power generation at Menge Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant. Çimsa acquired 51% shares of Afyon Çimento. Sabancı Group sponsored for the restoration of Atatürk Cultural Center. 2013 - Enerjisa, completed the transfer of shares of Verbund, of which it has 50 percent shares with Sabancı Holding, to E.ON, one of the world's largest electricity and natural gas companies. Hong Kong Polytechnic University , global leader of industry-university collaboration, granted Güler Sabancı, the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of Sabancı University, with Honorary PhD Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of Sabancı Foundation, Güler Sabancı received the "David Rockefeller Award" due to her contributions to social development.For the first time in Turkey's university-industry collaboration, a brand was included in the official syllabus in a university. "Sabancı Business Administration Seminars" credit courses will be held at Marmara University. Sabancı Holding and Carrefour decided to re-structure the 17 year-old CarrefourSA partnership. Sabancı Holding acquired 12 percent of CarrefourSA shares from Carrefour for TRY 141 million, assuming administration of the company. At Enerjisa, the shares of Verbund, which had 50 percent shares with Sabancı Holding, were transferred to E.ON, one of the largest electricity and natural gas companies in the world. Enerjisa acquired shares of İstanbul Anadolu Yakası Elektrik Dağıtım A.Ş (AYEDAŞ) and Toroslar Elektrik Dağıtım A.Ş (TOROSLAR EDAŞ). Enerjisa put Balıkesir Wind Farm (BARES) into operation. Brisa celebrated its 25th anniversary. Sabancı Holding sold all of its shares in Diasa. The sale of Sabancı Holding's 43.73% share in Olmuksa to its partner International Paper was completed. 2014 - Sabancı Holding launched the “Sabancı Volunteers” Program. Sabancı Holding commenced "Sabancı Volunteers" program that involve all Sabancı Group employees. Sabancı Holding Chairperson Güler Sabancı's Global Compact Board Membership was extended for 3 years by Ban Ki-Moon, the Secretary General of the United Nations. Sabancı Holding Chairperson Güler Sabancı was ranked fourth in the list of "Most Powerful Women" in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), as picked by the Fortune Magazine. Kordsa Global opened its second production plant in Indonesia. Kordsa Global R&D Center was awarded by the Turkish Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology the first place in two categories—all industries and the textile industry. Carrefoursa announced acquiring 85% shares of Kiler. 2016 - Sakıp Sabancı Center was established at Columbia University. Created at the 10th anniversary of the late Sakıp Sabancı's passing away as a token of respect to Turkey's dearly missed leader, the video installation "The Portrait of Sakıp Sabancı" was displayed at the Summer Exhibition of Royal Academy of Arts, one of the most established art organizations of England and the whole world. Enerjisa's Tufanbeyli power plant was taken into service. Composite Technologies Center of Excellence was taken into service by Kordsa Global in association with Sabancı University. 2017 - Kordsa initiated negotiations for purchasing Kordsa in the USA, Fabric Development Inc. (FDI) and Textile Products Inc. (TPI) companies with an investment of approximately $100 million Kordsa decided to take over Fabric Development Inc. (FDI) and Textile Products Inc. (TPI) companies with an investment worth almost 100 Million US Dollars. Mehmet Göçmen has been appointed as the CEO of Sabancı Holding. 2018 - Enerjisa Enerji A.Ş. was offered to public Enerjisa Enerji A.Ş. was offered to public through equal and joint sale of shares by Sabancı Holding and E. ON, and this public offering made history as the greatest TRY-based public offering in the private sector thanks to the high demand received from the foreign and domestic investors. Bimsa, which provided IT solutions to Sabancı Group for 43 years, was renamed as SabancıDx. FIRST, based in England, presented the Responsible Capitalism Award to Güler Sabancı, the Chairman of Sabancı Holding. Ms. Sabancı received her award at the award ceremony organized in London at the House of Lords. Enerjisa Enerji acquired Eşarj. 2019 - Kordsa purchased Axiom Materials Enerji Uretim gained a capacity of 500 MW with the “Wind Renewable Energy Resource Zones (YEKA)” tender projects offered by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources. Enerjisa Üretim has the potential of reaching to a total capacity of 4.107 MW with the investment to be made in Aydın and Çanakkale Regions. Kordsa took over Axiom Materials for 181 million dollars. Sabancı Holding transferred 41 % of Temsa Construction Equipment, a subsidiary of Sabancı Holding, to Marubeni. SabancıDx Digital Campus launched. Sabancı Holding decided to sell its shares in Yunsa. Cenk Alper was appointed CEO and Board Member of Sabancı Holding. 2020 - PPF, affiliate of Skoda Transportation, and Sabancı Group signed a letter of intent for Temsa Ulaşım Araçları Sabancı Ventures signed its first investment (TIM). Human Resources Group Presidency was renamed as Human Resources and Sustainability Group Presidency. Çimsa Sabancı Cement BV company was established in the Netherlands. 2021 - Şevket Sabancı passed away. Change in Partnership Structure of Avivasa (Agesa after 2021) Sabancı Republic Day Campaign was launched. Sabancı Ventures invested in Lumnion. Sabancı Holding became the first and only Turkish company to be included on the "World's Top Female-Friendly Companies" list. Sabancı became the first holding company in Turkey to announce Net Zero Emission and Zero Waste targets. Sabancı became the first company in Turkey to disclose 'Sustainable Revenue.’ Sabancı's score in CDP Climate Change increased by two levels in one year. Sabancı's MSCI sustainability rating improved to BBB. 2022 - Philip Morris completed the transfer of its shares in Turkey. SabancıDx BV company was established in the Netherlands. Sabancı Cement BV was renamed as Sabancı Building Solutions BV. Sabancı Climate Technologies Inc. was established. Sabancı Renewables Inc., wholly owned by Sabancı Climate Technologies A.Ş. with headquarters in Delaware, was established in the USA. Sabancı Ventures, Sabancı Holding's Corporate Venture Capital Fund, invested in, Bulutistan, Albert Health, Figopara, and Supply Chain Wizard. Sabancı ARF Almost Ready to Fly, Sabancı Holding's entrepreneurship accelerator program was launched. Sabancı Holding was listed in the 2022 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI). Turkey's most comprehensive Net Zero Emission project was initiated to decarbonize all business sectors. Çimsa completed the acquisition of the Buñol cement plant in Spain. Aksigorta established Sabancı Ageas Sağlık Sigorta A.Ş. Kordsa acquired Microtex. Çimsa initiated its first calcium aluminate cement (CAC) investment at the plant in Mersin. Brisa acquired majority shares of Arvento. Enerjisa Üretim commenced green hydrogen production at the Bandırma Energy Base. Kordsa signed a strategic partnership agreement with US company Toledo Solar Inc. The first digital hydroelectric project in Turkey, Dağdelen Hydroelectric Power Plant, nicknamed 'Dark Plant,' commenced unmanned operations. Çimsa sold its Kayseri and Niğde factories. A Refuse-Derived Fuel system was commissioned at the Çimsa Afyon plant. 2023 - Digital became Sabancı’s new business line. Sabancı Holding was the first and only holding company from Turkey to be included in the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index for the second consecutive year. Sabancı Holding became the only Turkish Founding Partner of WEF's Metaverse Platform 'Global Collaboration Village.’ Transfer of shares of Temsa İş Makinaları was completed.

Advansa Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • When was Advansa founded?

    Advansa was founded in 2011.

  • Where is Advansa's headquarters?

    Advansa's headquarters is located at Frielinghauser Straβe 5, Hamm.

  • Who are Advansa's competitors?

    Competitors of Advansa include Dinnissen and 4 more.


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