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Demo Spotlight

June 22, 2022

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Demo Spotlight

June 29, 2022

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Demo Spotlight

July 14, 2022

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P&C Insurance
Demo Spotlight

August 30, 2022

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You Are

An investor or advisor looking to invest and partner with the most up-and-coming companies.

You Value

Direct-from-provider insight on direction and pace of tech evolution

Visibility into what buyers want and who delivers it best

Insight on the direction and pace of tech evolution

Proprietary research and data on specific tech markets

Connections with Founders/CEOs

Benefits of participation

Learn who delivers what buyers want best by observing buyer-vendor interactions

Identify acquisition or investment targets from a hand-picked list of leaders

Open communication channels with CEOs and founders and observe how they handle tough questions from potential customers

CB Insights Demo Spotlights

Does this feel familiar?

Then: Another mediocre demo. Yawn.

With CB Insights: A lightning speed round of the top tech company demos

Then: These stats sound too good to be true…

With CB Insights: Standardized, vetted, and proprietary research and data on each company

Then: I never thought about investing in this area

With CB Insights: I better make an investment in this area

Then: Should I buy, build, or partner?

With CB Insights: I’m definitely going to… 

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