One of our recent workflow tools is a simple reminder tool to make outreach to companies easy and painless.

So when I see a company on CB Insights which maybe just got funded or which is too early for us, I go to my calendar and make a note to reach out in 6 or 9 months when they’re likely fundraising again.

We heard and watched our customers doing this a lot. It seems like a low-effort, innocuous process but when you do it tens or hundreds of times a year, it’s clunky and inefficient. And reaching for the calendar is not where the pain stops. Here’s how the process works now:

  1. See company of interest on CB Insights
  2. Log reminder note on your calendar
  3. When you get the calendar reminder, go back to CB Insights to re-familiarize yourself with the company before you reach out

To solve this inefficiency and to ensure you never miss a relevant deal or outreach effort again, we’re rolling out the “Remind Me” button on MyCBI feeds and in company profiles. Internally, this project, which came from a recent Pitch & Demo day, was called Project Tickler, i.e. the reminder will “tickle” you in the future to look at a company of interest. Despite some internal lobbying by a small but vocal minority, we decided against calling it the “Tickle” button.

Sidenote: A lot of folks on the team are from Boston, so it’s also come to be known as “Project Ticklah.”

Here’s how it works.

Let’s say you’re stalking First Round Capital because their investments are interesting from a dealflow or from a business development perspective. And any time they do a seed deal, that is a company you want to track and be reminded of.

In the below example, on First Round’s feed, you notice BloomThat and think that this company might be interesting to connect with. You simply click on the Remind Me button in their feed.

CB Insights alerts


Once you’ve done that, you can enter a note and choose from pre-selected timeframes for when you’ll receive the reminder (1 month, 3 months or 6 months). Or you can indicate a specific date. I’ve selected 6 months and also written a short note that will accompany the reminder when it is sent to my email in 6 months, as you’ll see below.

CB Insights alerts


In 6 months, you get an email like this.

email alerts cb insights


And if you ever visit the company’s profile during that time, you’ll see that you’ve set a reminder because the button will be green. If you click on it, the reminder note and date will appear, as illustrated below.



In addition to your reminder, you’ll also get desktop alerts for news related to the company. You can also set up news-related alerts to be sent to your email. The desktop alerts will look like this.

CB Insights alerts


You can, of course, set reminders from company profiles directly as well. Here is how you’d do that from Pinterest’s profile.

cb insights alerts


To login to your account and start setting Reminders aka Tickles, login here or create an account on CB Insights below.