The three most well-funded companies in real estate tech are based outside of the US, including Fangdd, PropertyGuru, and Aiwujiwu.

Real estate tech startups raised a record high of $1.7B in 2015. From commercial leasing and online brokerages to real estate analytics there are a slew of startups addressing the various pain points in the real estate industry.

By definition, real estate technology encompasses all dedicated software used by different participants in the real estate industry, including brokers, investors, real estate-focused lenders, property owners, and managers, as well as buyers. The category includes online real estate rental and buying guides.

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Deals and dollars

In 2015, real estate tech reached record funding and deals levels, with more than $1.7B deployed globally across more than 190 deals. This represents a 50% increase year-over-year and a whopping 821% increase in funding compared to 2011′s total. Deal activity also soared, growing 378% with respect to 2011′s total, and 12% year-over-year.

While it is still too early to project 2016 totals, it’s useful to note that real estate tech investment did start the year at a robust clip. At the current run-rate, 2016 is projected to surpass 2015′s funding totals.

Quarterly trends

Digging into the quarterly data gives us a sharper look at recent trends. In Q4’15, real estate tech startups raised $450M across 48 deals, the second-highest funding total after the funding peak of $578M in Q2’15. Funding in Q4’15 was buoyed by the $150M Series E raised by home-listings portal Aiwujiwu, as well as the $80M Series C raised by OpenDoor Labs, a San Francisco-based startup that makes offers on homes in minutes.

On a quarterly basis, the last 5 of 6 quarters had 44+ deals to real estate tech startups, as seen below.

Most well-funded companies

Shenzhen, China-based real estate platform Fangdd tops the list, having raised $311M since its founding. PropertyGuru and Aiwujiwu, based in Singapore and China, respectively, round out the top 3. Redfin, a Seattle-based online brokerage, is the most well-funded US company on the list.

Most Well-Funded Real Estate Tech Companies 2011 – 2016 YTD (2/16/2016)
Rank Company Total Disclosed Funding ($M)
1 Fangdd  $311
2 Aiwujiwu  $305
3 PropertyGuru  $193
4 Redfin  $167
5  $142
6  $131
7 Real Matters  $127
8 Compass  $118
9 OpenDoor Labs  $110
10 SMS Assist  $105


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