Private List Collaboration puts our already popular Private Lists capability on steroids. It’ll make your and your team's lives simpler, more organized, and more productive.

Note: This is the first in a series of significant collaboration features we will be launching on CB Insights. Stay tuned.


With hundreds of thousands of private companies on CB Insights, the ability to take our company data and organize it in your own way has become increasingly popular (and vital). Clients do this via what are called Private Lists.

Private Lists take many forms ranging from:

  • Industrial IoT companies
  • Uber competitors
  • Early stage enterprise companies
  • Bill Gurley’s portfolio and their competitors

Whether you want to track industries you have on your radar or your portfolio companies and their competitors or potential investments or leads, Private Lists are beautiful and powerful because of their extensibility. You can make them whatever you want.

But Private Lists on CB Insights suffered from one challenge since their inception.

Ironically, they were too private.   

You couldn’t share your Private Lists and collaborate with teammates on them. We regularly heard from clients that this was a big limitation in making Private Lists really valuable to their teams using CB Insights.

So we’re happy to announce that we’ve just launched Private List Collaboration.

In just the first few days of it going live, here are some ways we’re seeing CB Insights’ clients using Private List Collaboration:

  • Make industry/market mapping and tracking easier
  • Create Partner-level lists of their portfolio companies and competitors
  • Business development teams creating private lists that they share with their account execs/business development reps

We provide some illustrative examples below.

Market Mapping – Track startups in an industry

Industry or market mapping is something that clients already regularly do on CB Insights; Private List Collaboration makes it easier.

Here’s how:

Let’s say you and your team are interested in Big Data Analytics.

Historically, if you and another analyst wanted to track Big Data Analyltics, you’d each build a Private List called “Big Data Analytics”.

This was obviously not ideal for a couple of reasons:

  • Duplication of efforts – Several analysts at the firm created the same private list
  • No consistent global view – The aforementioned duplication meant there was no single view of the market or space across the team, i.e. you each may have found and added different Big Data Analytics companies to each of your lists


With Private List Collaboration, these issues are over.


Step 1. You or another person on your team create a single Private List called “Big Data Analytics” (step-by-step instructions on how to create a Private List)

Step 2. Once done, visit the Analytics & Research menu in the Navigation bar and click the arrow next to the “Big Data Analytics” private list to share it with your whole team or segment of your team.  

private list sharing menu


Step 3. Pick whether you want to share the list with your entire team, or only with specific teammates.  They will be notified via email when you share a list with them.

private list sharing

Step 4Collaborate (view and modify). Your colleagues with access to the list can now add or remove companies from the “Big Data Analytics” list.  They can also add companies to the Big Data Analytics using our Chrome Plugin or iOS app.

BONUS. Track News and Get Alerts.  We recently launched CB Insights Newsstand which provides you an efficient, simple and beautiful way to stay updated on all the news about the companies on your Big Data Analytics list or any other private list you have.


Big Data Analytics companies 

Follow Your Portfolio and Their Competitors

Suppose you are an analyst at an investment firm and you want to keep partners at the firm updated about their portfolio companies and their portfolio’s competitors.

In this example, let’s say you are lucky enough to be an analyst at Union Square Ventures and are going to create a portfolio list for Fred Wilson.

You create a list called “Fred’s companies” by adding all his companies to a list.  You find similar companies or competitors of the companies in Fred’s portfolio. You can do this by visiting companies’ profiles and finding similar companies or using search to identify similar or competitive companies.

You then share the list called “Fred’s companies” with the man himself or with other peers at the fund. Each of you can add to the list as need be, or even delete a company (e.g. when a company in Fred’s portfolio gets acquired or IPOs).

Rinse and repeat for other partners at USV.

Once done, you get the CB Insights Newsstand page to start tracking news for Fred’s portfolio & competitors.

In this example, after you create a private list of companies that Fred invests in, you can share the “Fred’s companies” list with your peers using the arrow on the Newsstand page.


Fred's companies


After that, you and your teammates can add or delete a company from the same “Fred’s companies” list.  In this example, you know that the Etsy IPO’d earlier this year, so you could delete Esty from “Fred’ companies” list.   This deletion is instantly reflected in Fred’s and your teammates’ accounts.

PLC - removing a company


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