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Last quarter, we observed that New York has become #2 destination for Tech venture capital beating Massachusetts every quarter in that category since Q2 2010.  In our Q1 2011 quarterly venture capital report, we extended the analysis to include venture capital investment from Q1 2011, and the trend clearly continues.

MA vs. NY Tech VC Investment Trends

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Specifically, over the last six quarters dating back to Q4 2009, New York has seen $1.60B in venture tech investment across 261 deals, while Massachusetts has seen $1.44B in venture tech investment across 250 deals.  Please note that this analysis is done in-line with the CB Insights standard taxonomy.  This means that we’re including Internet, Mobile, Software (non-internet/mobile), Computer Hardware/Services and Electronics (which includes semiconductors for example) to arrive at the aggregate Tech VC investment figures above.