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While our post on Massachusetts vs. New York venture capital post highlighted that NY is winning on the internet front, how do the two states compare on aggregate technology venture deals and dollars?  We put the data together along with a pretty telling graph, and again, the picture is less than pretty for Massachusetts.  (Thx to Galen Moore whose question spurred this analysis.  You can follow him on twitter here)

This analysis covers the larger tech landscape in both states.  In CB Insights taxonomy, that means we’re including internet, mobile, software (non-internet/mobile), computer hardware and electronics (which includes semiconductors for example) to arrive at the figures below.

Over the last five quarters (Q4 2009 to Q4 2010), Massachusetts has had 207 deals while NY has had 208.  On a funding dollars basis, Massachusetts came in at $1.21B while New York came in at $1.22B.  That is as close as it gets so anointing New York as #2 for such marginal differences is really splitting hairs.

BUT, we think the graph below is worth a proverbial thousand words and shows pretty starkly the two markets are trending in very different directions.

New York vs. Massachussetts technology venture capital

If you’d like to see the tech companies who received funding in NY and Mass over the last five quarters?

  1. Login to CB Insights here (or sign up for free here) and goto the “Deal Search” tab
  2. On Deal Search, select all the round/series of investment you  want to see (Series A, B, C, etc)
  3. Select the period (October 2009 to December 2010)
  4. Specify New York and hit submit

Four easy steps and you’ll get a list of the companies receiving funding in NY over that time period.  Do the same for Massachusetts and you’ll get those companies as well.