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In the last year, the Top 30 Most Active Venture Capital Firms had their hands in one out of every four deals which amounted to nearly $9 billion in funding.  The internet sector in particular was a favorite destination of investment for the top venture capital firms with 36% of their deal flow and 26% of their dollars invested going to net companies.

top venture capital funding by sector

top venture capital firms dealflow by sector

Our taxonomy breaks down the internet arena into numerous sub-industries and although there was significant diversity as to where VCs invested, four internet sub-industries accounted for 40% of the funding from these firms in the last four months.  These sub-industries were: Social; Advertising, Sales & Marketing; Discount (eCommerce); and Gaming.  On a deal flow, the most active VCs top sub-industries within internet were Social; Advertising, Sales & Marketing; and Gaming (a somewhat distant third).

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top venture capital firms funding by sub-industry

top venture capital firms dealflow by sub-industry